Ageless Male Reviews: Does This Supplement Really Work?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

This Ageless Male review contains a sequence of events of my consumption cycle and other basic details about this free t booster.

Not all testosterone supplements work hence, it becomes really crucial that a person is able to choose the products wisely.

Hence, this Ageless Male review is a step in the same direction. With the means of this Ageless Male analysis, I have tried to share the results that I achieved after consuming these dietary tablets.

As a result, once you have read this article till the very end about the Ageless Male review, you would be able to decide for yourself.

ageless maleAgeless Male is a male dietary supplement that aims at boosting the testosterone in the male body, thereby improving and maintaining their sexual health and wellness.

The brand claims that this supplement helps to increase the amount of free testosterone in the body that could further lead to enhance performance and increased libido.

Men start losing their libido because of low testosterone levels after reaching a certain age. This then affects their overall sexual performance.

Some men even start losing interest in sex that further disrupts their sex life and takes a toll on the relationship with their partner as well.

This is a serious situation and it needs to be addressed at once. While there are many medical treatments using which you can boost the level of this hormone in your body, these treatments are expensive and may lead to severe side-effects.

On the contrary, Ageless Male doesn’t do so. This product has been designed and manufactured by Nac Marketing Company.

The makers sell it under the trademark of ‘New Vitality’. According to the manufacturers of this supplement, Ageless Male is the easiest way using which you may boost up testosterone in your body and witness a better sexual performance and increased libido in no time.

They further suggest that this supplement works via varied mechanisms in the body. it could prepare your body well for receiving an increase of the male hormone and may as well act as a physical adaptogen.

How Ageless Male Works?

The working principle behind Ageless Male is pretty simple. The manufacturers have combined nutrients that could work in favor of making the free testosterone levels go higher. All the nutrients when combined make a special type of protein that binds to the testosterone produced by your body. As a result, the testosterone that is available free is not able to bind with sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG). Hence, the level of testosterone rises in your body. Post that, your body would be able to utilize that testosterone for various functionalities. At the same time, according to the makers, Ageless Male may benefit its consumers manifold in a number of aspects:
  • It may increase the free testosterone levels in your body which may further enhance your sexual experience and engagement.
  • It may help you increase your energy levels remarkably.
  • It may help you increase your endurance and stamina whilst engaging in sexual activity.
  • The supplement may as well promote overall physical strength by reducing excess fat from the body.
  • Each bottle of this supplement comprises 60 pills and the makers suggest daily consumption of 2 pills to obtain the desired results.
Let me now discuss the ingredients of Ageless Male in detail.

What Are The Ingredients Used In Ageless Male?

According to the manufacturers, all the ingredients used in the making of this supplement work towards building free testosterone in the male body without leading to any harmful side-effects.

The combination of these ingredients may work effectively on your body, thereby providing the desired results.
Here is the list of ingredients present in Ageless Male.

  • Fenugreek Seed Extract

    The fenugreek seed extract is present in this supplement in the form of testofen. Various research and studies have stated that this herb helps to lower down cholesterol as well as blood sugar level in the body and may as well boost testosterone levels to further provide an increased sex drive. Testofen is a primary ingredient present in Ageless Male.

  • Vitamin B6

    One of the most important nutrients that aid the overall health of your body is Vitamin B6. This supplement comprises Vitamin B6 in the form of Pyridoxine HLC that helps to lower down the prolactin levels in the body. Vitamin B6 further helps to enhance overall health and wellbeing.

  • Magnesium

    Another important ingredient that Ageless Male comprises is Magnesium. This mineral is vital for various body functions. The low levels of magnesium could also be associated with low testosterone levels. The presence of magnesium in Ageless Male in the form of magnesium aspartate may help you address the problem of low testosterone and treat the same.

  • Zinc

    Ageless Male comprises zinc in the form of amino acid chelate. This ingredient is responsible for the production of sperm in the male body. Not only does zinc help to produce sperm, but it also increases the count of sperms incredibly. Alongside this, the presence of zinc in this supplement may as well trigger the production of luteinizing hormone that further leads to an increase in testosterone.

  • Other Ingredients

    Apart from the above-listed primary ingredients, Ageless Male includes various secondary ingredients like calcium carbonate, stearic acid, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, croscarmellose sodium, as well as silica.

Ageless Male: My Consumption Cycle

Since the day I have entered my forties, I have always been worried about my general well-being. At the same, I was a little worried about the decline in sexual performance.

My wife, being a supportive one who was pretty sure that it is just a temporary phase in my life. According to her, I will soon gain my old manhood and would be able to satisfy her and there is absolutely no need to worry.

Deep down I knew that, if I do not take care of conditions now, things will keep sliding downwards. As a result, I started to search for the solution online.

This is when I was able to find a solution and the name was Ageless Male. I went through all the details mentioned by the manufacturers.

At that point in time, I was pretty excited about the way things were looking. As a result, I ordered the dietary supplement and started the consumption cycle as soon as possible.

Frankly speaking, I was pretty excited that finally, I would be able to satisfy my wife and would be able to look a little younger with the help of this testosterone boosting supplement.

Sadly that was not the case. I consumed Ageless Male for about 3 months. I was regular with the dosage levels and followed everything that was mentioned by the manufacturers.

Still, I was not able to witness any changes. This is when I made up my mind that, I will take medical help in this regard.

Ageless Male: You may Face These Side Effects

The makers claim that this product works effectively by increasing free testosterone in the body.

However, the process may cost you your health as the use of this supplement is associated with many side-effects in the body.

The combination of these ingredients does not work every time as the human body varies from person to person.

Here are some of the cons or side-effects associated with the use of Ageless Male:

  • Although the makers have submitted that Ageless Male doesn’t lead to any side-effects and is suitable for men of all ages, the claims are not true. This is because there aren’t clinical studies or enough research to support the claims made by the makers about this product.
  • The product focuses only on the boosting of testosterone levels in the body and doesn’t address other sexual issues suffered by men. On the other hand, the supplements that promise to increase testosterone usually address other male sexual concerns as well.
  • Many users have complained about irritability upon using this supplement. According to them, the long-term use of Ageless Male may lead to irritability, crankiness, as well as unwanted stress. You may feel angrier now and then after continuous use of this supplement.
  • Some of the other side-effects that you may experience after using Ageless Male include bloating, severe headache, loss of affection, minor weight gain, etc.
  • Many users have also stated that the long-term use of this supplement may as well lead to changes in your sense of smell. You may experience a changed sense of smell. In some cases, you may not sense the smell of a thing at all.
  • This supplement is to be taken only after the recommendation from your doctor.
  • The old reviews of this supplement suggest that it is an average product and does not work very effectively on the body of all males. Thus, in some cases, buying this supplement would be nothing but a clear wastage of your hard-earned money.

Ageless Male For Sale

I purchased this dietary supplement from the online store. I am not sure about the costs at other places.

Anyhow, this did not prove worthy to me. Personally speaking, I kind of wasted my money and time. Also, the biggest issue was the disappointment that I had to face after consuming it for a regular 3 months period.

Ageless Male Alternative

After three months of consumption, I decided to take some professional help. Hence, the physician recommended special supplements for two different issues.

For sexual performance improvement, he recommended me Prime Male. At the same time, t levels, he mentioned one of the best testosterone boosters which are Testogen.

I became a regular user of both these supplements and was able to improve my sexual performance and muscle mass within a month.

To this day, I am consuming both these supplements and I couldn’t have been a happier soul after this.


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