AlphaViril Review: Is This Really Worth Your Time & Money?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

In this AlphaViril review, I am revealing my experience of using this dietary supplement. Personally speaking, I was searching for a natural supplement that could help me with my male hormone levels.

This is when I found AlphaViril. As a result, I started researching this one and found it to be an effective and natural supplement that could help in improving my t levels and ultimately my libido.

Hence, I started with the consumption cycle. You would be happy to know that I completed two  consumption cycles. As a result, you will find all the details about this supplement in this AlphaViril review.

At the same time, I have added all the results that I saw in myself during these three months.

alphavirilAlphaViril is a male enhancement natural formula that may help men enhance their testosterone naturally and boost libido. The effects of this supplement may increase fertility, virility, as well as sexual performance in men.

AlphaViril has been designed and manufactured by HFL Solutions Inc. This company has associated itself with the production of various dietary supplements and formulas since 1992 and has garnered huge attention ever since.

Many claims have been made by the company concerning the production of this supplement. According to the manufacturers, the regular use of AlphaViril may lead to increased circulation and blood flow which may enhance and support better erection.

Apart from reducing female hormones, this supplement may as well help you in reducing stress and DHT levels, thereby supporting overall health and well-being.

Alongside treating a multitude of sexual concerns in men, the use of this supplement may as well help you with maintaining your blood sugar levels, metabolism, as well as weight loss.

This product puts its main focus on optimizing the seven hormonal pathways by making the use of natural ingredients.

Why Did I Choose AlphaViril?

The problem of infertility in men is rising each day and there could be many reasons for the same. The factors such as unhealthy lifestyle, smoking, alcohol, absence of physical activity from the routine, etc. make the situation even worse.

Consequently, even young men are falling prey to certain sexual issues which are leading to a lot of stress on their physical self as well as on their relationships.

The same was the case with me as well. Due to the absence of any kind of work-life balance, I could not really focus on my health.

All these things lead to issues involving sexual health, loss of muscle mass, and increased fat levels.

AlphaViril may help in increasing the testosterone levels and minimizing the production of female hormones like estrogen that could lead to enhanced fertility and may as well solve other sexual concerns.

The manufacturers suggest that all the ingredients present in AlphaViril are safe to use. The use of these ingredients may as well increase and aid the production of free testosterone in the body.

As a result, all these points in a combined manner made me start the consumption of AlphaViril.

How Does AlphaViril Works?

If your body is able to receive the nutrients and vitamins that are required to heal itself from the issues that arise due to aging, then your body would always enjoy amazing health.

Else, your body will not be able to recover, and most of the time you might feel sick.

Keeping all these points in mind, the researchers of AlphaViril have selected the ingredients that are used.

All the ingredients present in this supplement may help to stimulate the release of luteinizing hormone, hence promoting the release of testosterone in the body.

AlphaViril could also work by increasing the production of nitric oxide in the body that may help to maintain and stimulate the blood flow to the penile tissues.

When the blood flow in your penile tissues is well-maintain, you may achieve better erections and may experience improved sexual performance with your partner.

Also, the appropriate testosterone levels present in your body would be beneficial for the functionality of your body on day to day basis.

You may refer to this governmental study to find out how testosterone affects men.

List Of Ingredients Used In AlphaViril By The Manufacturer

The brand confirms that this supplement includes all the natural and clinically-tested ingredients that work effectively on your body.

The unique combination of ingredients in this product may help you resolve many sexual and other concerns, thereby promoting overall health.

Here is the information about the ingredients present in AlphaViril:

  • Tesofen Fenugreek Extract

    This ingredient helps to increase libido and promotes male sexual performance by the way of boosting testosterone levels in men. The use of this ingredient may as well help you improve your insulin function.

  • Avena Sativa Extract

    The addition of Avena Sativa Extract in AlphaViril reduces nervous exhaustion as well as insomnia. Apart from this, the use of this ingredient may as well boost testosterone levels and improve erectile function.

  • Tongkat Ali Extract

    Many studies have suggested that Tongkat Ali Extract comes with proven benefits of increasing testosterone levels naturally and aiding sexual health by increasing male libido.

  • Maca Root

    This is another important ingredient present in the supplement, the use of which may help you reduce the problem of ED, increase your libido, and boost your energy while engaging in any kind of sexual engagement.

  • Stinging Nettle

    Another important ingredient that may help you solve your concern about low testosterone levels is stinging nettle. According to research, this ingredient aids the production of free testosterone throughout the body. Additionally, the use of stinging nettle in this supplement may as well help you balance your DHT levels.

  • Ginger Extract

    The extracts of ginger are considered helpful in releasing luteinizing hormone as well as reducing follicle-stimulating hormone.

  • A-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate

    AAKG in AlphaViril is extremely useful as it increases the production of nitric oxide. Alongside this, AAKG may play the role of a vasodilator that promotes a smooth flow of blood throughout the penis.

