Active PK Review: Is It Really A Best Abdominal Fat Remover?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

Every individual is unique and certainly different from each other and so are their fitness goals but one thing which all of these people want is their willingness to shed off a few extra pounds of unnecessary fat and weight from their body.

We always try our best and make the best possible efforts to make sure that we hit the gym regularly and in the process we also try our best to maintain a healthy diet but many times we do not see the results even if we try our best.

active PK

There are different types of body fat in our body and among them, Abdominal fat is the most stubborn and difficult to get rid of.

It is very common for individuals to lose steam after getting demotivated when they are unable to witness the results even after putting in a lot of efforts.

We often come across new products in the market which claim that they have an easy solution to this problem of yours. The marketing team of these products are surely great at planning things because they often catch hold of our desires and manage to get a hold of them.

In this article, we will be having a look at another supplement named as Active PK which is a dietary supplement and has been created by LCR Health.

LCR Health claims that their Active PK supplement is capable of helping your body get rid of abdominal fat and it will also boost the energy levels of your body.

Thus, for customers this product seems quite irresistible because you wouldn’t like a product which will not only burn fat but will also help you in increasing the energy levels of your body.

In this article, we will not only review Active PK, but we will also find out if these claims are made by the supplement and its manufacturers and if they have any legitimate claims.

We will also tell you in the end, whether this product is worth the money you will spend on it.

The formula used by LCR Health in the manufacturing process of Active PK has been developed in a way that it will help in fighting fatigue and burning the amount of extra abdominal fat in your body.

If you start the consumption of Active PK, you can expect your body to get stronger and leaner. There are 3 major ingredients involved in the formula of Active PK, and they are:

  • Berberine HCL.
  • Quercetin Dihydrate.
  • Leaf Extracts of Gynostemma Pentaphyllum.

Apart from these major ingredients, Active PK also comprises other active ingredients such as Rice Flour, Hypromellose and Vegetable Stearic Acid.

People who want to begin the consumption of this product often face questions like “Can Active PK burn fat?”. Or “Is Active PK a safe product to use” or “Is active PK capable of boosting the energy levels of our body”.

We will try to answer these questions for you in this article ahead.

LCR Health is the manufacturing company of Active PK supplement and it was founded by Dr. Rand McClain who is current;ly in charge of operating a Regenerative and Sports Office in the city of Santa Monica, California, The United States of America.

The mission of the company is “ Using the purest and most potent natural compounds on earth to help everyone achieve the freedom of living a longer, healthier, and more active life”.

What is Active PK?

Active PK is manufactured by LCR or Life Cell Research company and Active PK stands for Active PK Longevity Activator and it acts primarily as a dietary supplement.

According to the manufacturers, Active PK is capable of boosting energy levels, improving focus, reducing cravings for food and burning fat in the body of users who consume it.

Active PK has got some incredible weight loss properties and these benefits are possible due to the activation of AMPK by Active PK in our body.

AMPK stands for AMP Activated Protein Kinase and a lot of times it is also referred to as the master metabolic switch of our human body. AMPK can be found in nearly every cell and major organ of our body including the likes of heart, kidneys, our muscles, liver and even our brain.

AMPK is known to play a very important role in nearly every major metabolic activity carried out by our body.

Recent research studies also indicate that AMPK is also known to play the role of “alarm” or “warning” enzyme in our body and it is known to warn our body when excess amount of fat is stored in our body.

It helps in the conversion of this extra fat in energy in our body which helps in elevating our body’s energy levels and as a result we get a body which is stronger than before because it also helps in effective utilization of this extra energy.

It also means that you will feel fatigue very less and you will also witness a drop in your body’s cravings for food. It will also ensure that you have a slimmer waist and thus a smaller waistline.

Some other important ingredients used in Active PK include the likes of Beyond Tangy Tangerine, Relacore, Noom, AMPK Activator and LA-3.

How Active PK Works?

The mechanism involved behind the working process of Active PK is indeed very simple and it is no rocket science to understand because Active Pk makes use of three primary active ingredients to activate the functioning of AMPK in our body.

We already know that AMPK stands for AMP Activated Protein Kinase and it is a naturally occurring enzyme often found in our body’s skeletal system, our brain and our livers majorly.

Berberine and Gynostemma are two of the major ingredients used in Active PK which are responsible for the activation of AMPK in our body and helps our body in triggering its release.

Once this AMPK is released in our body, it gives our body a signal which allows our body to start the conversion of fat to energy and as a result, fat is no longer stored in our body.

It is also the reason why AMPK is often referred to as “Fuel Sensing Enzyme. ”

It also helps in elevating the energy levels in our body because it facilitates the metabolism of Glucose and Fatty Acids in our body.

One of the other most important benefits of Active PK consumption or AMPK is that it is capable of rerouting the supply of energy from some organs and redirecting it to those organs where this energy is the most needed.

