Blood Sugar Premier Review: Does This Support Formula Really Work?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

This Blood Sugar Premier is all about getting to know about this blood sugar support formula. I have tried to cover essential details about this supplement.

You would be able to find answers to your questions like what exactly Blood Sugar Premier is? How it works and what all are the ingredients used in the manufacturing process.

Not to miss the most important thing, I also talk about my aunt’s usage experience. On the other hand, this Blood Sugar Premier review also talks about her consumption results as well.

Hence, you would be able to find out if this blood sugar support formula actually works or not. Having said that, let’s get right into this Blood Sugar Premier review.

blood sugar premier reviewBlood Sugar Premier is sold as a healthy dietary supplement that may help you maintain your healthy blood sugar level all the time.

Hence, it might keep you away from the health issues such as diabetes and other problems related to blood sugar. This supplement is manufactured by Zenith Labs. 

Zenith lab is a company based in the United States and associates itself with the production and promotion of various health supplements addressing different health concerns.

The company claims that all its supplements are manufactured in cGMP-certified facilities and are audited by the FDA for potency. 

This brand states that Blood Sugar Premier is an exclusive supplement that stands out from others available in the market.

Why Did I Choose Blood Sugar Premier?

The brand claims that Blood Sugar Premier is a more natural approach to treat conditions such as diabetes and other blood sugar levels.

It may as well help in addressing underlying problems caused as a result of diabetes. According to them, this supplement helps in eradicating the two most dangerous concerns causing blood sugar levels to rise namely, fat deposits and inflamed cells.

The makers suggest that this supplement includes a combination of special ingredients that fight against burning or inflammation, thus lowering the irritation of cells and promoting healthy blood sugar levels in all body types.

Because of the potent composition of this supplement, blood sugar might always remain balanced. This supplement could also help to break down the deposition of fat cells and my as well support the prevention of the formation of new fat cells in the body.

It is full of natural ingredients used in Ancient Chinese Methodology, Ayurveda, and other alternative medicines.

According to the manufacturers, the supplement has all the essential naturally-available components to raise blood sugar levels and eradicate blood sugar problems. Eventually, you may end up maintaining a healthy blood sugar level throughout your life.

How Blood Sugar Premier Works?

The working procedure of Blood Sugar Premier is mainly dependent upon the ingredients used in the manufacturing process.

The research team and the manufacturers have tried their level best to choose the ingredients that might help you in reducing your blood sugar levels naturally.

Ingredients like Piperine have been proven in governmental research to be really effective in lowering blood glucose levels.

As a result of which, let us take a closer look at the all-important ingredients used in the manufacturing process.

Ingredients Used In Blood Sugar Premier

According to the makers, all the ingredients present in this supplement have been tried and tested for their effectiveness.

This supplement contains an all-natural formula to work effectively on all body types. Here is everything to know about the composition of this supplement. 

  • Curcumin

    This ingredient is available in the root of the turmeric plant. According to various studies, it helps to support the natural ability of the body to resist insulin and insulin sensitivity. This ingredient also helps to improve healthy inflammatory responses and control inflammation in the body. 
  • Berberine

    Another primary ingredient that this supplement includes is Berberine. This component helps to promote a healthy inflammatory response and also cuts off inflammation of the cells. Because of this, the cells start functioning properly, and the blood sugar level in the body remains balanced and unaffected. 
  • Piperine

    In the absence of this ingredient, curcumin cannot work and show its effectiveness. The role of piperine is to aid the absorption of all the ingredients, especially curcumin. Apart from this, Piperine also helps in improving insulin sensitivity. It further aids in balancing blood sugar levels. One study has suggested that the use of piperine also helps in the weight loss process as it cuts off the deposits of fats naturally. 
  • Turmeric

    Turmeric is one of the most well-known ingredients used in various ancient forms of medication. The makers have added turmeric in Blood Sugar Premier to amplify the effectiveness of berberine. This component is a natural anti-inflammatory agent that not only reduces inflammation but also helps to lower down blood sugar levels in the body. 
  • Vitamin C and D

    Both these vitamins are essential for bone and heart health. Vitamin D ensures the maintenance of stronger bones. Apart from maintaining your heart health, Vitamin C also makes sure to protect your skin from external damages. 

  • Magnesium

    Magnesium is an essential ingredient to help in the absorption of all the nutrients from the food you consume. The makers have added this ingredient to increase the effectiveness of this supplement on the whole. 
  • Zinc

    Many proven studies and research have suggested that zinc helps to control high blood sugar levels in the body. 

Usage Experience With Blood Sugar Premier

I still remember the time, when my aunt who was suffering from hyperglycemia or high blood sugar wanted to get rid of her medications and switch to something natural.

