About Us


Choices in Childbirth is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing expectant parents with a full range of information and education so they can experience the birth they want and choose. We educate, advocate and shape policy to help families make informed decisions about where, how, and with whom to birth and to increase access to childbirth services that support healthy birth outcomes.

The experience of giving birth changes you. With the right healthcare providers and information at your fingertips, it can be joyful, transformative, and deeply empowering. At Choices in Childbirth (CiC), we want to enable educated, healthy choices about birth.

About the Organization

We help expecting families learn the full array of healthy, safe, evidence-based options, so they can choose the providers and birth method that suit their highest needs. We’re a trusted friend, an informed educator, a passionate advocate, and a partner to maternal heath organizations nationwide. Our providers are safe, reliable, and trustworthy, and meet the needs of a diverse group of women.

We believe all women have the right to optimal maternity care. We educate mothers and advocate for healthy, affordable maternity care across the nation. Each year, through honest birth information in classrooms, in the community, and online, we help thousands of women make informed choices that lead to healthy and happier birth experiences.

Through policy and advocacy, we hope to repair the U.S. maternity system and reduce our nation’s high c-section rates. By engaging the public, amplifying women’s voices, researching, collaborating, and creating tools, we support meaningful change in this area of women’s health at the local, state, and national levels.

On our site, find mother-friendly providers, learn what you can really expect, and support every decision with solid, evidence-based research. We work with providers that believe in this model of care and put women first.

We want you to have a great birth experience, with the right support and continued care. Every provider in our directory believes that a mother-friendly approach is the best way to make that happen. All women should feel confident in their ability to choose—whether it’s a birth plan, a class, or a birth team. Our directory and resources give expecting families that confidence… browse our resources and tools, register for a workshop, find a provider, or get involved today.

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