100 Tri-Protein Review: Is This Really The Best Protein Supplement Out There?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

In this Tri Protein review, a consumer discusses how he consumed this substance, his results after regular consumption, and some of the key changes that he was able to observe in his physique.

Not to miss, I have also added a number of essential and key pointers when it comes to Tri Protein. Hence, if you are someone who wants to know more about the same, then you should definitely read this Tri Protein review until the very end.

tri-proteinTri-Protein is a protein supplement product manufactured by Crazy Nutrition. They claim that Tri Protein could help in building muscles.

According to the makers, it is a high-protein supplement that contains not one, but six natural, Non-GMO proteins that could break down for more energy and strength.

Also, they have claimed that this substance might be useful in keeping you satiated for longer hours in terms of hunger and that it could also burn stubborn fat.

The manufacturers of Tri-Protein have also mentioned on their website that, this product might also help you in keeping you energized throughout the day and may also help you keep going.

Having said that, Tri-Protein, as claimed by its makers, contains natural proteins, which may allow you to lift harder and go longer.

It is claimed by its makers to be free from any added fillers.

It is also stated on the website that the formula used in the making of 100 Tri-Protein supplements may also be suitable for vegetarians.

How Does 100 Tri-Protein Work?

As per the manufacturers, 100 Tri-Protein tries to work by releasing protein sources in three stages.

As mentioned on their website, each serving may contain 21 grams of protein that could help in post-workout soreness and may as well support the growth of muscle mass.

They also mentioned on their website that 100 Tri-Protein may also help in muscle recovery.

Talking about the ingredients on their website, the manufacturers have mentioned that have used Digezyme, which is said to be a digestive enzyme that may facilitate better digestion and may as well aid in better absorption of nutrients in the body.

As the manufacturers have laid down the ingredient details on the website, one of which is whey protein hydrolysate which may be beneficial for post-workout recovery and performance.

100 Tri-Protein also contains calcium caseinate which is said to be a rich source of minerals and amino acids like glutamine, that may help in muscle growth. It is also considered a slow-digesting protein that may also aid in muscle recovery.

Ingredients In 100 Tri-Protein

  • Whey Protein Isolate

    Whey protein is said to be an excellent source of high-quality protein that may contain all of the amino acids.

    This ingredient present in 100 Tri-Protein may as well promote muscle growth if coupled with proper nutrition and strength training.

    Whey Protein Isolate is highly satiating which may help in reducing hunger pangs and may as well also be effective in suppressing cravings for food.

    Eating enough protein may promote fat loss and whey protein isolate may be effective in doing the same.

  • Whey Protein Concentrate

    Whey Protein Concentrate present in 100 Tri-Protein may help in better absorption of nutrients in the body and could also help in muscle building.

    It may help in building muscle mass while aiding in fat loss.

  • Micellar Casein

    It has slow-digesting properties and its nutrients may offer several benefits like muscle growth and decreased hunger.

    Micellar Casein present in 100 Tri-Protein may aid in suppressing appetite which could be said to be possible by making you feel fuller for delayed hours.

  • Milk Protein Concentrate

    This ingredient available in 100 Tri-Protein, is said to be spray-dried powder manufactured from skim milk which may contain both whey and casein that could help boost your protein intake and may as well encourage muscle growth.

  • Cocoa Powder

    100 Tri- Protein consists of cocoa powder, which has magnesium that may help in maintaining healthy muscles.

    It may also consist of minerals like iron, zinc, selenium that may aid in giving a boost to the immune system.

    It has been seen that cocoa powder is rich in phytonutrients which could help reduce weight and may aid in providing the body with essential nutrients as well.

  • Calcium Caseinate

    Calcium Caseinate present in 100 Tri-Protein is said to be a slow-digesting protein that could be derived from protein in milk.

    This type of protein may slowly break down and could be able to provide a sustained release of amino acids. It may also aid in muscle building.

  • Whey Protein Hydrolysate

    It is said to be a high-quality protein used as an ingredient in 100 Tri-Protein. It may contain a complete amino acid profile.

    Whey Protein Hydrolysate may help in developing lean muscle mass. It may also aid in weight management and could also be helpful in faster recovery.

    This ingredient present in 100 Tri-Protein may aid in a rapid increase in plasma amino acids around workout which help in maximizing muscle protein anabolism and may as well aid in recovery.

  • DigeZyme

    100 Tri- Protein contains an ingredient called DigeZyme which may help increase the rate of protein synthesis.

    It may as well reduce toxins that may have been developed in the body due to poor diet and digestion.

Why Did I Choose 100 Tri-Protein

I have always been a sports athlete throughout my life. My brother and I have joined the soccer club and we both used to play fairly well. He was more into soccer while I was into working out as well. He used to love how managed both fairly well.

