AirSnore Review: Is This A Scam Or Does It Really Help In Snoring?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

This AirSnore review will tell you about a husband that used to disturb his wife’s sleep every night. Hence, they both decided to get rid of this situation and started working towards improving things.

As a result, the husband has discussed all the things that he underwent to overcome this problem. He also mentions the whole process and other steps that he took to improve in this AirSnore review.

Hence, if you are in the same boat or looking for a solution for your near and dear ones, you might want to stick around and read this one until the very end.

AirSnoreAccording to the makers, AirSnore is an anti-snoring product that may help reduce snoring problems. It is a mouthpiece that might help people not to snore and have a peaceful sleep.

The official website states, AirSnore is easy and comfortable to use as it is painless and simple. It may help breathe freely and uninterrupted all night long, reducing the risk of developing any snoring-related health issues.

The manufacturers claim that AirSnore not only helps reduce snoring problems, but it also might help to have a peaceful sleep when suffering from cough, cold, chest infection, or sinus.

During all these conditions the airways might get blocked and you may feel hard to breathe properly and get a decent sleep.

In such a situation AirSnore could help in getting rid of these problems and may help get better sleep. In these situations, AirSnore drops could also be used instead of using the AirSnore mouthpiece.

Though snoring may not be considered a problem by a number of people, it could be a sign of an underlying issue that may prove to be harmful to an individual’s health.

Snoring may be caused because of a shortage of breath and oxygen levels in the blood.

This shortage may lead to fatigue, tiresome, headaches, lack of energy, insomnia, and blood pressure problems. To get rid of the snoring problems and to have a peaceful sleep, the manufacturers have come up with AirSnore.

The manufacturers of AirSnore claim that the product is made in FDA-approved facilities using the highest quality ingredients and materials. They also claim that the ingredients are natural and extracted in pure form to get better and more effective results.

How Does AirSnore Work?

Before understanding the working procedure of AirSnore, one must know the reason behind the snoring sounds or why do we snore.

While sleeping, the airways in the throat and nose try to relax which could sometimes cause them to narrow, hence, air might travel faster through them.

While breathing in and out, this faster flow of air could make the soft tissues in the back of your mouth, nose and throat vibrate. This could make you snore.

The AirSnore mouthpiece may open up the airways that allow breathing better while sleeping, which in turn might stop the snoring sounds.

AirSnore mouthpiece may mold itself inside the mouth to ensure a comfortable fit. Once it gets in place, it might move the jaw a little to open upper airways, allowing breathing more easily while sleeping and might stop the snorings.

On the other hand, if you talk about AirSnore drops, the manufacturers state that they could be used at the time of cough and cold.

The official website mentions that the ingredients involved in the manufacturing process of AirSnore drops could be really soothing and antiseptic.

As a result, they try to relieve your symptoms and may as well help you in sleeping peacefully. This could be achieved by the help of clearing the airways which might ultimately help you in breathing easily. 

AirSnore Ingredients

  • Sunflower Seed Oil

    Sunflower seed oil is rich in skin-soothing Vitamin E and is easily absorbed in the skin. It is used in AirSnore drops as it acts as a perfect carrier for other active oils in the product.

  • Eucalyptus Leaf Oil

    The use of eucalyptus leaf oil in the product is because it is cooling and refreshing. Its effects help loosen and clear mucus for ease in breathing and to relieve coughing. The vasodilation properties of the ingredient dilate blood vessels, allowing more oxygen to reach the lungs, and help ease breathing.

  • Lavender Flower Oil

    Lavender oil is highly relaxing and has proven to induce and improve sleep, and is often used to treat insomnia. The antibacterial and stimulating properties of the ingredient help cure breathing problems by loosening mucus and relieving congestion.

  • Peppermint Leaf Oil

    This ingredient present in AirSnore acts as a decongestant by opening and clearing the airways and helps unclog blocked sinuses. Peppermint leaf oil is also a natural painkiller and muscle relaxant that helps soothe sore throats and aching muscles.

  • Scots Pine Leaf Oil

    This ingredient helps loosen and clear mucus and phlegm present in the respiratory system, which allows easy breathing. The natural pain-relieving properties of scots pine leaf oil help soothe a sore throat.

Why Did I Choose AirSnore?

I recently married my long-time girlfriend and we have been leading a happily married life. But from the past few years, I somehow started developing the habit of snoring.

I came to know of my snoring when my wife mentioned the same casually that she was unable to sleep due to my snoring. I ignored it completely, as I never believed that I may have been snoring.

However, after a few more days my wife mentioned the same thing again, but this time she was in a really serious mood. According to her, my snorings have been disturbing her sleep, and she found it to be really irritating and made it hard for her to get a complete rest at night time.

At first, I was not ready to accept the fact that I was snoring. But, one night my wife recorded my snorings and made me listen to them. This made me believe that she was right.

A few days passed and I was still trying to figure out how to deal with the issue. Slowly these snorings were becoming a bigger problem as I was unable to get proper sleep and used to wake up in the middle of my sleep.

