ABulk Review: Does This Really Help In Bulking?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

This ABulk review will make you aware of all the essential details of this bulking substance. I have consumed this one for the last eight months without any break.

Hence, I wanted to share my experience with this Anadrol’s alternate in the form of an ABulk review.

At the same time, I have tried to answer some of the fundamental questions about this substance. In the later part, I have also revealed if this worked for me or not.

Hence, if you are looking to consume ABulk or are thinking of starting the consumption, you might want to read this ABulk review until the very end.

Having said that, let me start with some of the basics of Abulk.

ABULKABulk is a part of the supplements manufactured by Brutal Force. This supplement imitates the effects of Oxymetholone, also known as Anadrol.

Anadrol is one of the most potent anabolic steroids available in the market. The use of this steroid is very popular in the world of bodybuilding.

ABulk by Brutal Force has the effects of Oxymetholone. This steroid is also used to treat specific types of anemia, thereby producing red blood cells in the body.

The use of this supplement may help you to transport the required amount of oxygen throughout your body without leading to any negative impact on the same.

The continuous use of ABulk may help you get rid of the weakness and exhaustion that you might feel after working out. ABulk may help you boost blood flow in the body.

Alongside this, the supplement may as well aid the thinning of the blood. This is generally done by adding nitric oxide to the blood that encourages its thinning and proper flowing throughout the body.

The daily usage of this supplement may also help you maintain proper stamina while working out. This is the reason why this product has become extremely popular among bodybuilders.

You could work out in your gym for longer hours under extensive training without feeling tiresome. ABulk could also help your body store more energy in the form of ADP.

The energy so released during your workout may help you burn fat without losing your muscle mass, which may further aid in the overall toning of your body.

Eventually, you may feel strengthened muscles, better stamina, and a lot of energy. Additionally, this supplement may as well boost up your natural performance in bed.

Why Did I Choose Brutal Force's ABulk?

The disadvantage of using Anadrol is that it may lead to several side-effects when consumed for a regular period. ABulk provides the same effects to the body as Anadrol, however, without leading to any negative effect. The use of this supplement could help you in several ways.

Brutal Force made its debut in the market this year with a series of products that are focused on muscle-building, fat shedding, and muscle toning.

This brand has become a popular name in the bodybuilding industry and many bodybuilders and athletes are using its products regularly to get the desired results on their bodies.

According to the brand, all the supplements sold under Brutal Force acts as a support system for the body and provide multiple advantages to the bodybuilders throughout their training sessions.

The brand claims that the supplements made under this name are 100 percent safe and natural to use. Considering these claims, many people have started inculcating the use of these products in their daily routine.

It wouldn’t be wrong to mention that this brand has become the best-selling health products throughout the market. Many professional trainers, as well as dieticians, are recommending supplements produced under this name.

How Does ABulk Work?

One of the main aspects on which ABulk works is the improvement in the red blood cell’s oxygen-carrying capacities. As soon as the oxygen levels are increased, there are positive long terms effects get created.

As a result of which, the tiredness of muscles might get reduced. The recovery time is decreased. At the same time, the intensity of your workout may be increased.

Hence, with only 1 supplement, you might be able to take benefit of a number of aspects.

On the other hand, according to the manufacturer the main aim of ABulk is to increase the muscle mass development. With the proper consumption and regular gym schedule, you have a great chance of increasing your muscle mass.

A number of users claim that they were able to experience a number of reps per exercise as well. As a result, the pump that they received after starting ABulk’s consumption was just amazing.

With the appropriate recovery time and a good night sleep, your body may be ready for the next day’s challenge.


ABulk Ingredients

According to the makers, the use of all-natural products in the making of this supplement makes it safe for use in the long term.
Here is the list of all the ingredients used in ABulk:

  • Bulbine Natalensis Powder

    This ingredient is succulent. The leaves, root, as well as stem of this ingredient, are widely used for medicinal purposes. The herbal ingredient is also touted as a major testosterone booster. The presence of Bulbine Natalensis powder in ABulk may help you increase your muscle gain to a great extent.

