Confitrol24 Review: Does It Really Work For Urinary Incontinence?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

In this Confitrol24 review, my mother’s friend tells us about her embarrassing situation when she and my mother went to a movie.

At the same time, she mentioned exactly how her experience of using Confitrol24 and what changes she had to make in her lifestyle so that she could take control of her bladder in her own hands.

Having said all that, the latter part of this Confitrol24 review also reveals the results that she was able to observe post the usage of Confitrol24.

Confitrol24Confitrol24 is a natural bladder control product manufactured by Leading Edge Health Ltd. As per them, it is an effective natural solution developed for men and women that the makers believe could help reduce bladder leaks by restoring control over your bladder.

Bladder incontinence is urine leaks caused by exerting pressure on the bladder caused by sneezing, laughing, or exercising, like when lifting heavy weights. This problem may be addressed by Confitrol24, as believed by the makers.

The official website of the manufacturers also claims that Confitrol24 is a powerful blend of time-tested herbs and clinically proven ingredients that could be recommended as an alternative to conventional drugs as it is said to be and natural solution for bladder incontinence.

If the claims by the researchers of Confitrol24 are to be believed, then it could decrease the symptoms of leakage and urinary urgency. At the same time, the manufacturers claim that Confitrol24 may be able to improve the health of the bladder,

Confitrol24, as proclaimed by the makers, may also help improve sleep quality as it reduces the frequent urge “to go,” thereby improving overall well-being and quality of life.

How Does Confitrol24 Work?

The creators of the product claim that Confitrol24 with Urox®  may try to work by significantly reducing the symptoms of overactive bladder and may also help prevent leakage and urgency.

Urox® in Confitrol24, according to research, has been indicated to produce more extensive benefits for overactive bladder, incontinence, and urinary infections.

According to the manufacturers, Confitrol24 is recommended by a very experienced board-certified urologist Dr. Lauren Schulz(DO), who claims that the Confitrol24 formula is made from time-tested herbs and clinically proven ingredients.

Confitrol24 contains raw horsetail, which the makers have used in its formulation. They believe it has been considered a go-to solution for incontinence and may act as a natural diuretic that could increase the body’s excretion of urine.

Another herbal ingredient used by the makers in the formulation of Confitrol24 is Cratevox®, which they believe could help strengthen the walls of the bladder and may also help revitalize bladder health and elasticity.

Now that the working of Confitrol24 is understood let us swoop right into the herbal ingredient list.

What Ingredients Are Present In Confitrol24?

There are 3 herbal ingredients present in Confitrol24 that are blended to form Urox®.

Urox® is used with this intention by the makers that they believe, it has been said to be clinically evaluated and documented to help strengthen bladder walls and improve bladder control as well as promote a healthier urinary tract.

Let’s talk about the ingredients in a bit more detail now.

  • Cratevox®

    Cratevox® is a specialized extract of crataeva nurvala the leaves of which have medicinal properties and have been utilized for centuries for their ayurvedic benefits to alleviate irritation and constipation.

    It has been used as an ingredient as it may help strengthen bladder walls and improve bladder tone and elasticity.

  • Raw Horsetail

    Raw horsetail refers to different plant species of the equisetum genus. It may help lower fluid retention that may act as a “water pill” that may help in properly flushing out the urine from your body.

    It may also be rich in an anti-inflammatory agent called silica which could help in restoring bladder function.

  • Lindera Aggregata

    A Chinese herb, lindera aggregata has been used for centuries long as the natural solution to address urinary tract-related problems like frequent urination and bladder incontinence.

    Not only this, but lindera aggregata may also help in fighting off the pathogens which might lead to bladder and urinary tract infections.

My Confitrol24 Journey

I am a mother of three amazing boys. We are a family of four, and it was only last month when I retired, believe me, life has not been the same ever since then.

My routine has gotten messed up. All my leisure time is now spent Gardening and watching tv shows, which, if you may ask, are pretty dull for me.

One day, I called up my colleague and a good friend for coffee, who happened to retire around the same time. My motive here was that I would meet and plan out my weekend getaways with her.

Over coffee, I laid out my plan to her that for every weekend, we would go to either movie or to the club golfing, to which she happily agreed as we would do anything to keep the boredom at bay.

Next Sunday, we watched a movie, followed by dinner later. Unfortunately, fifteen minutes into the movie, I had to urgently use the restroom as I couldn’t contain it anymore. And when I returned, I had already missed some parts of the movie.

A few minutes went by, and around the interval, while we were munching on our nachos and popcorn, I again started feeling the urge to use the restroom and thought I couldn’t contain it any longer.

It was embarrassing for me, and my friend didn’t like it either. Though she wasn’t saying anything about it, it was evident from her face. And, out of this embarrassment, I asked her to cancel other plans.

