5 Best Fat Burners in 2023 To Help You Lose Weight Naturally

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

Every other substance might claim to be the best fat burner for women, but there are high chances that they are not. Hence, to solve that problem of yours, I would be discussing some of the best fat burners for women in the current market.

I say so because of the fact that these listed fat burners were actually consumed by the females that I know and these actually worked for them.

For this very reason, I have added the list of substances that actually work and show good results as well.

  1. PhenQ

    PhenQ is a great product for fat loss and it can be used by both men and women but it has been developed keeping women in mind so it might not work as well on men when compared to its effects on women.

    All the ingredients used in this product are of pharmaceutical grade and these products will help you in reducing your daily calorie intake by suppressing your appetite.


    This product will also keep you energized throughout the day because it provides your body with energy by breaking down the fat and converting those fats into energy.

    It also helps you remain slim because it blocks the production of fat by your body to some extent.

    The reason why PhenQ is so popular because it uses an ingredient called Alpha-LACYS RESET which is not used in any other fat burner pills.

    This ingredient has been patented by the manufacturer and is a combination of magnesium, cysteine, and alpha-lipoic acid which are known to help in reducing the fat levels of your body.

    Benefits of PhenQ

    • It acts as a burning agent.
    • Controls your diet.
    • Doesn’t let the fat accumulation happen.
    • Makes you full of energy.

    Ingredients Of PhenQ

    • L-Carnitine Fumarate
    • Nopal
    • Caffeine
    • Chromium Picolinate
    • Capsimax
  1. Zotrim

    Zotrim has been created specifically for women and it is a natural herbal weight loss pill that helps women manage their weight by suppressing their appetite and craving for snacks.


    Zotrim ReviewThe ingredients used in this product are studied very thoroughly and it has got over ten papers approved by fitness experts and over five clinical studies to back their claim of being herbal and an effective weight loss pill.

    The reason why these pills are so popular because it helps your body lose fat even in a placebo state i.e. even if you do not work out or exercise, these pills will help your body reduce fat and weight.

    You should take 2-3 pills before every meal with a glass of water and you should never take more than 9 pills a day.

    Zotrim Benefits

    • Rapid Weight loss
    • Control food intake
    • Long-lasting body transformation
    • Super Energy

    Zotrim Ingredients

    • Yerba Mate
    • Guarana
    • Damiana
    • Caffeine
    • Vitamins
  1. Phen24

    If you have been in the fitness world for some time now, you must have heard the name of Phen24 for fat loss because it is unarguably one of the best supplements in the market currently which will help women lose those additional layers of fat from their body.


    Latest Phen24 reviewPhen24 is a supplement that is known to suppress your hunger and it is a diet pill that also helps in increasing a woman’s energy levels, improves her body’s metabolism and it reduces your craving for food especially in the evening.

    Phen24 has been made especially for women because it does not contain any stimulants. The reason why Phen24 is so popular is that it helps your body in losing fat and ultimately weight both during the night and during the day.

    Phen24 Benefits

    Phen24 contains different pills for day and for night time. When you pop the day pill, it will help in increasing your body’s metabolism and overall energy levels which will make you spend more calories during the daytime.

    At night when your body needs rest and it does not require much energy, these pills will increase your body’s metabolism and will help in preventing any cravings for food before you go to sleep.

    Phen24 Ingredients

    The major ingredients of Phen24 are Caffeine, Guarana Extract, Cayenne Powder, Phenylalanine, Iodine, Manganese, Zinc Citrate, and Copper sulfate.

    These ingredients constitute the day pill as it contains caffeine which will provide energy to your body in the daytime. The night pills do not contain any stimulants so that these pills do not interfere with your sleeping patterns.

  1. Instant Knockout

    It was initially used by boxers and professional fighters. But as the word about this spreads, a number of people started using the same.

