10 Best Abs Workouts To Get Six-Pack

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

Six-pack abs are a dream for everyone in this small world that makes you look better while also boosting your confidence. It is as fashionable as it gets and everyone kills to have some six-pack abs. 

It is pretty obvious to state that abs are the most demanded physical personality trait anyone can wish for but to gain something so valuable, one has to make efforts and efforts that drain your strength. 

This may also test your will very well and of course to build six-pack abs a person besides exercising also has to maintain a proper diet suitable for the abs to develop. 

While it is a lengthy process to get some six-pack abs here are some exercises you will have to perform to gain some nice abs. 

Here in this article, we will discuss how it is possible to bestow a six-pack yourself and what workout routine(s) you will have to perform.

  1. Bicycle Crunches

    Bicycle crunches as suggested by the name are similar to riding a bicycle but with no bicycle and moving your legs in the air.

    This exercise may be beneficial for both abs and could strengthen your core since this workout puts all the pressure on your abdomen.

  • To perform Bicycle crunches, you have to lie down on your back with your hands behind your neck interlocked with each other. 
  • Now to start you have to bend one of your knees and bring it towards your head and try to touch the opposite elbow with the knee folded while keeping the other knee straight up in the air.
  • After that, you have to repeat the same movement for the next knee and keep repeating these steps until the duration has come to an end.

    This exercise may also be beneficial when performed the right way and with proper methodology can work wonders for benefiting the user.

  1. Plank

    Another common exercise that could be done at home for developing Abs without any equipment is a plank which is very easy to perform but hard to retain and hence gives tremendous results.

    A plank puts pressure on your abdomen, therefore, it helps you to lose stubborn belly fat and build better abs, it also helps in developing endurance.

    Planks done in the right way can be very effective. To perform planks all you have to do is:

  • Lay down on the ground the same way it is done in a push-up facing the ground with legs stretched and resting on toes but the twist is that you have to rest your upper body on the ground on your arms like a lion and not on your palms.
  • Now you have to keep your body stretched and stiff in the same position for a certain duration of time without disturbing the posture and staying stiff.

    This is how to perform a plank which could also be done in various variations and duration which can accordingly help you in improving abdominal strength, and endurance and reduce belly fat while giving you six-pack abs.

  1. Reverse Crunch

    This variation of crunches also helps a lot in giving a person six-pack abs where it is pretty much easy to perform reverse crunch and not big rocket science.

    Reverse crunch fires up your abdomen as well as your oblique which plays an important role to give your abs a structure.

    This exercise tends to keep your muscles under tension for a longer period as compared to standard crunches.

  • To perform reverse crunches, you have to lay down on your back with your arms on the sides in a rest position.
  • Now you have to bend your knees to lift them to your head pulling them upward and then you have to lift them in a manner that your hips come off the ground to get the crunch.
  • Now you have to move back to your initial position by pushing your legs back to where they were in a resting position.

    It is recommended to do 8-12 crunches per set while doing a full-blown workout for your six-pack abs.

    More info about crunches here.

  1. Leg Raises

    Leg raises are a very effective yet easy method to build your core and build six-pack abs without having to make much effort.

    This exercise is best for back pains in the lower regions but the key to successfully managing it is to move the legs in a controlled manner.

    While doing this exercise you have to press your lower back on the floor to ensure an impact on the core.

  • To perform leg raises you to have to lie down on the ground on your back flat keeping your legs straight and together. Also, keep your hands stuck to the side of your hips grounded straight.
  • Now slowly you have to raise your legs together straight in the air to the ceiling pulling towards yourself till your butt comes off the surface you’re lying on.

    Now the same you rose your legs you have to move the legs in the same style lower down to where they were in the rest position on the ground but remember not to touch your feet on the floor rather hover them over the ground and keep them still for a moment and then repeat the movement till the duration of this segment of the workout.

    This ref link to the governmental sourced article might help you with more info on leg raise exercises.