I experienced the same at home and urinating more than usual. This problem I faced at the theatre was now troubling me at home. I was experiencing issues holding out my urine for even a bit longer.

I decided to get it checked. After consulting with the urologist, I learned that it is a prevalent problem and anyone my age could experience it.

He told me that I had an overactive bladder problem and that the bladder walls had become less stretchy, because of which I couldn’t hold urine that much longer.

It could’ve been why I have frequently been urinating and unable to contain it even when I try. He told me that he has been suggesting his patients try Confitrol24 and till now, there have always been positive results from it.

He also told me that its usage hadn’t had any harsh effects, and the people using Confitrol24 have been singing praises for it.

The medical professional also advised me that I perform physical exercises that could prevent bladder problems as well as constipation problems as well and could help in managing weight as well.

He also advised me to consume a fiber-rich diet regularly and include lentils, oats, and quinoa in my meals.

After listening to all this, I also did brief research myself. Then, after getting impressed by the positive feedback regarding the product not just on their official website but across the internet, I thought of giving Confitrol24 a try.

Confitrol24 Review: My Confitrol24 Usage Experience

After a few days of making my purchase, it got delivered to my doorstep. I was happy about the timely delivery and couldn’t wait to use Confitrol24.

The following day, I started consuming two capsules daily of Confitrol24 at the recommended dosage given by the medical professional and which was also given on the official website as well.

Along with Confitrol24, I also entirely changed my diet. As he suggested, I switched to eating more fiber-rich food and tried sticking to it most of the time.

For the first few weeks, there weren’t any noticeable changes. But with its regular consumption, I could experience that my frequent bathroom visits have now taken a back seat.

Another thing that I liked about my journey with Confitrol24 was I changed my diet and ate leafy greens and a fiber-rich diet, and now I only eat junk food on occasion alone.

All of this helped me improve my lifestyle after retirement, and I could focus on myself. Not only this, but exercise and a healthy diet also helped me lose some weight.

I invited my friend over lunch one day. She seemed to notice that while making lasagna for her, I wasn’t making frequent visits to the washroom, for which she got impressed seeing my determination.

Throughout my Confitrol24 consumption, I remained super determined and focused too. As my bladder issue is carefully addressed with Confitrol24 and its regular consumption, weekend plans are still on.

I am happy with my Confitrol24 results as it has been effective in helping me manage my bladder issues and now I can control and effectively manage my frequent urination urges.

Read below for the natural remedies I followed to manage an overactive bladder.

Natural Remedies I Followed For An Overactive Bladder

For me, taking Confitrol24 was an excellent first step. Still, I also followed specific tips suggested by my medical professional, which was to consume high-fiber foods like lentils, brown rice, quinoa, etc., which could help me manage my weight.

With Confitrol24 and what the medical professional told me, I did some homework and learned more tips to manage an Overactive bladder.

I included pumpkin seeds which are said to be rich in fatty acids and have high inflammatory effects it could also help in improving abnormal urinary function and could also reduce symptoms of overactive bladder.

Daily, I tried to consume bladder-friendly drinks like barley water which also helped me manage my urine issues.

Well, I even restricted drinking and smoking to rare occasions only. I also avoided several foods and drinks that could knowingly create a problem for my bladder.

How Did I Consume Confitrol24?

For the results I got from regular consumption of Confitrol24, the medical professional recommended I consume 2 tablets per day in the morning along with breakfast for optimum results.

I followed a fiber-rich diet that included a lot of complex carbs like brown rice, quinoa, and also leafy vegetables and lentils too.

Confitrol24 Benefits

  • It Could End The Frequent Urges to Urinate

    One of the positive changes I experienced was that my frequent bathroom visits were reduced as I was not frequently giving in to urges and could control them.

  • It Could Reduce The Incidence Of Embarrassment Due To Bladder leaks

    A lot of floor exercises helped me strengthen my pelvic muscles, eventually saving me from the embarrassment I previously suffered due to bladder leaks.

    Confitrol24 also helped me strengthen and ton my urinary system, which saved me from accidental leakage.

  • Support Urinary Tract And Bladder Health

    With regular consumption of Confitrol24, a proper diet, and floor exercises mainly focused on abdominal strengthening, I could use the bathroom when I needed to and had complete control over it.

Final Takeaway From This Confitrol24 Review

With Confitrol24, I regained bladder control, which saved me from all the embarrassment I used to face before when I had not started my consumption.

Changing my lifestyle post-retirement was one of my most celebrated decisions as it helped me gain confidence while managing weight when I switched to healthier eating habits and limited my alcohol intake too.

I would thank the medical professional whose timely advice saved me from all the trouble I faced while having an overactive bladder condition.

Confitrol24 and these natural remedies were able to restore my body’s natural working rhythm with regular consumption for a few months, and seeing the effectiveness, I would say that I would continue with my Confitrol24 consumption in the future as well.

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