Cardarine Review – Is GW501516 Worth For Strength Gain ?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

This Cardarine review would give you all the basic details about this substance.

Although it has been on the black market since the year 2003, still a number of people have doubts about what Cardarine actually is?

Is it a type of SARMs?

What are its benefits and side effects?

How does it actually work?

I have tried my best to answer all these questions in this Cardarine review. Hence, you might want to stick with me until the very end.

Cardarine (GW501516)

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Cardarine, more popularly known as Endurobol and GW501516, was developed by a multinational pharmaceutical company Giaxo Smith Kline and Ligand Pharmaceuticals in the 1990s as a Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor.

It was mainly developed for the purpose of treating problems metabolic problems like a rise in blood pressure and blood sugar level, excessive fats.


It was also used for curing heart-related problems like heart attack, stroke, etc.

People think of it as a type of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) that could replicate the activities of testosterone in the body and may as well increase muscle strength, could also help in maintaining lean muscle mass along with the improvement in the physical performance, and burning fat.

However, Cardarine may not be exactly a type of SARMs. It does not regulate the activities of androgen receptors in muscles and bones.

Cardarine originally happened to be a part of cancer-curing research and could also stop the formation of tumors in any part of the body.

Though the objective of Cardarine was completely different, researchers found that it provides similar advantages to that of anabolic steroids and SARMs.

It has been scientifically proven that Cardarine may enhance the overall physical performance of the body.

Professional bodybuilders and athletes started using the same because of its ability to improve metabolism and reduce fats. So let us discuss the probable benefits of Cardarine:

  • It could help in accelerating stamina. The users may perform their workouts for a longer duration. The body might be able to meet the energy required by converted the excess fats stored in the body into usable energy. Thus, it could help in fat reduction and weight loss which could be beneficial for cutting and slimming.
  • It may help in muscle retention. Most supplements that aids in fat loss could also have a few negative consequences of muscle loss. This is not the same in the case of Cardarine. It not only helps in fat burning but also retains and increases the growth of muscle fibers.
  • It could allow you in doing intense workouts and pieces of training with ease. Cardarine may contribute to burning calories which might be helpful in maintaining good heart health. Apart from that it might also have a positive impact on the proper functioning of the liver and kidney.
  • As it is different from SARMs which mainly imitate the functions of testosterone.
  • Cardarine may improve blood flow through the blood vessels. Thus, it could help in the proper functioning of the nervous system and may also enhances brain functions.
  • As Cardarine may also try to improve the liver functions and could keep the liver strong, it could help in quicker recovery after hard workout sessions.
  • It may as well accelerate the growth of antioxidant enzymes which protect the body from cell damage in most cases.

Why To Use Cardarine GW501516?

Cardarine could activate the Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR)-Delta which is a type of nuclear receptor.

Nuclear receptors are a group of protein found in human cells which are useful for perceiving steroid hormones and these along with other types of proteins control the functioning of different genes in the body.

It is responsible for the growth and development of the body, control the body temperature and water level in the body maintains blood sugar level and other variables like sodium and calcium even when there is a change in diet and physical exercise of the body, and regulates metabolism in the body which means the food consumed is converted into energy.

It could improve the metabolism rate in the body which plays a very significant role in protein synthesis in most cases.

Creating a structure for lipids that could help in dissolving fatty acids and also discharge metabolic wastes.

What To Expect From Cardarine GW501516?

As Cardarine binds itself with PPAR-Delta it activates Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma coactivator 1-alpha (PGC 1-Alpha) which plays a very important role in controlling the genes for energy metabolism. It increases the level of protein in the body.

PPAR-Delta also slows the growth of inflammatory genes that are responsible for DNA damage in the body. This will improve your healing capacity. If someone is injured, the skin cells will cover the cuts faster than normal.

  • Improved Endurance – It will surely help you in improving overall body endurance. This is when you are regular with your workout schedule and also follow a strict diet.
  • Longer Workout Duration – With regular usage, there are high chances that your body will start taking more load and you will feel excited about the same. Also, your workout durations generally tend to follow an upward trajectory.
  • Accelerated Fat Loss – Another great benefit of Cardarine is an amazing fat loss initiation. Hence, you would be able to notice the same after 4-5 weeks from the initial dosage phase.

Dosage Information - Cardarine GW501516

By looking at the side effects, you got to know that if you are planning to take it, it should be taken in normal and safe dosage only. Professional users recommend that depending upon the experience level of the individual, it should be taken 10 mg to 20 mg per day.

10 mg is just perfect for starters and the experts can take up to 20 mg a day. The half-life of Cardarine is said to be somewhere between 16 hours to 24 hours and so it is advisable to divide the instructed quantity into two equal parts and consume it twice a day. You should continue it for 10 to 12 weeks. Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is not compulsory in this case.

Cardarine Stacking Information

Cardarine could be generally stacked with a testosterone booster and a cutting legal steroid like Winsol. You should only take these if you are an experienced bodybuilder.

If you are someone new to the bodybuilding field, it is better that you complete at least 1 cycle of Cardarine alone, then take a PCT and post that start a new cycle with Cardarine and stack the same.

Cardarine Side Effects

Cardarine aims to maintain a stable blood sugar level in the body by urging the liver to convert the fats into energy in place of glucose. Excessive use of Cardarine may in turn lead to liver damage. The liver will give up its functions due to the increasing number of dead liver cells.

Researchers have also found if taken a higher dosage than required it may also stimulate the formation of cancer in the body. Pregnant women should avoid it totally as it may affect the baby and excessive dosage may also damage the functioning of reproductive organs and have a negative impact on the heart’s health.

Final Words On Cardarine

According to this government paper, Cardarine has been added to the list of prohibited substances by WADA. Hence, it is strictly prohibited for any sort of unprescribed consumption.

As a result, I will never recommend Cardarine to anyone. At the same time, I will also never use it again for any kind of muscle training or fat loss purposes.

Since Cardarine tries to mimic the effects of testosterone artificially. I consume Testo Max in the place of using Cardarine.

In this Testo Max review you may be able to find out that it is one of the legal steroids and hence could be completely safe for most people.

For this very reason, I personally use Testo Max in the place of cardarine.

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