Coffee For Weight Loss: Know How Can It Benefit You

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Coffee is probably one of the best beverages that an individual may consume. Coffee may prove to be a great source of energy for the individual drinking it.

A person can have it either before their workout session or before starting their daily errands. Drinking a single cup of coffee each day may result in the long-term management of healthy body weight.

Coffee helps in maintaining and reducing the weight of the body. Coffee also provides us energy boost to the individual drinking it.

So if energy is required before a workout session, an individual may feel free to have a cup of coffee. Drinking black coffee before 30 minutes of a workout session may result in faster fat loss and more sweating.

In this article, you can learn more about how coffee may aid your weight loss process.

coffee for weight loss

It is said that drinking around 3 cups (750 ml) of coffee each day may be linked with a loss of weight in an individual.

Research shows that drinking 4 cups (1000 ml) of coffee each day may lead to around 4% loss of fat from the body in a period of around 168 days.

This result of weight loss is probably due to coffee’s ability to improve metabolism and reduce appetite.

Another research of 2019 states that drinking coffee or consuming caffeine before approximately 30 minutes of doing any aerobic exercise may boost the body’s ability to burn fat rapidly.

For this result around 200 mg of caffeine or coffee is required for a person who has an approximate weight of 154 pounds.

How Coffee Affects Weight Loss?

Drinking coffee may affect a person in a lot of ways. One of those ways could be the loss of weight of the person drinking it. The major reasons behind weight loss by drinking coffee are:-

  1. Low-Calorie Content

    Weight loss happens when the number of calories burnt is more than the number of calories consumed. So when fewer calories are consumed weight loss is likely to happen.

    An individual wanting to lose weight could replace his/her high-calorie eatable products with low ones.

    For this purpose, coffee is considered an optimum solution as a single cup (250 ml) of coffee has around 5 calories in it.

    Although coffee is a low-calorie beverage, it is low in calories only when an individual drinks it black ( without any added sugar or artificial sweeteners).

    Coffee could also easily become a high-calorie as well as a harmful beverage with the addition of harmful and high-calorie products like sugar, milk, etc.

  2. Suppresses The Appetite

    Coffee is a beverage that is believed to reduce feelings of hunger when consumed on daily basis. This may lead to a loss of many individuals’ weight depending on their calorie intake.

    The appetite of a person is believed to be linked with many hormones.

    According to research, caffeine, a basic component of coffee may have a link to the ghrelin hormone (the hormone that affects the appetite of a person).

    It also affects the satiety hormone peptide YY (PYY). This hormone may lead to reduced appetite and increased feelings of fullness.

    The effect caffeine has on these hormones may suppress the urge to eat something for a person.

    A person won’t eat extra calories when he/she is feeling full. So due to the removal of extra calorie intake weight loss is likely to happen.

    A study conducted regarding this matter states that an individual drinking coffee before approximately 30 minutes of his/her meal is seen to have a low appetite and thus consumes fewer calories.

  3. May Improve Metabolism

    Metabolism can be defined as the procedure in which food items that are consumed by the body of the individual are broken down and the essential nutrients are extracted and energy is formed.

    This process produces heat and energy for the individual to perform his/her daily activities. The rate at which this cycle happens is known as the metabolism rate.

    Drinking coffee regularly is believed to improve the metabolism of an individual’s body. The major component of coffee, that is caffeine, is believed to be a metabolism booster and could also be useful for providing several other benefits of coffee.

    The rate at which the body burns calories while working or resting, also known as basal metabolic rate or BMR may get boosted by regular consumption of caffeine.

    With a higher metabolism rate the rate of calorie burning increases. Thus increasing the rate at which weight loss occurs.

    Research shows that coffee takes around 2 months to improve an individual’s metabolism rate.

    It should be noted that the amount of coffee consumed and the time it may take to improve the body’s metabolism rate may be different for different individuals.

    Also, coffee may not affect the metabolism rate of every individual drinking it.


Coffee is a low-calorie beverage, perfect for starting a new day or workout session. It boosts the energy levels of the person drinking it. There are numerous advantages of frequent coffee drinking.

It may have several health benefits too. Frequent coffee drinking may be linked with weight loss. Caffeine, the major component of coffee, may affect various hormones.

Caffeine consumption may also reduce body fat, suppress a person’s hunger, and increase the metabolism rate of an individual.

Though studies show that drinking coffee has many health benefits, drinking it in excess may also turn out to be harmful.

Excess consumption of coffee, especially that is mixed with sugar and other sweeteners may prove to be harmful to health.

Drinking such coffee in excess may affect the individual negatively and it might lead to weight gain too. So an individual should keep a note on the cups he/she is drinking per day.

The additional sugar or sweeteners they are adding should be noted too for getting the maximum benefit from coffee drinking and evading any health hazards.

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