10 Tips For Ayurvedic Weight Loss

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

Weight loss is a concern of every single person these days. Losing weight has become a major milestone for a major population of the world these days.

People have become obese and fat. In 2022, losing weight has become easier yet tedious altogether.

In such cases, one still has an easier way to lose weight and stay in good shape. Ayurvedic Weight Loss is one of the best organic methods to lose weight without any need for supplements.

In this article, we will discuss all the Ayurvedic methods by which you may lose weight with ease. These methods could help see results in a few weeks besides doing exercises.

ayurvedic weight loss
  1. Consumption Of Lemon Water

    Lemon juice is one of the most beneficial natural and organic juices worldwide. The benefits of this food product are immense and genuinely worthwhile.

    That is why consumption of Lemon juice with different fusions provides you different benefits.

    Likewise, Drinking a glass of lemon juice with warm water could help you to reduce weight immensely. This is because it helps in improving the digestive system and boosting it.

    The purifying properties of lemon juice also improve metabolism, which breaks fat easily. Besides these, lemon water also freshens one up and provides energy for the day.

  2. Exercise

    Exercise is one of the two factors that help you reduce weight correctly and efficiently.

    Dieting alone doesn’t have the desired effect on the body, nor does exercising on its own. Therefore one must exercise regularly to obtain the benefits of exercise.

    Ayurveda clearly states that the body needs to sweat to boost the process of losing weight.

    Scientists and ayurvedic practitioners believe that one must indulge in 45 to 60 minutes of physical exercise to see impressive results.

    Daily physical training or yoga exercises could help you reduce weight in a better way at a better pace.

    If not possible, one must exercise at least 3 days a week, which might give slower results but guarantees results.

    On the other hand, a great ayurvedic diet alongside exercise gives you faster results.

  3. Meditation

    Meditation has been associated with mental fitness for a very long time. A rather infamous fact is that the same practice is responsible for physical fitness as well.

    The mental state of a body is directly related to the body’s physical fitness. A stressed person is usually affected by obesity more than a fit individual.

    Ayurveda, therefore, recommends one to indulge in at least 10 minutes of light yoga that focuses on stretching and calming the senses of the body.

    Meditation and mind & body relaxing techniques also have the same effect on the body.

    These effects are very crucial for a person to stay healthy. Meditation is another vital practice in Ayurvedic terms because it calms the senses of the body.

    The relaxed senses, therefore, become very efficient and effective in making better decisions in life.

  4. Proper Eating

    Losing weight in Ayurveda is not about cutting down on food and starving. Nonetheless, it is about eating healthy and regularly.

    This phenomenon involves eating food in the right quantity three times a day on time based on your appetite. The diet must also include seasonal fruits and vegetables.

    Ayurveda believes that food serves as fuel for the exertion of the body. This is why food should be consumed well on time.

    In Ayurveda, breakfast should be consumed between 8 to 9:30 A.M. Lunch should be consumed around noon with lots of vegetables and dinner should be consumed before 7:30 P.M.

    The dinner must be light because heavy food might take time to digest overnight resulting in obesity.

    One must consume all the meals in digestible amounts meaning that neither should the food quantity be too low nor should it be too high.

    The hardest part of this practice is cutting down on unhealthy food. Once a person could effortlessly excel in skipping unhealthy food, the rest becomes a cakewalk.

    Snacks, in such cases, could be replaced with seasonal fruits. This practice may aid your digestive system to stimulate adequately and make your body stronger.

  5. Seasonal Eating

    While eating well on time is crucial for maintaining weight in beauty, seasonal consumption of food items may work wonders.

    Food items consumed according to the season provide nutrients required best during the season.

    The diet of a person should be high in carbs during summer, Vegetables rich in winter, and sprouty in monsoon.

    That is because these good items provide the best-required quantity of nutrients required by the body at that time.

    Ayurveda has proven that consumption of food according to region and season helps in better absorption of nutrients and faster digestion.

  6. Walk After Meals

    Food needs to be absorbed well to be further converted into glucose for the body to use as fuel for energy. The digestion process might become lethargic after eating a meal.

    It may become a reason for fat build-up in the body. To avoid such circumstances, one must regularly walk for a few minutes after meals.

    Avoid ill-mannered functioning of the digestive system of your body.

  7. Kapha Pacifying Diet

    Ayurveda believes that an excess amount of Kapha Dosha is credible for making us fat.

    Kapha Dosha is an Ayurvedic term for a person with thick bones, heavy structure, weak metabolism, and sluggishness.

    Such people tend to have more sleeping problems, higher blood pressure, a risk of heart disease, and much more issues.

    According to Ayurveda, any similar person wishing to lose weight should indulge in Kapha inclusive diet.

    This type of diet help boost metabolism immensely and removes toxins from the body. In such a diet method, one should consume fresh food items according to season.

    One doesn’t have to skip on the favorite food items one likes. Instead, it is recommended to consume everything in moderation.

    The entire process takes time but gives actual results without using any artificial supplements that may add health risks in the future to your body.

  8. Consume Warm Water Throughout The Day

    Toxins in the body are also responsible for deteriorating health and heavy body physique.

    The accumulation of these harmful toxins is heavily bad for health. It also causes a fat build-up in the body. These toxins need to be removed and filtered for a person to stay fit and healthy. 

    A promising way to do so is to regularly consume hot water or tea. Both of them are responsible for burning and filtering toxins from your body.

    It is also instructed to have it first thing in the morning. This hot water could also be fused with ginger to give it a better taste and flavor.

  9. Sleeping Well

    The quality of your sleep too is very vital for the health and shape of your body. It is a fact that people who tend to wake up at night have more chances of gaining weight than losing it.

    The primary reason behind this phenomenon is late-night snacking.

    Late-night snacking on junk and fast food has more intensity than usual at night since the digestive system works comparatively faster at night, making you hungry quickly.

    Therefore, it is strictly advised to sleep early on time. Sleep well for a good amount of 7-8 hours a day.

    It is because anything less than the given amount is not sufficient enough for your body to come to rest.

    Ayurveda suggests the optimal time of sleep is between 10 P.M. and 6 A.M. if one abides by it, life becomes way more manageable and happier.

    Sleep well on time to get better weight loss results by giving proper rest to the body after exercise and exhaustion of daily workload.

  10. Using Ayurvedic Herbs

    Supplements play quite a big role in the weight loss journey of a person.

    While there are many artificial supplements developed from various vitamins and minerals, Ayurveda offers organic substitutes for such supplements which cause no harm to the body.

    Many specific herbs and herbal formulations work as good sources of supplements for consuming the right amount of nutrients.

    Guggulu, Musta, Haridra, and Trikuta are some examples. Do remember not to consume any of these herbs without Ayurvedic consultation.


Weight loss is undoubtedly a crucial and common desire of people these days. Maintaining a good weight seems easy on the face of it. However, it is not if people opt for the conventional supplement game.

People who do not want to get into the chaos of Gyming and supplements for food could go for the Ayurvedic method.

It helps one to lose weight without going through harsh dieting and not losing the food one loves to eat.

The Ayurvedic procedure to lose weight is quite simple and easy. It gives you results quite fast if followed right. The ayurvedic Weight Loss technique includes nothing but burning more than what you consume.

This way you could eat all that you want and hence lose weight. The only sacrifice it demands is the sacrifice of unhealthy food daily.

Therefore, if you are also tired of the modern-day weight loss technique, you should try the conventional Ayurvedic weight loss technique.