Capillus Cap Review: Does This Really Improve Hair Health?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

In this Capillus Review, you will learn about the real-life usage experience of Capillus Pro S1 Cap.

A concerned sister has shared about her brother’s hair problem with androgenetic alopecia.  His brother tried several things to prevent hair loss along with the usage of this product.

In this review, I have mentioned her brother’s usage results in detail which could be insightful. Besides this, here you can also find some essential details and functionality of the Capillus Caps.

Capillus ReviewThe official website mentions that the brand Capillus has designed laser caps for reducing the problems of hair regrowth and supporting your overall hair health.

The makers of Capillus Caps boast about their laser technology, which could penetrate directly into the hair follicles for restoring hair problems.

Furthermore, the official website states that these caps are easy to use as it mentions their hands-free and mobile features.

Apart from this the creators of Capillus Caps state that this product has quite a distinctive feature of auto-programmed treatment sessions that could automatically stop after 6 minutes of usage.

In addition, the manufacturers boosted their high-quality standards, as they declare that this product has FDA clearance. They also mention the safety and efficacy of these caps by mentioning the eye-safety sensors of Capillus Caps.

The official website claims that the laser caps have variations in laser diodes. Following are the different Capillus caps with different laser diodes.

Capillus One

The official website claims this cap is potent for maintaining your hair growth. In addition, the Capillus website mentions that Capillus One provides laser treatment for hair regeneration with its 112 laser diodes, which could cover your major scalp area.

Capillus Plus S1

According to the formulators, the advanced version of this product is Capillus S1. It could effectively cover larger areas of the scalp and significantly help with hair regrowth. In addition, the makers stated that 214 laser diodes support hair restoration.

Capillus Pro S1

Furthermore, the makers mentioned its pro version, Capillus Pro S1. This cap helps penetrate hair follicles directly and in-depth, covering the whole scalp with the 328 laser diode effect.

How Does Capillus Cap Work?

The makers of the Capillus Caps explain the working of the caps by describing their “photobiomodulation” process.

As per the information on the website, in this process, 650 nanometers of red light effectively go deep into the scalp and start working on your hair health.

To elaborate further, the curators state that the red light absorption into the scalp could support mitochondria for stimulating energy and enzymes into the scalp that are required for repairing damaged tissues and facilitating proper hair growth.

In addition, the official website mentions that this red light illumination would also help improve blood circulation in the scalp which could provide energy for the acceleration of hair regrowth.

By this, the makers of Capillus Caps declare that 6 minutes of regular usage of this clinically proven cap is sufficient for getting significant results.

Why Was Capillus Cap Chosen?

We believe that hair is essential for embracing our appearance, but you know what? They are capable of doing more than that, which I recently discovered after my brother was diagnosed with androgenetic alopecia.

My brother used to brag about his thick and shiny hair whenever he was with his friends, and because of his healthy hair, he also used to get compliments for his appearance. This thing was quite effective in boosting his self-confidence.

However, these things didn’t stay for longer. A few months ago, my brother started noticing his hair fall. At first, he didn’t pay much attention to it, but later on, he began noticing that his hair was getting thinner.

When I first saw his temple-area hair loss, I pointed it out to him, but at that time, he was not in the acceptance phase. He kept ignoring the problem of hair fall for some time.

But one weekend, my father noticed his hair loss, and he was quite surprised to see my brother’s hair health.

At that time, he told my brother about the problem of androgenetic alopecia, which my father  had, and he said to my brother that these problems are genetic and might make you bald if you ignore the initial phase of the problem.

My brother was frightened after getting this closure, and afterward, knowing the real cause of his hair loss problem, he decided to go for a checkup, for which he booked an appointment with a trichologist.

When he went there, the doctor did the diagnosis, and after that, she informed him that he has the problem of androgenic alopecia. The doctor mentioned that he needs to take care of his hair. Otherwise, the hair issues could get severe and may also cause the problem of baldness.

I remember that day when he came up to me, he was quite worried about his hair’s health, but at that time he was clueless as to how he could improve it.

My brother began losing his confidence in his physical appearance. He reduced going out with his friends and most of the time, he prefers staying in his own room. He became overprotective about her looks, and whenever he used to go out, he used to cover his head with a cap.