This functionality is important during certain occasions like when you are exercising. The manufacturers of Active PK i.e LCR Company claims that Active PK will have no side effects on those who consume it because only natural ingredients are used in the manufacturing process of Active PK.

It is no surprise that because of these reasons, Active PK’s manufacturers refer to it as the “Metabolic Switch Master”. It is also because it is responsible for stimulating the production of energy in our body and it also minimizes the utilization of energy in those parts of our body where it is not required a lot.

If you have more energy in your body, you will be able to live a better life which will be full of various activities and you will also witness that there is an improvement in the fat burning activities of your body.

Active PK is also known to reduce your food cravings which surely is a plus point because when our cravings are reduced, we automatically stop munching unnecessarily and as a result, less fat is then stored in our body.

If we summarize Active PK, it will give us the following results:

  • It helps you in improving your focus and gives you a sharper brain.
  • Active PK also helps you lose belly fat.
  • It helps you in reducing your cravings.
  • It helps in increasing your body’s energy levels.

Active PK Ingredients

Active PK has 3 primary ingredients namely

  • Berbinbe.
  • Gynostemma Pentaphyllum’s leaf extracts.
  • Quercetin Dihydrate.

Other ingredients include the likes of Vegetable Stearic Acid, Rice Flour and Hypromellose.
Let us now have a look at these ingredients in a bit of detail:

Berberine is a compound which is found in a lot of plants because it is biologically active and it is mainly found in Berberis which in itself is a shrub. Talking on technical terms, Berberine is an Alkaloid, has a distinguishable yellow color and it is also used as a Dye.

Chinese Medicine make use of Berberine traditionally and it is used by them for treatment of various ailments.

Berberine has got some amazing health benefits and research studies have proved the same.

There have been two different research studies which have already been conducted to study the benefits of Berberine on weight loss.

One of these studies aimed at studying its effect on obese people and it lasted for about 12 weeks. These people were given 500 mg of Berberine every day and the results of the study were positive because these individuals lost an average of 5 pounds of fat and their body’s fat levels also reduced by about 3.6 percent.

Another research study, studied 37 individuals both male and female who were suffering from Metabolic Syndrome.

The participants of this study were given a dose of 300 mg of Berberine three a times a day for a period of 3 months. Results of this study were positive too because participants witnessed a massive drop in their body mass index and the numbers dropped from an average of 31.5 to 27.4 in a span of just 3 months.

They had a significant reduction in their body’s belly fat, and they also witnessed an improvement in other essential health markers.

Quercetin has been proven scientifically to have a lot of health benefits such as improving our body’s blood pressure levels, reducing inflammation and managing blood sugar.

It also helps in improving our performance during the time we exercise and it is also effective in protecting our body from various allergies, cancer and various brain related issues.

Gynostemma Pentaphyllum
This ingredient might be effective in the weight loss process as indicated by some research studies.

Is Active PK Effective?

Until now, the supplement or Active PK has not undergone any scientific study of its own and its results are based on the ingredients used in this supplement.

However, most of the major or primary ingredients used in Active PK are known to be AMPK Activators.

Various research studies have proven that these AMPK Activators are known to reduce the amount of abdominal fat, boost our body’s endurance, and it also ensures that our body produces AMPK naturally and the levels are safe and normal.

How To Use Active PK?

Every bottle of Active PK contains nearly 60 capsules of this supplement and you are supposed to consume these 60 tablets in a month itself.

People who are consuming this product or just starting the consumption are recommended to consume these tablets with a glass of water two times a day and each time, you should consume 1 capsule.

You can consume these tablets on an empty stomach or you can also consume them with your meal.

Every individual and their bodies are different so what suits one may not suit another person. So you should consume it in a way which suits and benefits you the most.

Does Active PK Have Any Side Effects?

The manufacturers of Active PK i.e. LCR Company claims that Active PK will have no side effects on those who consume it because only natural ingredients are used in the manufacturing process of Active PK.

It won’t cause jitters or interfere with your sleeping pattern because there is no inclusion of Caffeine in the manufacturing process.
People who suffer from some allergies can also be assured of their consumption cycle of Active PK because it is known to contain no additional dairy or synthetic additives of any kind.

However, before you start the consumption of Active PK, you should have a chat or consult your physician or health advisor first.

Women who are pregnant or people who have serious underlying health problems, should avoid using Active PK or have a talk with their doctors before starting its consumption.


Is Active Pk an effective and legitimate supplement, does it help in reducing abdominal fat?

I can surely say so because the ingredients used in the manufacturing process of Active PK are known to have some weight loss properties which means that it might be effective.

The formula used in Active PK is ok and the effectiveness of individual agents have some medical and scientific claims too.

I can confidently say so because I have personally tried this supplement and found out that it works pretty well when it comes to fat loss.

But if you were to take my opinion on the account of fat loss, I will still prefer PhenQ over Active PK.

On the top, there are a lot of positive customer reviews as well which say that Active PK is effective.

Alternatives To Active PK

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