4 Best HCG Drops 2023 With In-depth Analysis And Features

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

Has the thought of considering an HCG diet ever crossed your mind? If it has not, you should definitely consider these HCG drops or at least give a look at them to find out what benefits you can potentially receive from them.

There are a lot of different ways using which you can consume these HCG drops, but I will keep HCG drops as the center of attention in this article.

This is so because best HCG Drops  are one of the most effective and also one of the most convenient methods to lose weight.

However, one important point that needs to be discussed is, how do you choose the best HCG pill ?  which pill will be providing you with the maximum benefits, and I have tried my level best to compare some of the most trusted weight loss pills when comes to HCG.

Hence, if you are someone who is looking for some concrete research and guidance in terms of these weight loss HCG pills, then you should consider reading this article till the very end.

Personally speaking, there are numerous HCG drops available in the market and I have tried many. But out of those, there are 4 HCG Drops currently available in the markets which I  considered to be the best and the most effective ones.

These drops have got a lot of scientific and research backing, and they provide their users with a lot of benefits other than just helping them lose weight.

The most important point in evaluating these drops is studying and analyzing the ingredients which have been used in the manufacturing process of these drops and how they will help in optimizing the results they deliver.

Also, I would like to mention that, I have mentioned only those pills that I have actually tried and consumed for at least 4-6 months continuously.

Post that, I am sharing my views on each and every HCG drop individually.

  1. Complex Diet Drops

    Complex Diet Drops can be considered as the king amongst all other HCG Drops, and they are manufactured by BioSource LLC Labs. They make sure that only natural ingredients are used in the manufacturing process of this HCG Drop which helps its users burn fat naturally.

    complex diet drops

    The products which are created in the labs of BioSource have been certified by both GMP and FDA. The ingredients used in this HCG drops have been tested clinically, and they are so sure of their product that you even get a 3o days money return guarantee if this product does not work for you as you expected.

    The company manufacturing these drops are known to be one of the most trusted companies worldwide and this company ensures that the ingredients used in the manufacturing of this drop are of the best possible quality and at the same time absolutely natural.

    However, if you still find the product unsatisfactory, you always have the option of returning it and you will be refunded your money.

    While you are consuming this product you will have to make sure that you are following a very strict diet because it would work the best when coupled with a strict diet. At the same time, you could expect suffering from a few not so serious side effects like nausea and vomiting.

  1. Official HCG Diet Drops

    This product is a comparatively newer product in the product and it is one of the very few HCG drops which make the use of Laboratory synthesized HCG which makes it a safe product for both men and women.


    The dose of this supplement is very small which means that just one bottle will last for a very long time and one of the best things about this product is that you don’t even need a doctor’s prescription to be able to purchase this.

    You can order it online or on the phone and you also have the option of picking it from a nearby store or supermarket.

    The main idea involved behind these drops are that they convert the fat stored into your body into calories at different time intervals which means that your daily calorie intake will be reduced.

    You will get a full return on the product if you return it undamaged within 90 days from purchase date.

  1. HCG Warrior

    HCG Warrior is one of the most effective supplements and its small dose can provide you with huge benefits.

    It means that even a small bottle of HCG Warrior lasts for a very long time. The main idea involved behind HCG Warriors is that the formula used in the production of it has been designed in a way that it will help you get through your fasting periods much more easily and at the same time, it will also ensure that your metabolism stays steady and healthy.

    It means that your body keeps burning fat and it does not feel hungry at the same time.
    There are three different diet plans which you can follow during the consumption cycle of HCG Warriors namely the 500, the 800 and the 1200 calorie meal plan.

    One of the added benefits of this drop is that apart from helping you in losing weight, it also helps its users reduce hunger, reduce cravings and overcome some challenges which are often accompanied during the weight loss journey.

    Apart from that, these drops will also help you by increasing the overall energy levels of your body but it comes with some negative points of its own.

    If you are using this product, you might experience some side effects like fatigue, lack of sleep and irritability just to name a few. One might even suffer from problems such as headaches, insomnia, dizziness, dehydration, accelerated beating of the heart and sometimes even stomach pains.

  1. NU Image Medical

    MU Image Medical is an online based company or a telemarketing company which means that their products can be purchased only via the online stores.

    It has been done to enable the patients to consult legal physicians without feeling the need to visit their offices physically.

    It also ensures that they are able to prescribe correct dosages of HCG to those individuals who are looking to lose weight. Their products have also been certified by the FDA for human consumption.

    If you want to consume the HCG products of these companies, there are different methods you can choose from because they not only offer drops, but they also recommend an injectable form of HCG.

    Injections have been designed in such a way that you get the most out of them every time, and they are the best form of injection of HCG but when taken in oral form, it will be ensured that you take greater amounts of HCG.

Beginners Guide to HCG

If you are looking forward to starting the consumption of HCG drops but you don’t have a very clear perspective or idea from where to start, don’t worry because our guide will help you in deciding yourself. Just make sure that you stick with us till the very end and carefully read all the components and information we have provided in this article.