As a result of which, she reached out to me for the same. To which I responded that she should not stop taking the medications immediately.

At the same time, I will start looking for any supplementation that is natural and could help her reducing the sugar levels naturally.

This is when I started my research. I was not too sure if there is any solution to this kind of problem even present.

Anyhow, I started with my research and instantly Blood Sugar Premier popped in front of me.

As a result, I started researching about this one and found out that the manufacture is using natural ingredients. According to their website, it could really help in balancing blood sugar as well.

Blood Sugar Premier Dosage

When it came to the dosage, I requested my aunt to take 1 pill with breakfast and the other with dinner.

This was in line with the official recommendations of the manufacturer.

Hence, it was pretty simple for her to follow this dosage schedule.

Blood Sugar Premier Consumption Results

My aunt ordered three months’ consumption pills. Hence, there were 3 bottles which stand as 1 bottle per month.

I was constantly in touch with her and on the other hand, I never advised her to completely stop her medications.

I just requested that after 2 weeks, she may need to reduce her medication to half so that I may be able to know if Blood Sugar Premier really works or not.

She did the same after 2 weeks and her sugar level was up from the levels when she was taking the medication regularly. This was the first sign that Blood Sugar Premier did not show any benefits in her body.

Anyhow, I requested her to keep this one for the next two weeks as well. Since the blood sugar level did not rise much even after she reduced her doctor-prescribed medications to half.

Nothing changed in those two weeks as well. The results were the same, with no real benefits. Hence, I requested her to stop her medication for 3 days and just consume Blood Sugar Premier.

She did the same and measured the blood sugar levels. The levels were really high each day.

Hence, after three days, I requested her to started the doctor prescribed medications and continue with Blood Sugar Premier as well as she already had 2 months of consumption supply left.

It was really disappointing that Blood Sugar Balance did not work for her at all and I kind of wasted her money on the three months supply of Blood Sugar Balance.

Probable Side Effects With Blood Sugar Premier

Although my aunt did not face any side effects, still there are some that you might want to note down.

The makers stand firm to the claim that Blood Sugar Premier is an effective supplement that suits all body types without causing side effects.

But this claim cannot be entirely taken into belief. Many users have reported side effects out of continuous use of this supplement.

The side-effects caused as a result of this supplement could be because of its primary ingredients. They may also vary from mild to adverse, depending upon the response of the user’s body.

Here are the cons/side-effects associated with Blood Sugar Premier: 

  1. According to a few studies, berberine could lead to lowered blood pressure to several unfavorable levels. This factor may reduce your energy and lead to dizziness. You may as well experience lightheadedness when standing. 
  2. The ingredients like piperine or turmeric are known to be causing allergic reactions in some people. Thus, if you are already allergic to both these ingredients, keep the consumption of this supplement at bay. 
  3. You may as well experience a sudden drop in your glucose levels after the consumption of this supplement. Sometimes, this sudden drop may spike your sugar levels and may turn out to be very dangerous. 
  4. The results or effectiveness of this supplement are not very accurate among all body types. If this product suits one person does not necessarily mean that it will be effective for all of them. 
  5. The supplement is present only on the official website of the company and there are limited bottles available per package. Blood Sugar Premier is a little pricey if compared to other supplements targeting diabetes or blood sugar levels. 
  6. The composition of Blood Sugar Premier is potent. Thus, it should be avoided by all individuals under the age of 18 years. Moreover, the discretion of your doctor is necessary before you rely on its consumption on a regular basis. You must not buy it without having a word with your physician. 
  7. The active ingredients present in Blood Sugar Premier are not suitable for all pregnant or breastfeeding women. Some of these ingredients may even impede the delivery. 

Blood Sugar Premier Alternatives

After three months, when finally the consumption period came to an end. My aunt was back at square one.

She wanted to reduce her medications if not totally stop those without making her sugar levels go up. Hence, I requested that from now on she needs to take care of her health and watch what she eats.

At the same time, I also requested her to start some physical exercise so that her weight is reduced as well. Not to miss, to give her a little push for the fat loss, I ordered Hourglass fit for her.

This Hourglass Fit review talks in detail about this fat loss supplement.

Personally speaking, I have seen a number of examples where my friends have reduced a good amount of fat when they combined exercise and Hourglass Fit consumption.

As I write this, she has seen a good reduction in her fat levels, and hopefully, by following a regular exercise regimen and balanced diet there are good chances that she would be able to control blood sugar.

Consuming Hourglass Fit on regular basis really helped her, for this very reason, I consider this as one of the best fat burners out there that might help you lose weight naturally.

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