At that time, I was pretty worried for my brother. I knew his hair health was essential, so I decided to support him in improving his hair health.

By that time my brother had already tried different things to make his hair slightly thicker, but unfortunately, they were not working for him.

When I started looking for remedies, I came across Capillus caps, recommended by my close friend. Initially, I was skeptical about this product, but after learning about it, I decided to check out this cap.

When I visited Capillus’ official website, there were three caps with different laser diode variations. I scroll through the website for getting better information about these caps, I was impressed with Caps’ functionality, therefore I suggested it to my brother.

Initially, he was not convinced with this product but after learning more about it, he decided to give Capillus Cap a try.

A day later, he ordered the Capillus Pro S1 Cap because he thought it could be effective for the whole scalp.

Experience Of Using Capillus Cap

To be safe, I suggested to my brother that he start taking help from natural remedies. On exploring the internet, I found that foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids and protein could help prevent androgenic alopecia.

Therefore, I asked him to include foods such as eggs, walnuts, and fish in his daily meal. Accordingly, he made the required changes in his dietary habits.

I received his order as he was not there at that moment. When I gave him the parcel, he first checked its usage. This cap was unique; it completely fitted his scalp while he tried it.

Besides starting with its usage, he started making other changes in his lifestyle specific to his hair health. Another thing that he changed was that he had never applied oil to his hair before, but he was doing it this time.

He used to massage his scalp with oil twice a week; moreover, he was fond of green tea, and he read that green tea is good for hair, so he increased his consumption of green tea.

Along with it, he was properly using this cap by setting up the auto-programmed treatment session, he used to wear it for 6 minutes, and then after 6 minutes, the red light illumination was automatically used to get stopped.

When doing this daily, he mentioned that he used to feel comfortable wearing this cap, as it was light weighted and soft on the inside.

Initially, there were no visible changes in his hair, but baby hairs around his temple area grew slowly. Then, seeing the significant results on his hair, he was amazed and became confident about this product.

Gradually, there was more improvement in his hair; it began appearing shiner and smoother, and the frizz started reducing. Finally, he was satisfied with its usage; however, he maintained his daily consumption of healthy meals.

After a few months of religious usage, he felt the reverse effect of the hair loss problem; his hair again became fluffy and thicker, and he regained the confidence he was losing.

He was no longer embarrassed by his appearance, and I was also pleased with his healthy hair, so for his birthday present, I decided again to order this cap for future use.

Benefits Of Capillus Cap

Following are the benefits of Capillus Cap that my brother experienced after the usage of Capillus Caps, he used the Capillus Pro S1 for his hair health.

  • Hair Thickness

    As he was diagnosed with androgenetic alopecia, so his hair started becoming thinner day by day. After the usage of this cap, his hair health started improving, and his hair used to appear fluffy and bouncy.

  • Better Hair Growth

    Hair loss was a major concern for him, early signs of temper area hair loss made him more worried about his hair. But using this cap along with the consumption of healthy meals and oil massage helped his hair regrowth.

  • Smooth And Shiny Hair

    New baby hair which was growing was smooth and after his hair regrow appeared to look shinner.

  • Positive Mood Upliftment

    This benefit we can count on as an indirect benefit of using this cap. The hair loss problem due to androgenetic alopecia had decreased his self-confidence, he used to be embarrassed by his appearance.

    When he gradually began getting effective results from it, his confidence was regained.

How To Use Capillus Cap

As per the official website, it was recommended to use a Capillus Cap for 6 minutes to get significant results. My brother followed the same way, he used to wear the in the morning for 6 minutes.

He used to first charge the cap and then he turns on the auto-programmed treatment session, so the cap automatically stopped after the completion of the session.

Final Thoughts On This Capillus Cap Review

On concluding my brother’s journey with Capillus Cap, I would say that it helped him in an uncertain situation, where he almost lost all his hopes for getting back his hair.

With the proper usage of Capillus Cap and the few changes in his lifestyle, he reduced his problem of hair loss. He is glad that he chose this product at the right time.

To prevent his genetic problem of androgenetic alopecia, he decided on its further usage.

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