Anadrol Review: Does This Really Worth All The Risk That You Take?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

In this Anadrol review, a newbie has talked about how he was recommended the usage of Anadrol. At the same time, he talks about his experience and consumption results of this anabolic steroid.

Not to miss, I have also added a number of essential pointers when it comes to Anadrol.

On the other hand, you might want to note that this Anadrol review has also been checked by our health professionals, and only after that, it has been published here.

AnadrolAnadrol, also known as Oxymetholone, is an androgen and steroid medication. It could be used for weight gain and muscle gain.

If you are wondering what are steroids? Then you might want to note that steroids are synthetic or man-made hormones designed to carry out specific processes within your body.

As far as Anadrol is concerned, in the initial phase, people also use it to treat anemia and osteoporosis.

On the other hand, several researchers and doctors used the same in the case of HIV/AIDS wasting syndrome.

All these used cases were promoted so that these patients could gain muscle. This was when the bodybuilding world jumped in. 

When they got to know that Anadrol could be used to improve muscle mass and may as well assist in muscle gain, the usage saw an uptrend in the number of athletes, bodybuilders, and weight lifters so that they can enhance their performance using this anabolic steroid.

The makers of Anadrol claim it to be made of natural ingredients that might not have side effects and could help to increase muscle mass quickly.

Its effects could be powerful, and you could say it is one of the most popular anabolic steroids on the market.

How Does Anadrol Work?

Anadrol tries to work by increasing the number of red blood cells in the blood. Due to this increase, a large amount of oxygen might enter the muscles and in turn, could lead to increased energy and endurance.

With the increased energy and endurance, the strength might also increase leading to faster muscle growth.

All this could be possible only when you are putting in an effort in the gym. Hence, at that point, your body looks for additional energy and this is when the oxygen-carrying capacity of your body comes into play.

At the same time, Anadrol which could be regarded as an anabolic steroid also tries to help increase your natural testosterone levels. It may stimulate muscle tissue to grow by mimicking the effects of naturally produced testosterone in the body.

The supplement could be actively involved in the process of protein synthesis and may enhance muscle fiber.

On the other hand, protein could also be regarded as an important building material for muscle growth and the supplement may help to generate more protein, helping gain more in less time.

Not to miss, the believers of Anadrol also claim that the recovery time during the exercise period could also be reduced when they consume Anadrol on regular basis.

Having said all that, personally speaking, I will never recommend anyone Anadrol. Since this is an anabolic steroid and is not all approved by the FDA for general consumption.

To support the non-usage of this steroid, you might want to note that according to this document by the FDA, in which they have mentioned the regular consumers of Anadrol suffered from blood-filled cysts in the liver.

Also, these cysts were observed to be replacing the splenic tissue as well in the consumers.

Why Did I Choose Anadrol

I am in my mid-twenties and have recently joined a corporate firm. In a few days only, I have made a few friends and we used to have lunch together.

One day while we were having lunch, one of my friends jokingly said something about my physique which did not seem rather funny to me. However, I just ignored it and had my lunch, and continued my work.

To tell you about my physique, I am a skinny person with little to no muscle mass. My friends, of school days, used to bully me a lot for my weight, but this never really affected me a lot.

Once I reached college, I was no more bullied because of my performance in class. Hence, I never thought much about my low weight.

But on that particular day, I again got back to my school days where my friends used to bully me a lot. And this time, it was affecting me.

This is because I just went through a flashback by remembering the old school days. The sentences said by my colleague in the office in a manner of a joke were on my mind as a result, I was unable to focus much.

I decided that it is high time now that I need to change my personality. I made my mind and I wanted to change these things as soon as possible when it comes to my health.

The first box that I checked was to join a gym. At the same time, I started following a number of youtube channels and tried my best to consume a proper diet for weight gain. 

The first few weeks of my training period were extremely difficult. My whole body was really sore and it was really hard for me to perform any kind of hand or leg movement.

After a month or two, the situation started to improve when it comes to normal body function. On the other hand, there was no sign of muscle growth.

This is when I consulted my trainer and asked for his advice. He suggested Anadrol to me and said that I should use the supplement as it would help me in my transformation.

Taking his advice, I got Anadrol for myself and started its use as per the dosage given by the manufacturers.

Anadrol's Dosage

As per my gym trainer, 2 Anadrol capsules are to be taken in a day. One capsule is to be taken 20 minutes before breakfast and the other, 20 minutes before working out.

I followed the given dosage and never skipped even a single dosage. Moreover, on non-workout days, I just took one capsule 20 minutes before breakfast and skipped the second capsule.

