10 Tips To Boost Male Fertility Using Natural Methods

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Infertility is becoming a concerning issue nowadays. Every one out of six couples may face fertility problems due to the male partner alone. Generally, it is difficult to treat infertility in all circumstances. However, some methods and techniques may help to bolster your chances of conceiving.

You could alter your male fertility by changing your diet and adding fertility boosting foods for men, exercise schedules, and certain other things. This is because the fertility issues of the male reproductive system are quite receptive to the changes in your health and habits.

But before knowing the different tips that may help to boost your male fertility, let us know the meaning of male infertility.

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  1. Combine Antioxidants In Your Diet

    Antioxidants have a plethora of benefits. Besides helping to treat heart diseases and cancer, they could also bolster male fertility.

    Different men who consume antioxidants in the form of supplements may see how their sperms are less damaged as compared to the men who do not consume antioxidants. Not only this, but different couples observed higher pregnancy rates when they took additional antioxidants.

    There are different antioxidants. However, some specific antioxidants may help to bolster your sperm health. Some of these antioxidants that could help in improving male fertility are as follows.

    • Selenium. You could find a high amount of selenium in Brazilian nuts, beef, chicken and Turkey.
    • Zinc. Beans, red meat, oysters, poultry, and crab are good sources of zinc.
    • Folic acid. You could consume folic acid from leafy green vegetables, beef liver, beans, peas, fruits and fortified grains.
    • Vitamin E. Some of the good sources of vitamin E include leafy green vegetables, oils, nuts and seeds.
    • Lycopene. Some good sources of lycopene are pink grapefruit, tomatoes, watermelon, and apricots.
    • Vitamin C. Kiwi oranges, grapefruit, red peppers and other fruits and vegetables have vitamin C in them.

    So all these foods have a great number of antioxidants in them. These antioxidants could help to bolster your male fertility. However, you must make sure to consume them in moderation.

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  1. Consume D-Aspartic Acid Supplements

    As the name suggests, D aspartic acid is a type of amino acid that is even available as a type three supplement. This acid is present in different glands like testicles and even in the sperm cells and semen.

    Hence, the DAA supplements might enhance the testosterone levels in your body. This may further assist in ameliorating your male fertility.

    NCBI also talked about its occurrence.

  1. Truncate Your Stress Levels And Relax More

    When you stress more, then it may become difficult to get in the right mood for sex. Not only this, but chronic levels of stress might even truncate your sexual satisfaction and hence damage your fertility.

    This could be because of the hormone Cortisol. When you stress a lot, the levels of cortisol in your body may rise.

    On the other hand, an augmentation in cortisol levels could lead to a decrease in the testosterone levels of your body. So severe and unexplained anxiety should be treated with the help of medication.

    On the other hand minor stress could be treated by simple relaxation techniques. You could opt for stress management like meditating, walking in nature or spending time with your friends.

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  1. Quit Smoking

    There are several good reasons to quit your smoking habit. One such reason is to increase your fertility. This is because smoking could affect the different aspects of your sperm and semen health. It could lead to a decrease in your sperm motility, sperm count and even sperm shape.

    Not only this, but when you may even quit smoking even when you are undergoing different fertility treatments, This is because smoking could have a powerfully negative effect on the success of your treatment.

    The smoking habits of the male might also affect the fertility of the female.  The reason behind this might be that when women are exposed to second-hand smoke, they have lower success rates and enhanced risks of pregnancy loss.

    This governmental paper also lays stress on quitting smoking if a person is looking to optimize their chances of a successful conception.

  1. Regular Exercise

    Exercising regularly is always good for health. Besides this, it may enhance and augment the levels of testosterone in your body, thus improving your fertility.

    Generally, inactive men may have lower testosterone levels and bad semen quality when compared with men who exercise regularly.

    But at the same time, you should exercise regularly in moderation. This is because if you exercise too much, then it could even have the opposite effect and may reduce your testosterone levels.

    Hence, if you rarely exercise and want to improve your fertility, then you should exercise more often.

    The same has been advised in this paper as well.

  1. Evade The Consumption Of Liquor

    Drinking too much liquor has higher chances of decreasing your fertility. So if you want to conceive or improve your fertility, then you may avoid the consumption of liquor and alcohol.

    If you consume high quantities of alcohol, then it may be linked to bad sperm motility, lower sperm count, and only a few normally shaped sperms.

    But moderate alcohol consumption may not have a major impact on your sperm health. However, it is always beneficial to avoid liquor altogether.

