Alpha Brain Review: Could This Really Work?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

In this Alpha Brain review, I’ve discussed how my friend used this dietary substance to improve her mental health when she was being harmed by an underlying issue.

I have also talked about how Alpha Brain is used and what it can do when it is consumed in addition to my friend’s experience with it.

Thus, if you also want to enhance your overall mental health, then you may wish to continue reading this Alpha Brain review until the end.

As a dietary substance, Alpha Brain is manufactured and marketed by Onnit Labs. As per their official website, consuming Alpha Brain may improve your cognitive functions.

They also affirm that this nootropic may enhance your brain functions such as thinking, and memory.

Along with this, it could also improve your cognitive behavior through its consumption. 

The makers claim that Alpha Brain consumption may help you remember names, and places, and could enhance the ability to react more quickly throughout the day.

They also affirm that this is caffeine-free which could make you feel energetic naturally. The manufacturers also mentioned that through the consumption of Alpha Brain, you could calm yourself.

Apart from this, Alpha Brain may also improve your flow state through your consumption journey. As a result, you may experience enhanced consciousness and increased alpha wave production.

Along with this, you could stay motivated and focused for the absorption of the new information. This may increase your creative ability through the required consumption of Alpha Brain.

How Does Alpha Brain Work?

The official website claims that the ingredients used in the development may play a significant part in providing you with the desired results.

Like any other substance, these ingredients in Alpha Brain could keep you calm and composed. As you may observe the outside world more clearly without any mental obstacles.

As per the makers, Alpha Brain consists of L-Tyrosine. This may help you by enhancing the movement and production of several neurotransmitters such as dopamine, epinephrine, norepinephrine, etc.

These could enhance your mood and could influence your mental motivation. Further, keep you energized through its consumption.

The makers also mentioned that it also contains Bacopa Monnieri. It may provide you with several long-term benefits by elevating your mental potential.

With the help of this ingredient, adults may experience enhanced cognitive health. This could result in improved memory. It may enhance the ability to remember which tends to decrease due to aging.

Ingredients Used In Alpha Brain

  • Vitamin B6

    It may help you by reducing the homocysteine levels through its consumption. As high levels of homocysteine may trigger cognitive impairments and could also become the main reason for dementia and Alzheimer’s.

    More on this is discussed here.

  • L-Tyrosine

    It may play a significant role in enhancing the neurotransmitters such as dopamine, norepinephrine, etc. This could help you by increasing the communication between nerve cells in the brain through its consumption.

    More on it here.

  • Oat Straw Extract

    This may help by boosting your brain function. It could also reduce brain impairments in older age adults. It may enhance your overall memory, and attention, and could also improve your concentration.
  • Phosphatidylserine

    It may prevent memory loss and could reduce your mental decline. This may reduce the complications related to short-term memory. It could also enhance your concentration levels.
  • Cats Claw Bark Extract

    It may play a major role in reducing the effects of brain aging. This could also enhance overall brain health. It may also help you deal with symptoms of Alzheimer, etc.

    This link to the governmental sources article has mentioned more about the benefits of  Cats Claw Bark Extract.

  • Alpha GPC

    It may trigger a chemical in the brain called acetylcholine. This could enhance your memory function and may improve your concentration through its consumption.

    More on it is here.


  • Bacopa Monnieri

    It is a natural plant-based ingredient that may play a significant part in enhancing your cognitive stimulation.

    This could also improve your long-term brain health potential and may improve your cognitive health.
  • Toothed Clubmoss Extract

    It is also a plant-based ingredient. This may improve the symptoms related to Alzheimer’s disease. It could also help you overcome your memory disorders.

  • L-Lucine

    It may help you with the enhanced production supply of glutamate to the neurons in your brain through its consumption. This could also help you in maintaining your learning ability and memory.

    This article by the authorities has mentioned more about this.

Why Did She Choose Alpha Brain?

One of my friends was in her mid-twenties. In her teens, she survived severe clinical depression symptoms and angst spirals.

In her teens, her school days were a nightmare for her. She was my classmate. So, we were still in touch. Recently, for college, she shifted to live alone.

So, she started living in a rented apartment around her college. Luckily, she was very close to my place. When I learned about this, I immediately rushed to her place and finally met after years.

The apartment building had a coffee shop. So, we went and started talking to her along with the coffee. She started telling me what her life after school is.

Through this, she started telling me that nowadays, she has started experiencing memory loss and also has problems with concentration in her college courses.