I was consistent with my meal as well and my brother considered me his idol.

It was almost every day that I used to hit the gym and play soccer in the evening but things turned out too bad as covid surge resulted in the shutting down of clubs and gyms.

We weren’t able to play soccer anymore so was the case with my workouts. I went a little cranky at times as I was not able to work out and play soccer with my brother and spent some quality time with him.

Days passed and along with it so was my motivation to play and workout. My brother didn’t like me anymore and once considered me as his idol hardly spending time with me.

For me, this was the turning point. I had to do something about it. I had to give my brother his idol back.

I looked for a few home workout videos and bumped into some calisthenics workouts. I liked how these workouts may help me develop the physique that I desire.

I started working out at home. After a few weeks, I developed a habit of working out in the morning and made sure I took proper power-packed nutrition after my exercises.

As the new normal was settling in, I felt I should up my protein intake so that I may be able to develop a more defined physique and muscles.

At the same time, I wanted to lose a little fat that I gained all over my body. As a result I wanted a protein shake that could help in both ways.

It was hard for me to figure out which protein substance would be the best and could suit my health and fitness goals.  I started researching over the internet and zeroed in on Tri-Protein.

I already was on a proper diet which consists of chia seeds, and flax seeds, and also made sure that I am able to help my body with proper vitamins including vitamin D.

On the other hand, I also told myself that I should add some extra protein to it so I thought of giving this protein a try as it was mentioned on their website that it is made of 6 natural Non-GMO proteins that could help me with my fitness goals.

As I was impressed with the ingredients present in it and their three-stage release idea, I ordered a tub for myself and it got delivered in a couple of days. 

Read along to find out my experience with 100 Tri-Protein and how it benefited me.

My 100 Tri-Protein Experience

I ordered the chocolate flavor, and it was very delicious. I felt energized throughout the day after drinking the protein shake. Frankly speaking, I wanted to initially shed the fat levels so I could concentrate on my bulking phase.

For this very reason, I started using protein shakes as I experienced that my fat levels went down whenever I improved my protein intake.

As a result, one could say that, in my opinion, protein shake and weight loss were totally related to each other.

Having said that, I usually feel exhausted after my calisthenic workout sessions, but after continuing the usage of Tri-Protein, I felt active and charged throughout the day.

Following up the next day, I used to have body stiffness and soreness but thanks to 100 Tri-Protein, I felt fresh and had no stiffness.

I finished the entire tub in a few weeks only and noticed a visible change in muscle size strength and physique. My brother loved the new me and even appreciated me and said that my muscles looked chiseled and more defined.

I have ordered a few home gym equipment so that I could continue my weight training at home and this time I would convince my brother to join me too.

Overall I am impressed with my 100 Tri-Protein results. My muscles are getting more definition and my energy levels are also increased. I do not feel much soreness after my workouts.

It’s a good option if you are looking for muscle gain, more energy, and strength.

My 100 Tri-Protein Dosage

As everything is already set up and the consumption details are given on their official website, it could be consumed for a quick shake or a drink.

I used to take one heaping scoop of 100  Tri-Protein powder along with water.

Sometimes, I used to switch things up and added one scoop to warm milk as I like to add some flavor to the milk.

I stick to a proper macro-rich diet plan and consistent workouts and consistent consumption of 100 Tri-Protein for the results which I got.

Benefits Of Consuming 100 Tri-Protein

  • Provides Energy

    With regular consumption of 100 Tri-Protein, I was able to experience increased energy levels whenever I used to work out. My brother appreciated me now and then regarding my workout performance as well.
  • Less Amount Of Muscle Soreness

    100 Tri-Protein has helped me with my muscle stiffness as well. I have also incorporated stretching after my exercises which have also worked quite well for me.
  • Helped burn Excessive Fat

    Though I was into sports, the fat around my belly always troubled me. With a proper diet change, I included certain leafy vegetables and fruits along with consistent consumption of 100 Tri-Protein.
  • It May Help In Developing Muscle

    100 Tri- Protein has helped me develop muscle and as it aided in reducing my excess fat as well, my muscle definition became more prominent with time and its regular usage.

Final Words On 100 Tri-Protein

I feel glad that I discovered 100 Tri-Protein powder while I was looking for protein powders for my needs. It is because of this product that my energy levels remain the same throughout the day.

With its regular usage, I even developed a considerable amount of muscles along with proper nutrition and exercises.

I have started playing indoor games with my brother and I am back to being his idol again.

He even plans on learning some calisthenic exercises from me so that he could train with me during my workout sessions.

 Seeing my results, I plan on continuing its usage in the future as well to avail the desired results.

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