Bathmate Hydro7 Pump Review: Does It Really Provide Better Erections?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

In this Bathmate Hydro7 review, I am going to make you aware of my usage journey.

At the same time, in this Hydro7 Pumps review, I have tried to include most of the important points related to this device.

Hence, if you are looking to enhance your sexual performance, you may read this article till the very end.

In this Bathmate Hydro7 review, I have also talked about its functionality, its features, the benefits that I was able to notice post using it for a period of 4 plus months.

Having said that, let me start with some of the basic info about this penis pump.

bathmate hydro7 penis pumpsDX Products has designed and manufactured a series of a penis pump which is believed to be working wonders for men suffering from various sexual health issues.

This product is called Bathmate Hydro 7 and it has created quite a buzz in the market ever since its very inception.
This device is considered as a well-established product imbibed with years of improvisation as well as a meticulous design, manufactured after understanding male sexual health concerns.

At present, Bathmate has 3 series of a product line up that encourage sexual health and wellness, and Hydro 7 happens to be one of them.

You may call it a penis pump for beginners that comes with ample advantages including the treatment of various sexual concerns.

The makers of this product affirm that it has dual functionalities and multiple underlying advantages. Bathmate Hydro 7 could be used by all the men suffering from the problem of erectile dysfunction.

As per the manufacturer, this penis pump helps to create an artificial erection, thereby providing a healthy sexual experience when they get intimate with their partner.

This pump could also be used by all men at large. Thus, even if you are not suffering from the problem of ED, you could use this product in the form of an exercise tool.

You might end up improving the quality of erection. Another claim of the makers regarding Bathmate Hydro 7 is that it might increase the size of your penis.

How Bathmate Hydro7 Works?

The working principle of this penis pump is pretty easy to understand. The manufacturer has tried to use the simple physics by using the water pressure in order to create a vacuum inside the pump.

Under this pump, the vacuum force is employed which draws the blood into the corpora cavernosa (erectile tissues) of the penis that leads to an erection.

The first step involves filling of water inside the cylinder. This water will create a vacuum. Using water provides more benefits when compared to using plain air to create a vacuum.

Post this, you need to insert your penis inside the pump. Now the airtight atmosphere needs to be maintained.

You may do so by pushing the cylinder towards yourself. Hence, the vacuum would be created and a little water will come out with each stroke.

Once the vacuum is created, the blood will rush towards your penis area and you will be able to achieve a great erection.

With the help of constant blood flow, there would be improved erection quality and the time duration of the erection will also be increased.

Features Of Bathmate Hydro7

This product has been structured and designed in such a way that it exploits the displacement of water in the sealed space which creates a vacuum.

This device comprises a chamber which is to be filled with water that removes the air. After it, you are required to insert your penis into the same.

You can also wear a penis ring along with this product to slow down the backflow of blood and to achieve the utmost satisfaction while having sex with your partner.

This device is a beginner edition of the Bathmate series. So, if you have not used any penis pump earlier, Hydro 7 could be the right choice, to begin with. Some of the most amazing features of this device have been mentioned below:

  • This product is able to accommodate a penis size from 5-7 inches comfortably, thereby providing convenience in terms of use.
  • The gaiter bellow of this penis pump has a new design that delivers stronger force leading to a fast erection.
  • This product has been created with the best quality skin grade polycarbonate plastic. Thus, it is a durable product worth all your money.
  • According to the makers of Bathmate Hydro 7, the device leads to a stronger and sturdier erection lasting throughout the intercourse. You wouldn’t have to rely on the pills to achieve one if you are using this pump.
  • As this product uses water instead of a pump to create a vacuum, the pressure doesn’t go beyond the safe limit.
  • Furthermore, the makers have added a safety valve using which the pressure can be adjusted and regulated.
  • You can choose Bathmate Hydro 7 from among three color charges. The manufacturers have extended 60 days money-back guarantee on the product.