  • Horny Goat Weed

    This ingredient may help to treat the problem of erectile dysfunction as well as low libido. Horny goat weed may be equally helpful in improving energy as well as increasing memory.

  • Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa

    Many studies have claimed that this ingredient is an aphrodisiac that helps to boost sexual desire and reduces the problem of male erectile dysfunction.

Other ingredients present in AlphaViril include sensoril ashwagandha extract, vitex agnus castus, zinmax zinc picolinate, macuna pruriens extract, Vitamin D-3, copper, and selenium.

AlphaViril Review: My Usage Experience

I am really bad at my routine. I was never able to follow a proper schedule when it comes to day to day activities. I really have no fixed time for my meals.

My sleeping schedule is a complete mess. Also, my drinking habit has made it worse for my body to be on normal and healthy levels.

As a result, my body and health were really going down the hill day by day. I hit a wall directly when I married. My sexual performance a completely worthless.

I felt ashamed of myself. This is when I decided to take some help. Hence, when I started searching on the internet, I found AlphaViril. I saw a ray of hope and I started with the consumption.

The initial period was not at all different. Hence, I got a little worried. Then my office friend told me to hit the gym. I started the same on regular basis.

Accoding to the manufacturer, the gym goers need to increase their dosage. Hence, after 2 weeks I increased my dosage as well.

Almost after 1 month, I found no changes hapenning. Any how, I decided that I should finish atleast first cycle. But sadly, there were no improvements on any front.

Be it sexual, or muscle wise.

To this my friend in the office advised that, I should atleast give a supplement two cycle then only decide about the continuity of the supplement.

Hence, after taking a two weeks break, I decide to commence the consumption cycle number 2.

To my disaapointment, there were no changes even when I finished my second cycle as well. I was truly disappointed.

My AlphaViril Dosage Schedule

From the initial period, I made sure that I stick with one capsule twice per day after my meals. This is the dosage for the beginners.

From the third week, I started with a regular workout. Hence I started to take four pills.

On the other hand, when I was not working out, I lowered the dosage to two pills a day. The first cycle of the dosage of AlphaViril completes in 45 days.

Post that, I made sure that I am taking a gap of two weeks before I start the second cycle of AlphaViril.

AlphaViril For Sale

When it came to purchasing the product, I ordered it from their official website. Personally speaking, I always believe that one should always order anything online only from the official website.

The reason being, we can hold the official vendors hold responsible. I did the same with AlphaViril as well.

I recieved the package in a timly manner. This was the only plus point about AlphaVirial as far as my consumption is concerned.

AlphaViril Alternatives

Although I started hitting the gym on daily basis, the results were not up to the mark. Hence, I asked for tips from my gym instructor.

As soon as I shared my diet plan and other stuff with him. he instantly recommended me to start the consumption of Testogen.

According to him. Testogen is one of the best testosterone boosters.

He guided me to use Testogen pills and drops. And I kid you not, the results were pretty sweet. Within 4 weeks, I was able to lose a great amount of weight.

My muscle mass increased. The best part was an improvement in the libido levels. Hence, it was just amazing for me. I ordered Testogen from the official website as well.

6 thoughts on “AlphaViril Review: Is This Really Worth Your Time & Money?

  1. “Test booster” pills do not work . Complete waste of money . Supplement companies that are competing with each other , want to make as much money from you as possible .

    How do you know exactly what you are taking ? Is it real or legit ? Go to your local university lab. Take a couple of those so called test booster pills and pay for a complete analysis to the microgram. Guys take my advice . Aren’t you tired of getting ripped off ? Btw : Do you really think the buff dudes you watch on you tube actually take “ test boosters “ ? Hate to burst your bubble …. It is Steroids. Plain and simple .

    Of course you have to hit the gym and eat properly . But it’s not these “test boosters” that companies are promoting through these “ natural bodybuilders” …. Notice the quotations around the word “ natural” .

    Had complete testosterone blood work done twice . The ones that test for all 4 . Results were pretty much the exact same . No increase in free testosterone whatsoever.

  2. Hi there,

    Everyone has their side of the story. Thanks for sharing yours.

    Stay Safe & Healthy.
    God Bless!

  3. ive been on Alpha for five years approximately. First few pills caused some nervousness, nausea and throat issues. After this it subsided and i got a much higher libido, much harder erections and muscle also slightly developed. Im using it to this day with varied results but good results. I have also started using the cholo and i went from 237 (consistent) to 184 in four months.
    Blood work shows
    – 629.2 – Test
    – 184 – Cholo

    Blood work shows high values for some other items related to liver function.

    i am an active person, gym and box, 46 with a weight of 178

    1. Hi Arvind,

      Thank You for sharing your experience. It is great that you got the bloodwork done to see the actual results. I recommend you keep going for the same to track the liver function and take medical advice accordingly.

      All the best, and may GOD bless you!

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