  1. Russian Twists

    Russian twists are another very simple yet effective workout set a person can practice to build better abs and core since this exercise puts tension on your oblique and lower back giving that extra room for the shape of the abs to inhabit the abs.

  • To perform perfectly effective Russian twists you have to lay down on the ground with you facing the ceiling.
  • Take a deep breath and bend yourself in an arc so that your lower back is a little lifted from the ground and you’re facing the front of the wall.
  • Now once you’re all set you have to keep your hands together and bend your body to the side stretching it with the flow and touch the ground until your obliques are fully stretched to the other side.
  • Now you have to repeat these steps until the segment of this exercise and its duration is complete.

    More about Russian Twists here.

  1. Sit-ups

    Sit-ups are a magnificent set of exercises that have a major hand in the development of your six-pack abs which are very effortless yet have a lot of benefits if done properly while it helps in working on abs, transverse abdominal, obliques, and core.

  • To perform a perfectly well effective sit-up you have to lay down on your back with your legs together, knees bent with feet flat on the surface.
  • Now you have to keep your hands on your shoulders crossing each other with your elbows raised.
  • After your stance has been confirmed you have to pull your upper body up in the air without much needless movement based on only the core.
  • Repeat these steps till you have completed the set of duration the exercise has been surpassed and then come to the resting.

    This governmental article talks more about the sit-ups.
  1. Butterfly Crunch

    The name is as sweet as it sounds, but this exercise is rather the opposite since this exercise is tough and effective at the same time.

    This exercise helps in creating abdomen muscles and reducing belly fat. This exercise different from other crunches is super hardcore and should be done carefully for proper results.

  • To practice butterfly crunch, you have to lay down on your back with your legs folded in a cross manner so that your feet touch each other and stretch your body with arms straight horizontally on the surface upwards to the head.
  • Now you have to take a deep breath and then you have to push your hands towards your legs, lifting your body and pulling the folded legs to touch the fingers of your folded hands with your feet.
  • Then after the success, you have to wait for five seconds and then come to the rest position where you were in the first place.
  1. Kettlebell windmills

    Kettlebell windmills can be counted as a compound exercise where you have to rotate.

    This exercise targets both your upper and lower body while also giving strength and flexibility while it also involves complex steps. By stretching the muscles this exercise strengthens them.

  • To perform this exercise you have to stand shoulder-width apart and rotate your feet 45 degrees to a side with your heels.
  • Now while holding the kettlebell in one hand you have to raise that arm and extend the other hand down to that side of your leg till it touches your feet without disturbing the position of the arm with the kettlebell.
  • Now you have to reverse the movement till the duration of the exercise and repeat it till the set is complete.
  1. Hanging leg raises

    Hanging leg raises are another very effective and interesting style of exercise to provide utility to our abdomen where it targets hip extensors and abdomen.

  • To perform this exercise you have to hang on a bar with your legs extended down on the ground. To start you have to take a deep breath and then you have to pull your leg up at a 90-degree angle while still hanging on the bar
  • Then you have to come back to your rest position with your legs hanging down to the floor.
  1. Cable crunches

    Cable crunches are another variation of crunches yet are difficult and more effective than basic ones where you also will need a cable to perform this exercise.

    This pulley attachment-based exercise can work wonders for six-pack abs.

  • To perform this exercise, you have to first attach the pulley to the highest height based on your height on the cable machine.
  • Facing the machine you have to grab the rope, get on your knees after taking a few steps back and pull the rope towards you as hard as you can.
    Make sure your shoulders are a little ahead of your hips and while pulling the cable to yourself you have to squeeze your abs.

Final Words

Now you know about the different sets of workout routines that may help you through your transformation journey. 

These might also enhance the strength of your abs and improve the muscle fibers ratio in your body.

Once I also followed a few workout patterns and they helped me in developing a muscle mass physique with six-pack abs.