Since on non-workout days the body is in the rest phase, it is better to skip that dosage.

My Consumption Result With Anadrol

Once I started using Anadrol, I really wanted to see the changes start sooner rather than later. Sadly that was not the case. For the initial 2-3 weeks there were hardly any changes that I was able to observe in my body.

This got me really worried because of the fact that I purchased Anadrol in a bulk quantity. Because of the fact that I did not want to break my consumption cycle. Anyhow, my trainer convinced me that I should continue the use of this supplement.

After using the supplement for a continuous period of another month or so, without skipping any of the dosages, I was still unable to see any changes.

At this point, I was really furious and I went to my trainer and told him about Anadrol, and how it had no effect on me.

He told me to be patient and to continue using the supplement for a longer period because these supplements take time to work and sometimes it could take a few months time to show the results.

Somehow I got convinced by assuring myself that I will definitely be able to notice a few of the changes in the coming weeks. And from this point, I again continued using Anadrol for another month. But again I was unable to get the desired results.

All of this was a wastage of time and effort from my end. As a result, I decided that I will increase my dosage and will try to monitor the changes.

This is when things started to change for me.

Probable Side Effects Of Using Anadrol

In the initial days of the use of Anadrol, there were no changes at all. Neither was I able to gain from the supplement nor I was experiencing any side effects.

But, after about a continued usage of a few weeks, things change. Instead of having the benefits, I started to notice side effects from using the supplement.

Some side effects that I experienced from the use of Anadrol are as follows:-

  • Nausea

    One of the side effects of using Anadrol that I experienced was nausea. After using the supplement for the first few weeks, there was no such effect as nausea, but after the first few weeks, I suffered from nausea.

    There were times when I used to have breakfast or lunch and I would feel like vomiting. Because of this, I was unable to have a proper diet and as such, I was unable to follow my diet plans properly.

  • Stomach Pain

    Apart from the feeling of nausea, I also developed stomach pain very often. There were days when I used to have nothing the entire day because of my stomach pains. Some days the pains were normal while other days it was unbearable.

  • Reduced Appetite

    The stomach pains and nausea led to a reduced appetite. This was another side effect that I experienced from using Anadrol.

    I started using the supplement to gain weight and muscles and for that, the improvement in appetite was a must. But instead, my appetite reduced and as such, I was unable to gain weight or muscles.

  • Sleeping Problems

    One of the worst side effects that I experienced from using Anadrol was sleeping problems. Because of all those stomach pains, nausea, and reduced appetite, I was unable to get proper sleep.

    I used to sleep at odd times at night and wake up with the least energy. Because of these sleeping problems I was unable to focus properly in the gym and unable to gain muscles.

Anadrol Alternatives

Since I was unable to gain muscles and weight even after using Anadrol for two months, I decided to stop my journey of transforming and gaining weight.

As soon as I stopped the consumption, the side effects stopped.

I was dejected and it affected my work at the office. Then my friend saw me this way and asked for the reason. I told him about how I failed in my transformation and how I will quit doing workout sessions soon.

At the same time, I mentioned that I also consumed Anadrol but that also did not benefit me but it harmed my body in a negative way.

This is when my office colleague told me about a product named Anadrole.

He told me about how he used this product and how he was able to have a bulky body. He asked me to try the product once and if it is of no use for him he would not further suggest him anything else.

I somehow got convinced from his talks and decided to go for Anadrole. The product came and I started using it along with my proper gym routine and healthy diet.

In the first few weeks of the use of this product, I started to notice a few changes. I could feel the energy flowing in my body.

This motivated me a lot and I continued using Anadrole. After about two months of continuous use of Anadrole, I was able to gain some weight and also my muscle mass increased to some extent.

The product helped me in a decent manner and I was able to indulge in intense workout sessions frequently.


FInal Words On Anadrol Review

I guess, starting the consumption of this anabolic steroid called Anadrol was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I say so because of the fact that it could have negatively affected my health in a severe manner.

At the same time, it could have damaged my internal organ. These side effects in terms of androgenic steroids have been accepted here.

As I write this, I am currently consuming Anadrol regularly. This is also one of the best legal steroids.  I would like to mention that, it has been two months since I have been using Anadrole and I have gained from the use of the product. 

Seeing that Anadrole did not affect my body in a negative manner I think that I will continue its usage so that I am able to be a beneficiary of this substance and its results.

Also, I am pretty sure that I am on a right track and with the help of a balanced diet and my regular gym schedule along with regular consumption of Anadrole, I would be able to gain a few decent pounds of muscle mass.

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