Air Snore Review: Does This Natural Sleep Combo Really Works?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

If you are suffering from snoring issues, then this Air Snore review is just for you. This is because I have talked about one of my friends who was suffering from heavy snoring problems.

She was about to get evicted from her hostel but then his friend really helped her and gave her a suggestion of using Air Snore. Hence, you might want to read this Air Snore review until the very end.

By doing so you would be able to find out if she was really able to get over her snoring issues or if she had to vacate her hostel.

You also might want to note that this write-up has already been reviewed by the medical professionals.

Air snore is the sleeping remedy for those who are unable to have a good sleep because of snoring issues at night. The manufacturer of the product states that it may help to cure the snoring issue and enable one to have a comfortable sleep at night.

They also state that, because of its property to help one to breathe properly during the night which could prevent snoring, it could promote good sleep.

According to the research, it may be found that snoring may accompany other health issues such as daytime tiredness, irritating mood, and lack of good sleep simultaneously causing depression, anxiety, etc.

Snoring may also create a conflict between partners because of disturbances in the sleep of oneself and others as well. 

It may happen because of a bad mood or if one is tired for the whole day, it may also be because of inappropriate breathing which may cause bad sleep and so bad day and health as well.

But the air snore contains a pack mouthpiece and the drop which could be used to prevent the snoring issue hence could prevent uncomfortableness while sleeping.

The official website states that it may be considered as a natural support to sleep and could help to have good health.

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Ingredients Used in Air Snore

The manufacturer states that they might have used natural ingredients in air snore which could contain antiseptic properties enabling one to have a good sleep which may be because of the usage of a blend of natural oil in it.

The ingredient used in it are as follows:

  • Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil

    This comes from the extraction of sunflowers by compressing them which could have some antioxidant properties. Due to its antioxidant property, it may help in providing the essence of vitamin e and could also reduce signs of aging. It may help in moisturizing the skin by giving soothing to it which may also be used as an active ingredient being the perfect carrier.

  • Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil

    This may also be known as blue gum which may be from stem extraction of leaves being transformed into oil being colorless but of a strong and sweet odor. It may work as an antiseptic oil showing its antibacterial property and enduring other medicinal benefits. It may also work as an anti-inflammatory which could help to fight inflammation. Showing its decongestant effects, it may help to loosen and clear the mucus which may help in breathing properly by allowing proper oxygen supply into the lungs.

  • Lavandula Angustifolia Flower Oil

    This oil comes from the essence of flower which might be found in the Mediterranean region giving its medicinal property as an antibacterial and antifungal which may help to provide ease to the muscles. The usage of this essential oil could help in providing relaxation in muscles and the brain thus could help to treat anxiety issues and depression issues. It may also help to treat nausea, insomnia, pains, etc. thus treating these issues implies it may promote good sleep and cure breathing problems.

  • Mentha Piperita Leaf Oil

    This oil is generally a peppermint oil that may have therapeutic medicinal effects on the body. It could be used in several things such as in toothpaste, bath, soaps, etc. because of its cooling effects which may help to relieve pain and provide a calming effect. It may behave like a decongestant by unclogging the blocked sinus and may open and close the airways for proper breathing. It may also work as an anti-inflammatory and may soothe and relax muscles.

  • Pinus Sylvestris

    This oil is the oil of pine which could be produced by stem, leaves, and twigs of pine trees and may be used in perfumes, cleaning, etc. It may give inflammatory properties and could treat muscle pains and other health issues. It may also loosen and clear the muscles from the respiratory system by allowing them to breathe properly and may relieve sore throat.

Why Did I Start Using Air Snore?

I am a college student who is staying away from the family as a paying guest nearby college in order to study and to attend college with my roommates.

In the first month of my hostel days, my roommates spoke to me regarding my snoring issue and requested me to control it and get some remedy for it.

Because of irregular sleep they complained about me to the owner of the hostel. The owner gave me a time period of a few months so that I am able to cure my snoring issue or else I would have to leave the room and take a single hostel room for myself.

