Cinderella Solution: Is It Really Worth The Hype?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

This Cinderella Solution review is being written post trying this fat loss program for a period of 60 days.

Hence, you might expect some authentic and eye opining revelation about Cinderella Solution.

In my social group, a few of my friends started using this program, and hence, I also started using the same.

As a result, you may say that this is a complete guide to Cinderella Solution, its effectiveness, and its results.

Let me not waste much of your time and deep dive into this one.

cinderella_solution_Cinderella Solution has been known as a complete weight-loss program, specifically designed for women, guiding them towards a complete transformation of their bodies and helping them achieve their body goals by losing the unwanted weight.

This solution is believed to be eliminating all the effects of metabolism-slowing hormonal transition. Every woman suffers from this transition right from her puberty to menopause.

This leads to increased weight in the unwanted areas in the body. The weight so increased might be unhealthy as well.

The major cause of gaining such unhealthy weight, according to doctors, is hormonal imbalance. The program may help you work on the female metabolism, thereby regulating your hormones so that you could lose weight by putting on the best efforts and following whatever this guide has in store for you.

Cinderella Solution has been created by Carly Donovan. The author pens down everything important that you must include in your daily regimen to lose weight and control over your health.

According to the author, the program has been designed to reboot your metabolism. This is done by warding off the effects of hormonal transition using a holistic approach.

Cinderella Solution is a time bound program that aims to help you lose your weight healthily by reducing the ill-effects of hormone transitions.

According to the author, while most of the weight loss programs take a great deal of time to show results, this program doesn’t do the same.

The program doesn’t put you on a difficult diet nor does it involve diet restrictions or dangerous workout regimes. This solution works differently from others.

It is a two-step approach using which you could achieve a major weight loss in about a month. This weight loss program may work by enhancing the ability of your body to burn fat more naturally without putting unwanted pressure on the same.

What all Is Included In Cinderella Solution?

The author has designed this program that could help you to lose unwanted fat from the body. This program may help you remove toxins and hormonal imbalances from your body.

Both these elements are considered to be barriers in your weight loss journey and this solution directly works to eradicate the same.

As you start following everything composed in this program, you would reignite your fat-burning hormones which would help you to lose weight quickly, without putting any extra effort.

The program includes everything related to the female body. This program could educate you about your body, hormones, the process of weight loss, and many other things that you might not be aware of.

The author of this program has divided the Cinderella Solutions into two parts.

  • Chapter 1 – Ignite Initial Phase (2 weeks)
  • Chapter 2 – Launching Main Phase (2 weeks)

The first part includes all the details, information, and instructions using which you could clean and detoxify your body from all the barriers that hamper the process of losing weight.

This part might also help you reignite the fat-burning hormones so the process of losing weight could become simpler.

The second part of the program includes a weight loss guide with your improved hormonal as well as the metabolic environment.
The author states that the good thing about this program is that it doesn’t want you to keep a tab of your calories. You are not even required to restrict your diet.

The program mainly talks about eating frequency, food pairings, movement sequencing, and other essentials.

Cinderella Solution Specifications

Here is everything that is included in the Cinderella Solution:

Chapter One – Introduction of the program

  • Lesson 1

    The chapter talks about how to get started with your aim of shedding weight with the proper management of diet and its inclusion in your daily routine.

  • Lesson 2

    You will get to know about different weight loss rituals listed down by the author. Learn about the coupling of food, the pairing of food, the proper times of taking the right kind of nutrition, as well as movement sequencing.

  • Lesson 3

    The two-phase approach, ignite phase as well as launch phase is further divided into two weeks each. You will also learn different ways of balancing both these phases.

  • Lesson 4

    Another important chapter of this program that includes details about important nutrition such as proteins, fats, carbs, and their role in your weight loss journey.

  • Lesson 5

    How many meals per day are to be eaten are covered under this program. Ignite phase suggests you eat 3 meals a day. The launch phase recommends eating 4 meals a day. You will also be suggested what to eat when.