We’ll talk about some of the research which has been conducted on them and we will also be discussing these ingredients in great depth. However, we will also be talking about the potential health risks of these drops so that you get complete information which will help you a lot in making a final decision.

What is HCG?

If you are unaware of the term HCG, HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is famous for the part which HCG plays during the early phases of pregnancy in humans.

HCG occurs naturally in the body of pregnant women during the first 3 months of their pregnancy and it also helps in preparing the human body for the later stages of pregnancy.

However, it is also known to be produced in our body naturally if you are suffering from different types of cancer such as Placental, Testicular or Ovarian.

HCG plays another important role in our body because it is also responsible for the production of various hormones in our body with Estrogen and Progesterone being the most significant of them all.

These hormones are vital in helping the development and growth of a baby during the time a woman is pregnant.

Forms Of HCG

There are a lot of different forms using which you can get your daily dose of HCG.

Injecting them in our body using injections is the most common method of doing so but there are many other oral options available too like sprays and drops.

The sources of these methods are different, and they all carry a different dose of HCG.

Also, these different forms of HCG consumption often do not provide details such as the amount of HCG included in them which means that the final choice is left to you as to which method you want to try.

  1. Oral Drops

    Oral Drops are by far the easiest methods by which you can consume HCG. There are further two subcategories of these Oral HCG drops.

    One of them is Homeopathic Drugs in which the list of ingredients are not mentioned and the other type is of Prescription Drugs, the manufacture of which is regulated and watched directly by the FDA.

    If you are looking forward to starting the consumption of these HCG drops make sure that you purchase these drops from a company that is trusted so that you can be sure of its authenticity and the quality of ingredients used in the manufacturing process of these drops.

  1. Injections

    It is one of the most common and probably the most effective ways of consuming HCG because it is the traditional method of HCG Consumption too.

    If you have been prescribed HCG supplements directly from a doctor, this is a form of HCG you would be prescribed most commonly.

    These injectable HCG supplements are not made up completely of HCG, but they also have some other supplements like Vitamin B12 added to them which are there to ensure that the process of fat loss is increased.

    Generally, people who are suffering from fertility issues are usually prescribed injectable forms of HCG but your doctor may prescribe them in certain other medical conditions as well.
  1. Pills

    Completing the list of different forms of HCG supplements, we have HCG pills.

    These pills are not as popular as the above two methods, but they are capable of providing nearly the same results as the above two.

    These pills start working when they reach our stomach and their working process is very similar to the previous two methods we have discussed.

    Pills will contain a general dose of HCG supplement when they are provided to you by a doctor but if you purchase its homeopathic version, you’ll have to do your research because its homeopathic version is not regulated by the FDA, and they do not have a fixed dosage.

What is the HCG Diet?

When we talk about an HCG diet, we mean that we are incorporating it in our day-to-day meals so that we can initiate the process of weight loss in our body using this hormone.

However, HCG will not work alone if you do not supplement it with a diet which is low in calories.

Only then will it be able to cut down and break down the excess amounts of fat in your body.

The Phases of HCG Diet

There are three major phases of following an HCG diet and if you want to reap maximum benefits out of this amazing diet, it is a requirement that you follow all of these diets very rigorously.

While you are on any stage, you should keep a tab/check of HCG’s effect on your body and you should also keep a check on your daily calorie intake.
Following are the various phases:

  1. The Loading Phase

    Loading is the first phase of HCG consumption cycle and in this phase you will be consuming HCG to build the strength of your body.

    This will be helpful in the later stages of HCG Consumption. In this phase, you will be required to eat food which is not only high in calories but also is rich in fats.

  1. Weight Loss Phase

    This phase will be the longest phase of them all. This phase will form a bulk of your total journey and in this phase you will have to limit your daily calorie intake and you’ll have to continue with the same dose of HCG for a long time.

    The duration of this phase lasts from about 3 to 6 weeks all depending on the amount of fat you are already losing.
  1. Maintenance Phase

    It is the final phase of your HCG consumption cycle. In this phase, you will now stop the consumption of HCG and you will increase the amount of your daily food intake.

Ingredients of HCG Drops

Each version of HCG has a different composition of ingredients and thus it is important to check the list of ingredients used in any HCG product before you start their consumption.

However, most of the HCG Supplements contain the following mentioned ingredients:

  1. HCG
  2. Vitamin B12
  3. Panax Quinquefolium.
  4. Fucus Vesiculosus.
  5. L-Arginine.
  6. L-Ornithine.
  7. L-Lysine.
  8. L-Glutamic Acid.
  9. Calcarea Carbonica.
  10. Ammonim Carbonica.
  11. Phenylalanine
  12. Tyrosine.
  13. Phosphorous.

Negative Effects of HCG Diet

There can be a few negative side effects related to your HCG Consumption cycle and the primary side effect is when we start following a HCG diet, our body starts losing muscles.

It is so because our body is not getting enough calories every day, so it starts breaking down muscles in order to preserve energy for other day-to-day tasks.

Some other side effects commonly include the likes of fatigue, depression and headache. Although, there has been no evidence till date which can prove that these side effects are triggered because of HCG Consumption.

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