This made my mornings difficult, tired, and irritated. Moreover, I was also having headaches sometimes, because of a lack of proper sleep.

I discussed this with my wife about the problem and we both decided to try something to get rid of snorings. The next day a friend of mine came to visit us and during our conversations, her husband told us that he had also suffered from snorings, but have now overcome the problem.

When asked about the solution, he told of the product named AirSnore and told how he used the product and it helped him to get rid of his snorings.

My Experience With AirSnore

Upon hearing from my friend’s husband that very day I and my wife searched for the product and came to its official website. We read tried to read as much information as possible about the product.

Also, there were a number of reviews of the product which were kind of in the positive direction.

After a few hours of cross-checking of facts and other aspects mentioned on the official website, I was kind of satisfied with the same. I ordered a combo pack of AirSnore mouthpiece and AirSnore drops.

Once I got the product, I started using it as per the instructions given on the label. I made sure that I am using the same regularly without giving it a miss.

As a result, after using it for 1 month, I and my wife were able to feel some changes but was not very sure of the same.

One change that I felt in the first month of use was that I did not wake up very often in the middle of the night, which used to happen a lot earlier.

As a result, I continued using AirSnore drops and mouthpiece. It has been 4 months now since I have been using AirSnore. Now I have been able to get rid of snoring problems. The frequent headaches, tiredness, and irritation which I used to experience earlier were now gone.

To make sure that the snoring problems were gone, I told my wife to put the phone on recording for some days and see what were the changes.

In the initial days of the use of AirSnore, the snores were loud and disturbing. But once after the use of the product for a continuous period, these snores started to decrease. The frequency of snores showed a decline with every passing day.

Not only me but my wife was also now able to get good sleep. Because of my snorings, she used to suffer a lot and used to wake up very often.

But now, we both are happy with my use of AirSnore and are getting quality sleep without interruptions.

My AirSnore Usage Schedule

As mentioned earlier, AirSnore is available both as a mouthpiece as well as drops. The mouthpiece does not require any special fitting from the dentist and is easy and simple to use within a couple of minutes.

AirSnore mouthpiece is to be inserted in the mouth and bitten down so that it molds itself inside the mouth.

This is done just before going to sleep. Moreover, before using the product for the first time, it is better to leave the mouthpiece in hot water for a few minutes so that it softens.

Coming to AirSnore drops, they are much easier to use and are more comfortable. A few drops of the AirSnore drops are to be applied on the chest, neck, and under the nostrils before going to bed.

I tried to follow the usage schedule carefully and made sure that I am able to check all the boxes of using the device and drops properly and regularly.

Benefits With AirSnore Consumption

AirSnore has helped me a lot to get rid of my snoring habits and has also helped to achieve some other benefits too. Some of the benefits of using AirSnore are as follows:-

  • Stopped Snoring

    As mentioned earlier, one of the best benefits that I was able to achieve from using AirSnore is that it has helped me to get rid of my snoring habits. All those sleepless nights because of frequent snoring are now gone and I can have a peaceful and easy sleep.

    Not only this, but my wife is also now able to get good quality sleep. Because of my snorings, she suffered a lot and was unable to get proper sleep. She used to wake up frequently and complained of my snorings. But now as I can get rid of snorings, she has also started to get good sleep and wakes up every morning with positive energy.

  • Reduced Tiredness And Irritability

    AirSnore not only helped to get rid of snoring, but it also helped me to reduce the tiredness and irritability that I had every morning. Because of the snorings, it was becoming difficult to get proper sleep, and being sleep-deprived affected my mornings.

    I used to wake up tired and irritated every morning because of snoring and less sleep. But after using AirSnore, I was able to wake up with much energy and a fresh mood. AirSnore helped a lot to get rid of snorings and because of this, I was able to have nice sleep and wake up with fresh energy every morning.

  • Reduced Headaches

    Since I was unable to get good sleep because of my snorings, there were days when I used to get frequent headaches. These headaches were very frequent and were disturbing. But, once I used the mouthpiece, all these problems started to reduce. The headaches slowly started to reduce.

  • Better Sleep

    Another benefit that I got from using AirSnore is that it helped me get better sleep at night and have improved my health. AirSnore helped to get rid of snoring and thereby the sleep quality improved and resulted in better health, as lack of sleep may lead to a bad mood, harsh effect on health, etc.

Final Thoughts On AirSnore

To conclude, I would like to mention that AirSnore has helped me get rid of my snorings habit. As a result, get proper sleep without any kind of disturbances. It has been about 5 to 6 months of using the product and I have not faced any kind of side effect with its use.

Not only was this product helpful in getting rid of snorings, but it also helped me during the time when I cough and sneeze.

A number of times I used to feel that my nose is clogged causing inconvenience to me. These things changed upon using AirSnore and I was able to get a peaceful sleep every night.

For this very reason, I have planned on using this one and making sure that I am using it regularly so that I am not causing any issues to my beautiful wife during the time I sleep.

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