Chapter Two: Flavor Pairing DIY And Meal Creator

The pairing of food plays a major role in reshaping your body. The author has listed down a 3-step instruction guide that talks about food and flavor pairing. You will also get to know about the portioning options that will help you in losing weight. This part also covers information about the options of portioning your food according to your appetite.

Chapter Three: Weight Loss Combination Along With 11 Flavor Pairs

This program also includes a Quick Start Guide and many free bonuses using which you could include a healthy diet in your lifestyle. Additionally, the author has provided some exercise and lifestyle tips to help you achieve your body goals at the earliest.

All the free bonuses included in the program have been listed as under:

  1. Nutrition Guide which is a 21-Day Kick-start program.
  2. Activity Guide that is Movement Sequencing
  3. Best-Selling Workout DVD About Looking Younger In 5 Minutes
  4. 72 Dessert Recipes which focus on Female Fat-Loss
  5. Detox Program That could show results just in one day.

My Experience With Cinderella Solution

Because of my breakup which was around 6 months ago, I was devastated.

I literally stopped taking care of myself. My eating habits became self-destructive. Most of the time, I was only eating junk and sugary things.

And before I knew it, I gained around 12 – 14 lbs of weight. This weight gain hit me pretty hard when I was getting ready for my friend’s marriage ceremony.

I was not able to find even a single dress which I could fit in. I broke down once again after finding myself in this situation. I discussed the same thing with my other friends.

This is when they recommended me Cinderella Solution. Initially, when I was researching this product, I could not really believe in the working procedure.

But after reading so many reviews, I somehow convenienced myself in trying this product. Hence, I ordered it from the official website and made myself ready in using this product.

The routine was pretty strict, I had to restrict myself to the recommended diet and exercise forms that were shown in the videos.

A couple of weeks went by and I decided to measure my weight and fat levels. I was astonished to find out that, my weight did not move an inch.

My weight was at the same level, and I was literally feeling tied up in the routine shared in the videos. Anyhow, I somehow decided to continue.

But sadly, I received the same results at the end of 4 weeks and 6 weeks. I had confined myself to the diet and exercise routine but nothing really worked from that video.

At the end of 60 days of trying this routine, I decided to call it quits with this solution.

What I feel About Cinderella Solution

The author of this program has glorified Cinderella Solution to the extent of calling it superior to all the weight loss programs in the market. But this is not true.

Every solution/product comes with its loopholes. Cinderella Solution might not work for you because of the below-listed reasons:

  • The author claims that this program helps you to lose weight in a few days. However, it is not true. You might not be able to lose a major portion of the weight from your body in just a few days. Losing weight is a tedious process and a few days is not enough to transform your body completely into a desired one.

  • This weight loss program requires commitment. You are required to stick to a particular routine and follow all the recommendations properly to lose weight and attain your body goals. Not every person could show determination and commitment while following the instructions listed in the program.

  • The body of every female has been designed differently. Just because Cinderella Solution is working well for your friends and colleagues doesn’t mean that it would show the same kind of effects on your body. The results couldn’t always be positive for each body type.

  • This guide for losing weight excludes male fitness and health. Just like women, men too look forward to losing weight and staying fit. Cinderella Solution doesn’t include any recommendation for men, thereby making this guide a women-only product.

Cinderella Solution Alternatives

Personally speaking, this program did not work for me at all. Even though, I stopped junk and all the sugary stuff.

But sadly that wasn’t enough. Hence, my cousin sister recommended me one of the best diet pills according to her.

Also, she mentioned that he has been on diet since the last few months, and she has reduced a great amount of fat levels from her body.

She recommended me PhenQ. Also, she mentioned that, I need to consume it for at least 4-6 months regularly for proper results.

I am in my 3rd month of consumption and I have started getting some amazing results.

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