On hearing these complaints, I consulted a friend of mine who was studying medicine. Listening to my issues,  he straight away suggested using Air snore which could help me to treat my snoring issue. As a result, I decided to use it for 3 months.

Air Snore Usage Results

In the first month of usage, I wasn’t getting the benefits but lately started having an uninterrupted sleep at night which I wasn’t getting earlier as  I used to get up randomly during the night, leading to improper sleep.

I wasn’t sure whether it was working efficiently to cure my snoring issue. Hence, I started to keep the recording on my phone before going to bed.

During these analyses, it was found that, as the first month was ending, the snoring was a bit mild and not that loud as it used to be.

According to my roommates, my snoring was really loud and annoying for them. The good news on the other hand was that the intensity was decreasing as a result, I was really relieved by this news.

As I reached the 3rd month period, the snoring was no more heard by my roommates. This was really a piece of soothing news for me.

Just to be clear on this, I used to listen to the recording the next day to keep a check and finally concluded that I don’t snore anymore. Even my roommates confirmed this to me.

Earlier I used to be in an irritating mood, frustrated mood but since the time, I started sleeping like a baby, the bad mood was no more.

I am generally in a positive outlook the whole day accompanied by happy vibes. I just love using Air Snore which has really helped me in curing my snoring issues.

As a result, I plan on using Air Snore regularly so that I can stay a snore-free person throughout my life.

Having said all that, I am really loving Air Snore.

Benefits Of Air Snore

The manufacturer states that it may give the benefits such as promoting good sleep, preventing snoring, etc. but the benefits which I felt after using it are as follows:

  • Prevent Snoring

    I was quite unhappy because of my snoring issue as I was even given a deadline either to cure it or leave the hostel. Being so tense about this I used this In the initial month of its usage, the sound of snoring was reduced initially but after the 3rd month, it was completely stopped. I started to have a comfortable sleep without any snoring issues and hence my roommates were happy with me.

  • May Help To Have A Good Sleep

    It has been found by various research that one who often snores might face disturbances in sleep during the night. They don’t get a good sleep because of a complete breakdown of their sleep during the night and so issues arise such as bad mood, harsh effect on health, etc. Since I had started using air snore no such issue exists as it was cured in the initial month hence, I used to have a night of proper sleep at night and improved health.

  • Improved Moods

    The ailment of snoring and uninterrupted sleep at night had helped me to have a good day because of improvement in mood. As earlier I used to be in an irritated mood with stress all day. But a good comfortable sleep during the night helped me in improving my mood and staying happy all day.

My Air Snore Usage Schedule

I have been using it regularly, without skipping any of its dosages. I have been using both that is, a mouthpiece and the drop.

Before using the mouthpiece for the first time, I had kept it in hot water for some time and then used it according to the given instructions as mentioned in the manual.

I used to apply 1-2 drops daily in the nostrils, chest, and neck just before going to bed.

By doing the same process regularly helped me with a number of benefits stated above.

Final Words At Air Snore

I have been using Air Snore for a period of around 6-7 months and until the point, I am writing this, I did not face any kind of harsh effects after its usage. It was a simple and convenient way to use for me.

The manufacturer states that in most cases, the mouthpiece will not be uncomfortable. This is because it could be molded directly into the mouth by leaving the jaws open which will allow it to breathe properly.

They also state that snoring may lead to issues such as heart attack because of continuous blood drops which may cause strain in the heart and may lead to a heart attack.

The official website also states that Air Snore may protect from other health issues by controlling and preventing one from snoring.

Personally speaking, Air Snore drop was really good for me because at times during coughing and sneezing my nose used to be clogged causing inconvenience for me.

These things really changed when I started using Air Snore and was able to sleep peacefully. At the same time, it has helped me to get away from the clogged path and allowed a proper passage of air.

A container of its drop is maybe 60 ml. It was a safe product for me to use. I love its usage and will continue to use it further as well.

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