  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCl

    The use of this ingredient in this supplement is very similar to the former ingredient. Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCl mat helps you with gaining strength as well as muscle mass. This ingredient may as well produce immense energy that is usually required for rigorous training sessions. It may as well help to boost cognitive function and brain health.

  • Muira Puama Powder

    Another excellent ingredient present in Abulk is Muira Puama powder. This potent ingredient may help you improve your sexual health. It also aids in the improvement of cognitive function, emotional health, as well as mental health. You might experience reduced effects of anxiety after the use of this ingredient in this supplement. Furthermore, Muira Puama powder may as well provide effective and quick recovery to the muscles. This ingredient also comes with several healing properties.

  • Longjack Powder

    This ingredient is also popular by the name of Tongkat Ali. The herb is usually helpful for all bodybuilders and athletes as it leads to remarkable improvements in your muscles. Furthermore, this powder may as well assist in your overall mental and sexual health.

  • Puncture Vine

    This ingredient is also famous by the name of Tribulus Terrestris. The herbal ingredient aids in the building of large muscles and produces greater strength in the body.

ABulk Review: My Consumption Cycle

I have always loved to be on the bulkier side. Hence, whenever I can get my hands on any of the bulking supplement, I couldn’t resist trying the same.

Starting with the Brutal Force’s ABulk was a part of the same decision cycle. Hence, I also got myself a proper bulking diet prepared by my dietitian.

He gave me a list of bulking foods and bulking snacks that I need to consume daily to meet my calorie requirements. At the same time, to increase my daily protein intake, he also suggested a number of high protein and low-calorie foods.

I personally believe in eating a proper and clean diet all along. At the same time, my body requires a little push from the supplements hence, this is where ABulk enters.

For the first couple of weeks, there were not many changes that I noticed in myself. The main impact started in the latter part of the first month.

I was able to pinch in good cardio without losing much of my stamina. This just blew my mind. Prior to this, even if I extended my cardio a little bit, I was not able to fully concentrate on the exercise.

The same was not the case anymore. I was able to perform proper cardio and give my hundred percent to the high-intensity workouts as well.

This helped me a lot in terms of heavy weight lifting and increasing the number of reps per exercise as well.

From the second month onwards my recovery time and overall stamina saw a great increment. I was at a greater satisfactory level.

My physique saw a great improvement in terms of muscle mass. Overall, my experience with ABulk was pretty satisfactory.

ABulk Benefits

Considering the all-natural composition of this product, I found it really beneficial for the long term consumption.

ABulk didnt lead to any side-effects as I am consuming it for eight months. Its long-term use has been really helpful to my body in many ways.

At the same time, the makers have confirmed that using this product regularly may lead to increased strength, massive gains, increased stamina, as well as quick recovery of the muscles.

Here are the important benefits provided by this supplement:

  • ABulk may help your muscles get more oxygen. Upon getting sufficient oxygen, your muscles do not get weary. Eventually, you may experience reduced tiredness and increased strength to train for longer hours at the gym. These were some of my personal benefits as well.

  • ABulk may help you increase the production of red blood cells in the body, thereby relieving you from anemia.

  • This product is safe and clinically tested and could be used by all the people who want to gain muscles without injecting steroids in the body.

  • Another remarkable thing about using this supplement is that you would be able to produce lean muscle in the body. ABulk may help you cut down the fat from your body. You might get the perfect toning of the muscles.

  • The makers also suggest that this product may help you increase your testosterone levels very quickly.

  • The results provided by this supplement are quick. You may feel a huge difference in your body in less than two weeks.

ABulk Dosage Schedule

My dosage with ABulk was pretty standard one.

I consumed 3 capsules every day before the breakfast. As 1 pack of ABulk comes with 90 capsules. You are good to go for a month of consumption with single package.

ABulk For Sale

When it came to ordering the subscription for myself. I opted for the official website. As I never wanted to take any chances with the supplement.

Personally speaking, I always believe in ordering any substance from the official website. This gives me a peacse of mind.

At the same time I am sure that I would be receiving an authentic and a properly manufactured supplement.

Another thing that I really liked was that the subscription package was delivered to me pretty quick.

That was a cherry on top.

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