    You might find this one interesting regarding alchol consumption.

  1. Maca Root Supplements

    Consuming Maca root supplements might help to ameliorate your fertility, sexual performance, and even libido.

    This root is a plant food that initially originated in central Peru. Since then it has been used to improve fertility and libido in males.

    This ingredient might even help to enhance sexual performance in men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. Hence it could increase the number of sperms and motility.

    However, at the same time, it may not affect your hormone levels. So it might not alter the testosterone levels in your body.

    According to this article, Maca could really improve sexual desire with the regular consumption.

  1. Fenugreek Supplements

    As a medicinal herb, fenugreek has a plethora of advantages. It could help to enhance testosterone levels and strength in males. Besides this, the supplements might even ameliorate your libido and sexual performance.

    More info on fenugreek herb here.

  1. Avoid High Temperatures

    The male reproductive organs are kept outside the body. The reason behind this is because they can survive only at temperatures lower than the normal temperature of the body. You may always avoid higher temperatures that may affect your sexual performance and health.

    To avoid high temperatures, you may follow these tips.

    • First of all, you should avoid too long hot baths that could raise the temperature of your scrotum.
    • Secondly, you may not use the car seat heater. The car seats heaters are featured in some cars to warm up the seat in winters. However, it could lead to higher scrotal temperature.
    • You may also avoid sitting at a single place for longer durations. This is because sitting for longer durations could be linked with decreased sperm health. So if you have a desk job then you could take up frequent breaks by going up to fill your water bottle or talking with your colleagues.
    • You should also evade keeping your laptop on your lap and sitting for long periods. This is because when you tightly press your legs together to place the laptop, the heat generated from the computer could augment the temperature of your scrotum.
    • You may also focus on wearing breathable bottoms to maintain the temperature of your scrotum. So, you may avoid wearing extremely tight and unbreathable fabric. Instead, you could opt for boxers. Not only this but wearing tight underwear might even affect your sperm count due to the increased heat.

    You might want to refer to this analysis for more info on this one.

  1. Get Your Medical Conditions Treated

    Different infections and medical conditions may also affect your fertility. So if you have untreated diabetes then it could even lead to infertility due to retrograde ejaculation. So you may always consult your doctor to get your blood sugar tested frequently.

    On the other hand, untreated infections in your reproductive tract might also cause infertility. This is because diseases like sexually transmitted infections could lead to a reduction in the motility of your sperm. Not only this, but recurring infections may even block the passage of your semen due to scarring.

    Other medical conditions that could lead to infertility include thyroid disease, Crohn’s disease, anemia, celiac disease and Cushing’s syndrome.

    Here are some of the other causes of male infertility.

5 Male Infertility Issues That You Must Know

Male infertility refers to a situation when the male partner has a poor chance of making his female partner pregnant.

Usually, male infertility may depend on the quality of sperm cells. Sometimes infertility may be because of your sexual performance and other times it could be because of the quality of your semen. Different examples of male infertility are as follows-

  1. Erectile Dysfunction

    Erectile dysfunction is also known as impotence.  This is a situation when a male is unable to develop an erection or even maintain it.

  2. Libido

    Libido is the sex drive that describes your desire to have sex. Different supplements may even help you to increase your libido. These foods or supplements are referred to as aphrodisiacs.

  3. Testosterone Levels

    Testosterone is the male sex hormone. Hence low levels of this hormone may be responsible for infertility in males.

    You may also try any of the best testosterone boosters for increasing your testosterone levels naturally.

    On the other hand, there are testosterone-boosting foods present as well that might help you in increasing your testosterone levels.

  4. Sperm Count

    Another important factor that could help to determine your semen quality is the number of sperm cells in your semen. So the concentration of sperm cells in a given quantity of semen may help you to know your semen quality.

    You could also try improving your sperm quality by using some of the best semen enhancers in men.

  5. Sperm Motility

    Another crucial aspect of sperms is their motility. Motility is the ability of the sperm cells to swim. It is referred to the percentage of moving sperm cells in a given quantity of semen.

    There are a number of factors that may be responsible for infertility like genetics or even your general health and fitness. So you may evade infertility by following a healthy lifestyle. There are even certain tips that may boost your sperm count and ensure fertility.

Let Us Sum It Up!

So if you have any fertility issues then you may focus on improving your overall health. Apart from this, you can keep the above tips in mind to inculcate a healthy lifestyle. Though there is no guarantee to avoid infertility, the methods could help by increasing your low testosterone levels.

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