    Soon the trend started in favor of Instant Knockout and everyone followed the same.

    instant knock out

    The results are truly amazing when you start consuming this one. I have personally taken these pills and I felt as if I was burning the fat even as I sleep.

    Instant Knockout Benefits

    • Weight loss
    • Control Cravings
    • Energy Boost

    Instant Knockout Ingredients

    • Piperine
    • Green Coffee Bean
    • GTF Chromium
    • Zinc
  1. HourGlass Fit

    Many women crave that hourglass figure but the additional layers of fat in their body’s abdominal area prevent them from having this desired figure.

    Hourglass Fit fat burner will help you achieve exactly this hourglass figure. It has got the properties of reducing appetite and also burning additional layers of fat.

    hourglass fit

    The formula used in this supplement makes it a bit more unisex than other products on this list, but this product is still developed more specifically for women than for men.

    Hourglass fit Benefits

    • Removes any lines on your skin as well.
    • It suppresses cravings using the next level technique.
    • It uses the fat that is already stored in your body for energy.

    Hourglass Fit Ingredients

    The main ingredients used in these pills are- Glucomannan, Green Tea, and Capsimax Powder. Capsimax Powder is a unique ingredient and it is not used in a lot of weight loss pills but used in this product because it increases your body’s metabolism and helps in suppressing hunger.

What Are Fat Burners?

Fat burners could be regarded as those substances that might help you to lose fat at a quick pace. Once you start using these fat burners, you might realize that the fat-burning experience is a soothing one, not a daunting one.

These substances try to make you feel full and you could say that it is their basic functionality. This may as well suppress your appetite and hence there are high chances that you may not feel hungry all the time.

As a result of which whenever you will be eating your food, you will feel happy about the same and not crib about losing that fat.

Natural Ways Of Burning Fat

In order to lose weight, a person might need to burn more calories than what they consume throughout the day. For this purpose, supplements are not the only option available.

One cannot simply rely on substance consumption alone when it comes to burning more fat and reducing weight. There are a number of natural ways that could help you in burning more fat.

  • Adding More Protein To Diet

    Protein may support fat burning and weight loss in various ways. A high protein diet may make feel fuller for longer times. It may also increase the metabolism, allow the body to burn more fat efficiently. Some high protein foods contain fewer calories than high carbs food.
    Having a high protein diet may help reduce the appetite and increase the fat-burning process. It may also help preserve muscle mass metabolism during weight loss. Some of the high-protein foods that may be included in the daily diet are:-

    • Meat
    • Seafood
    • Eggs
    • Tofu
    • Dairy products such as milk, yogurt, and cheese
  • Get More Sleep

    Sleep is really effective for healthy weight loss. The reason is the fact that sleep deprivation may disrupt the daily fluctuations in appetite hormone that may lead to a poor appetite.
    Several studies have shown that getting sufficient sleep helps with weight loss.

    One small study shows getting 1 less hour of sleep per night led to less fat loss in people following a low-calorie diet, compared with a control group.

  • Drink Coffee

    The caffeine present in coffee may stimulate the central nervous system, increase metabolism, and boost the breakdown of fatty acids. Coffee is beneficial because it may have antioxidants and other beneficial compounds. Drinking coffee may support weight loss by increasing energy levels and the number of calories burnt.
    The health benefits of caffeine can be increased by avoiding adding more cream and sugar. Instead, it may be enjoyed without milk or by using just a little amount of milk.

  • Start Exercising

    Doing more exercises is one of the best natural ways to burn more fat. Strength training is one such way of exercising and it may be added to the daily routine to help burn more fat. It may build muscle mass. increase strength over time, and may have other health benefits, the main being fat loss.
    Another way to reduce fat is to try doing some cardio like running, jogging, cycling, etc. Cardio may help burn more calories and improve both physical and mental health. Some of the ways to start exercising and adding them to daily routine are:-

    • Doing bodyweight exercises
    • Lifting more weights
    • Doing morning walk or cycling

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