She was pursuing her favorite field of work at her college. Then also, it was affecting her daily life. Along with this, as the night darkens, her anxiety kicks in. This was affecting her sleep schedule.

One midnight, I got a call from my friend, I got worried after I knew her complications. So, I ran to her place and picked up her phone. She was urging me to visit her at her place at that time.

Within a few minutes, I reached her place. She was sitting in the corner of her room and was crying with her legs folded to her chest.

After observing all this, I went to her kitchen and got a glass of water for her. Later, she felt much better. Along with this, she told me this was not the first time this kind of anxiety attack she experienced.

We had a small chat about her positive aspects and later she went to sleep. Secretly, I took her medical professional’s contact number to my phone and left her place.

The next morning, I took off from work and visited the medical professional’s place whom my friend consulted for her complications. So, I thought the medical professional must be aware of his patient.

After hours of traffic, I reached his place. Luckily, the medical professional agreed to meet me without any prior appointment. When I met him, I told him about my friend’s condition.

Everything about her difficulty in remembering, focusing, and the midnight anxiety attacks. After listening to all my friend’s ordeals, the medical professional told me to calm down first.

Later, he told me that these midnight anxiety attacks and other complications that my friend is dealing with are normal for her because she has experienced worse, early in her age.

He asked my friend not to overthink and advised her to follow a proper sleep schedule if she wishes to improve her health. 

He further added, if these issues continued even after taking precautions, he might prescribe her some strong medicines but hearing this made my friend overly worried. 

When we left his cabin, my cousin called me up and enquired about my well-being. As I was tense because of my friend’s poor health, I conveyed everything that was going on with her to him.

He told me that had been dealing with the same issue for a long time but he was able to manage it through external support from a substance.

Upon asking he told me that he had been consuming Alpha Brain for some time and that has shown some positive effects on his health.

He added that a substance like Alpha Brain could work for her as this may enhance her overall brain function.

Immediately, I asked about its official website, and at first, I was impressed.

My cousin also added that consuming Alpha Brain may help her and should also consider meditation early in the morning.

He also told me that she should consult a nutritionist as well as that could help her with her nutrition.

Consuming a healthy diet could also fulfill her nutritional requirements. This may also keep her full and as a result, could enhance her mood throughout the day.

After coming back to my place, within no time, I purchased the Alpha Brain substance from their official website.

Her Experience With Alpha Brain

I received the Alpha Brain package within a few days, and I unpacked it that evening after work and I handed it to her at her flat.

She was dubious at first, but when I explained everything, she became optimistic and thrilled. She had not been this happy in a while when I first started talking to her.

So, the next morning, she started consuming Alpha Brain as per the instructions laid down by its makers. She used to take two capsules daily of Alpha Brain.

Along with this, she also consumed healthy food and nutritious vegetables and followed the diet plan curated by her nutritionist. In between my work at the office, I used to talk to her and she told me that she carries healthy lunch to her college.

This helped her in staying away from junk foods and hogging snacks. For snacks, she carried roasted cashews, which eventually, also helped in relieving her from the familiar feelings of stress.

After a few weeks of regular consumption of Alpha Brain, it helped her in maintaining brain health. She used to tell me that now she doesn’t care much about anybody else, except herself.

She performs exercises that have improved her physical fitness and she feels more confident and has also started having a positive outlook toward life. 

One evening, we met at a coffee shop in her building, and she started telling me that now she had slowly started remembering things and is more alert and alert.

All of this had a beneficial effect on her nighttime anxiety, which gradually subsided. She was able to sleep peacefully as a result.

Benefits Of Alpha Brain

  • Increased Focus

    The regular consumption of Alpha Brain helped her in increasing her focus on her daily chores. This also enhanced her academic results at her college which she used to lag earlier.

  • Increased Learning

    Earlier she faced difficulty in remembering this since she consumed Alpha Brain, improved her diet, and worked on her physical health. It helped her in enhancing her learning abilities.

  • Reduced Stress

    Unnecessary stress was the reason for midnight anxiety attacks. She consumed this substance regularly as directed.

    Followed a diet routine, which helped her in concentrating on her chores. It increase her focus on her academic work and helped in reducing her stress levels.

Final Words On Alpha Brain

As I conclude here, she is now my best friend and partner at work. Six months she completed her academic course and luckily got placed at my firm.

This made our bonding strong, and now we are planning to make our way to live together. She is thankful for the Alpha Brain urged by my cousin.

Since she changed her diet pattern and performed regular exercises, it helped her become a different person altogether, in a positive way. Stress, anxiety, and other complications were now a gone story.

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