Andro 400 Review – Read This Guide To Know Why It Is Overhyped!

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

If you are looking for some authentic Andro 400 review and are willing to try this testosterone booster, then you should stop everything.

You should not proceed and buy this one before reading my personal Andro 400 review till the very end.

As I have written this Andro 400 review for specific people like you. Who do not have first-hand experience but are trying to purchase this testosterone booster.

Here, I have tried to share my personal experiences and issues that I faced while using this product.

Honestly speaking, being a fitness freak and related to bodybuilding industry, I have tried a lot of fitness supplements and latest products.

Also, I have gone through several pre and post cycle therapies as well.

0nce, I had heard about Andro 400 as ‘the oldest testosterone booster that we are using since a long time ago’, after listening to these words I purchased it and consumed it for near about 6 to 7 months under my trainer’s guidance.

Now, after consuming this, I am writing an unbiased review so that you all newcomers will face reality to clear all the doubts.

Let us start with some concrete information.

This is definitely one of the oldest names in the field of natural and efficient testosterone boosters available in the market.

It is quite famous due to its availability, cost-effectiveness and reliability.

According to the company’s bio data, this drug is manufactured in the United States, so you should never think or doubt regarding its authenticity as well as quality.

As per the manufacturers this supplement is just like ‘a Lotus in between the Mud’ when it comes to testosterone enhancers or boosters.

You will soon find out, if this works exactly how it has been portrayed by the manufacturers.

This drug starts working with spontaneous melting of body fats, upgrading libido levels, boosting the energy, and as a result metabolism increases to enhance the rate of fat dilution.

Due to taking this supplement, fats cells from Adipose burns to produce a heavy amount of energy which is required for workout or day to day task, and due to the reduction in fats, the body provokes the production of testosterone for muscle building.

It is also responsible for the process of blocking of conversion of energy into fat cells again, in case if you eat more than need.

How Andro 400 Works

The structure and function of this supplement are quite simple, but it is an important thing to understand so that you are able to plan your dosage by yourselves.

It starts the work from melting and burning of the stored fats present inside the Adipose tissues to decrease the bad cholesterol levels.

The methods initiated by this pill after taking it is quite accurate because of the authentic, tested and well-researched ingredients present in this supplement.

After the ingestion of this supplement, a lot of thermogenic reactions take place inside your body, which is essential to reduce the accumulated fat cells in the tissues and near the muscle fibers.

This pill increases the rate of metabolic processes so that the body will extract the macronutrients from your diet to convert them into the energy molecules.

Continuous and schedules consumption of Andro 400 leads to the blockage of accumulation of new fat cells, and it maintains the cycle of continuous fat loss.

Now, I am going to discuss regarding the ingredients present in it, which makes Andro 400 the best option in the flood of latest testosterone boosters.

Ingredients in Andro 400

The basic and only item used in the manufacturing of this supplement is commonly known as the Longjack (Eurycoma Longifolia) plant, which is a shrub found in the regions of the Philippines.

According to some historical records, the leaves of this natural shrub are used by the common people of Malaysia since centuries.

According to them, the leaves of Longjack plant are quite helpful in improving their sex-related problems like erectile dysfunction, lower sperm count, etc. Consumption of these leaves has shown a positive impact in their sexual life.

Regular consumption of these leaves helps them in dealing with enhancing libido, fertility issues, erectile dysfunction and other sexual disabilities.
In some parts of the world, some bodybuilders also claim that consuming this ingredient helps in increasing the intensity and concentration of their regular workout.

Several bodybuilders have found the increment in sperm count while using Eurycoma Longifolia for a couple of days.

My Personal Consumption Results With Andro 400 Review

Due to the presence in the bodybuilding industry, testosterone boosters have always been an essential component of my day-to-day routine.

Therefore, one year ago I chose Andro 400 as my new companion for enhancing the level of testosterone in my body.

During the initial couple of weeks, I couldn’t figure out any special changes to my body, but I continued the dosage for few more weeks as I had decided earlier.

As you guys know very well that everything needs a specific time to show the results. Therefore, I began with some strictness to my workout program and a specific diet plan.

But unfortunately, even after the use of 2 months of this supplement, I was not able to see any special effects which can be differentiated with the results of using some other testosterone boosters available in the market.

Benefits From Andro 400 Consumption

Seriously, I was unable to notice any special changes to my physique but as a common testosterone booster.

Andro 400 works at its best on my body. The benefits that I received by using this product is:

  1. Fat Loss

    I noticed a little decline in my body fat percentage after the consumption for 2 months; I was able to recognize the veins in the areas of my inner thighs and abdomen although at that period of time I was on Bulking.

  2. Improvement In Sexual Health

    Initially, before using this product, I thought that a natural product will definitely help me in improving my sexual health or performances.

    But, honestly saying, in this domain, my response is quite negative, because I didn’t get the desired results related to sexual improvement, which I was expecting from this product.

  3. Improvement In Metabolism

    Yes, consumption of Andro 400 definitely boosts the metabolism but not up to that extent which is claimed by the manufacturers, there are several other boosters available in the markets that can perform far better in metabolism-boosting process.

  4. Enhancement In Muscle Growth

    When it comes to supporting muscle growth, as I was on Bulking at that time, so yes, it helped me a lot.

    Due to the consumption of Andro 400, my fatigue levels were usually low, I was feeling more relaxed, and there was also an improvement in the duration of muscle recovery.

    I was satisfied in this area because I was performing with greater intensity in my workout sessions.

My Andro 400 Dosage Schedule

As far as I remember, I consumed Andro 400 according to the standard dosage as mentioned by the brand itself.

I took 2 capsules each day, one before morning workout and another one before evening walk regularly.

I also took this pill on weekends or rest days because I want them to work on my Adipose tissues.

Also, I have never skipped these pills in between the earlier 4 months.


I had used Andro 400 for almost 6 to 7 months, and during my whole consumption period I stuck to my proper diet plan and workout sessions, and I didn’t face any kind of unwanted side effects.

Since I have been open to several fitness supplements, but honestly saying I never felt any issue or problem after consuming this pill for 6 to 7 months, it was just neutral.

Alternative To Andro 400

After going through this article, I hope you guys will be able to judge me whether I will buy Andro 400 again or not.

My response is a big NO because there are several supplements available in the market, which is more dynamic than this product when it comes to the final results.

After trying and experimenting with several supplements, I would like to go for Testogen only instead of Andro 400.

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