8 Benefits Of Almond Milk That You Should Know

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Milk plays one of the most important roles in our lives. This byproduct from cows is one such consumable item necessary for a healthy body.

But did you know that milk could also be extracted from many consumable products?

One such milk is almond milk. Almonds reputed as the most beneficial dry fruit that a person could consume, are also used to extract milk and create another vegan, organic milk called Almond milk.

Like its parent product, almond milk is very healthy for our bodies. In this article, we will discuss some of the benefits of almond milk.

  1. Rich In Nutrients

    While almond milk gives a lot of nutrition to the body. This type of milk stores a lot of Vitamins, calcium, and protein.

    The concentration of all these nutrients makes this milk quite similar to regular milk, with flaws of its own. One such important vitamin for energy, that almond milk contains is Vitamin D.

    Vitamin D is an important type of Vitamin that the body requires. Lack of Vitamin D in the body affects body density and causes weak bones and muscles.

    This could turn out to be pretty fatal. Almond milk could be used as a saviour to prevent such problems.

    The added vitamin D in almond milk is expected to work better or be equivalent to the Vitamin D in regular milk.

    With this, almond milk’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are also helpful in preventing the risk of cancer.

    Commercial almond milk contains major elements that are not required by the human body and should be avoided.

  2. Low In Calorie

    Almond milk contains low calories and hence it could be the better option for you if you are willing to lose weight. Being rich in nutrients this milk also contains fewer calories.

    Though you should keep checking on which almond milk you are consuming. As some commercials as well as homemade almond milk contain high calories.

    So, it could be better to choose almond milk with fewer calories and high nutrients.

  3. Good For Blood Sugar

    While many branded almond milk is added with processed sugar to sweeten its taste of it, natural almond milk usually lacks sugar or sweeteners.

    This property of almond milk makes it a friendly food element for weight loss and diabetic patients.

    Sugar-free almond milk is the best low-carb beverage with a heavy concentration of protein and fat in it, making it good for weight loss and maintaining insulin levels.

  4. Good For Bones

    Because almond is a dry fruit that provides many benefits, its milk, by default, tends to provide benefits.

    Dairy products are usually the better way to increase calcium in the body, but almond milk could be a better source of calcium.

    Note that homemade almond milk is excluded from this category because calcium-enriched almond milk is commercially made.

    Almond milk is treated with almonds to increase calcium concentration in it, making it a better calcium source.

    Because of being a calcium-rich beverage, almond milk is a good source of improving bone density and strength.

    Hence, its consumption could help prevent osteoporosis, where bones get weak and easily fractured.

  5. Good for Heart Health

    One regular consumption of nuts has been shown to improve the heart health of a person’s body, and milk extracted from nuts could be expected to do the same.

    Oleic acid is a fatty acid in almonds that is beneficial for changes in blood lipids. On the other hand, it could also reduce cholesterol by a significant amount.

    With this, it also increases good cholesterol in the body, which plays an important role in heart health.

    The reduction of bad cholesterol and change in lipids indeed helps in improving the heart health of a person’s body.

  6. Low Phosphorus Levels

    Phosphorus is a significant element in regular milk, which is why people with chronic kidney diseases avoid the consumption of milk for.

    This causes a lack of other vital nutrients in the body due to the loss of one element.

    Almond milk could be supplemented to fulfil all the major nutritional needs that dairy milk provides.

    While excessive phosphorus in the blood could also cause major heart and bone diseases, Almond milk could be an effective alternative with less phosphorus and potassium.

    Besides phosphorus, excessive potassium in the body also affects the rhythm and beats of our heart, making them irregular and bad.

    To avoid all such cases, one must consume Almond milk which has a better suitable nutritional value with few trade-offs.

    It is still recommended to consult a doctor or a specialist before beginning the consumption of almond milk for this purpose.

  7. Good For Skin Health

    According to a study, the development and association of acne with dairy milk in adults and adolescents range from mild to severe. Whereas almond milk could be a better alternative for such items.

    The consumption of almond milk prevents acne production on the skin, promoting Healthy and better skin.

    The excessive presence of vitamin E in almond milk is the key source for promoting good and Healthy acne-free skin.

    On the other hand, eradicating free radicals in our bodies is also a benefit of almond milk.

  8. Better Option For Lactose Intolerance

    Almond milk is dairy free, meaning that this milk is in no way extracted from animals like cows and goats. This makes this low-carb beverage a must-have for lactose-intolerant people.

    On the other hand, people following a strict vegan diet also tend to consume almond milk more.

    This milk is a good replacement for dairy milk for people with lactose intolerance whose bodies fail to digest milk by default.

    Because the consumption of dairy milk could cause diarrhoea bloating, and excessive gas in people with lactose intolerance, almond milk becomes a saviour with better taste and similar nutrition.


Almond milk is a better option for many people out there. It comes out as a boon for all the lactose-intolerant people out there who find it hard to digest dairy products.

Just like the almond itself, almond milk is an optimal by-product that could fill your system with loads of nutrition that are required for a healthy body.

There are many types of almond milk available in the market that have their benefits. Still, it is recommended to buy sugar-free almond milk to avoid any added sugar.

On the other hand, homemade almond milk is a good source of Nutrition but with its trade-offs. Overall, almond milk is a good replacement for dairy milk.

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