Bathmate Hydro7 Review: My Usage Experience

From my junior high days, I always wanted to increase my penis size.

Although I had a medium-sized penis still I wanted to know about the ways using which I could increase the size of my penis.

Once I entered college, I had all the freedom to do whatever I wanted to. Hence, one of my initial goals was to increase my penis size and take my girlfriend to the next level of satisfaction in terms of sexual pleasure.

Jokingly, I told all these things to my roommate in the college hostel and at that very moment, he showed me a cylindrical sort of device and told me it is his bathmate.

I was not able to understand anything at that point in time, I googled the name and found out everything about the same.

Reading all those things, I was really thrilled and told my roommate that this is the device that I have been waiting for so long.

And finally, I could achieve the goal of enhancing my penis size.

Hence, I ordered it instantly and in a couple of days, I received the whole package. This got me really excited.

From the very next day I started using the same. I made sure that I am regularly using the pump to enhance the overall blood flow of my penis area.

I started seeing results from the second week itself. My erection levels increased. I was able to last long and was able to satisfy my girlfriend to the fullest.

Now she even complimented me that I can go on and on and on with my erection still maintained at the same levels.

Another thing that I loved was, I was able to control my ejaculations. As a result, I still enjoy the usage of Hydro7.

Results That You Can Expect From Bathmate Hydro7

As stated, this device could be used by both – men who suffer from ED and men who do not suffer from any sexual concern. The makers affirm that regular use of Hydro 7 leads to positive results.

You could expect a good quality erection after using the product regularly. If you are using this product for the first time, you might find your penis well-erected within 15 minutes of its use.

The penis may then go flaccid after your erection ends. Although the quick erection achieved after using Hydro 7 is temporary, there are many other long-term benefits of using this product.

This makes it a sort-after product throughout the market. When you use this product regularly as an exercise tool, you might experience the proper flow of blood in your penis. This could lead to an increased length and girth of your intimate area.

A number of users who have been using this product for a long time have confirmed that they have successfully achieved a stronger erection and sustained it for 10-20 minutes.

Some users have also affirmed that the size of their penis has increased by 1-2 inches after using this product regularly for 15 weeks.

This penis pump could even improve the overall health of your prostate, hence ensuring the production of good-quality semen.

Personally speaking, I have been using Bathmate Hydro7 for the last 4 months. I have definitely benefited out of it.

My girlfriend is really happy with my enhanced performance in terms of sexual act.

Is Bathmate Hydro7 Safe?

Time and again, the makers of this device have claimed that Hydro 7 and all the other products of Bathmate are 100 percent safe and clinically tested by the Aspen Clinical Research, USA.

As this device has been made using high-quality skin grade polycarbonate plastic, it doesn’t lead to any allergy on or around the penis.

The addition of a safety valve in the product always ensures that no unintentional injuries are caused while using the product.

I myself have been using this amazing penis pump for so long. I find it safe and pretty easy to be used. For this very reason, I have been a regular user.

At the same time, the results have been quite satisfactory.

Bathmate Hydro7 For Sale

My roommate told me that this particular device is only available online. Hence, I went ahead with the official website and ordered my own penis pump.

This made me feel satisfied. I was sure that I would be receiving an authentic device.

At the same time, I received the Bathmate Hydro7 within a couple of days after placing my order online from the official website of Bathmate.

Bathmate Hydro7: Final Words

If you were to take my opinion, after using it for a period of four months, I find Bathmate Hydro 7 to be an effective penis pump which could be a great investment for men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

This device also makes a good choice for men longing for an enhanced erection. When compared to other alternatives of penis enlargement and enhancement, Hydro7 could be termed as a much safer alternative.

I personally loved the same thing about Hydro7 as I was able to feel the changes from the second week itself.

In my opinion, manufacturers have kept it at decent price that adds up to the popularity of the product. In totality, I am pretty satisfied with the product.

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