Dermal Repair Complex Review: Does It Work?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

In this Dermal Repair Complex Review, there is a woman’s story shared by her sister where she mentions her skin problems and how that affected her personal and professional life.

Skin issues are not a pleasant sight, and in this Dermal Repair Complex Review, you will learn how they had a significant impact on her confidence levels as well as many other things.

You may decide for yourself if it helped her skin issues or made them worse by reading through this Dermal Repair Complex Review to the end.

Dermal Repair Complex ReviewDermal Repair Complex is a unique product designed by Beverly Hills MD. According to the maker of Dermal Repair Complex, it is curated to cure skin aging problems.

In addition makers of Dermal Repair Complex mentioned that is a one-sort solution for wrinkles, dullness, acne, and other skin-related problems.

As per information available on the official website, it has ingredients that have been shown to improve skin health naturally and effectively. The makers also mentioned that apart from reviving your glow, it could maintain skin firmness.

The makers asserted that this product is also efficient in enhancing hair thickness, as its potent ingredient not just supports skin health but also facilitates hair growth.

How Does It Work?

Collagen which is vital for skin health could be effective in strengthening skin, reducing wrinkles and acne, and mitigating skin aging problems.

The makers of Derma Repair Complex Collagen boasted its ingredients that might help in restoring decreasing collagen. Further, they added that this product works well in retaining skin moisture with fighting skin aging signs.

According to the website, this product balances the skin aging hormone in the body with its potent and efficacious ingredients. Vitamins have a key role in maintaining skin health.

As per the formulators, Dermal Repair Complex has Vitamin A as well as Vitamin B as active ingredients which helps in improving skin health inside out.

The makers claim that the combination of the potent ingredients promotes energizing skin cells along with lifting the loose and dull skin texture.

Ingredients Of Dermal Repair Complex

Following are the ingredients present in this product

  • Vitamin A

    According to a study, Vitamin A has a major contribution to cell regeneration and white blood cell regulation in the body. This active ingredient is included in Derma Repair Complex.

    Vitamin A could be effective for skin health, as it might reduce sagging and wrinkles from the skin, not limited to this it could also improve heart health, immunity, vision, and many other bodily functions.

  • Vitamin B complex

    Dermal Repair Complex contains the following vitamin B, which could help mitigate skin aging problems and also help in other body functions.


    Thiamin known as vitamin B1 could be efficacious in dealing with skin dryness, wrinkles, and fine lines. A study shows that it could also aid in providing energy to the body.


    Riboflavin is also part of the vitamin B complex, it is known as Vitamin B2, and it supports skin health. It can balance natural oils which could acne problems.


    According to a study Niacin, known to be Vitamin B3 has been effective in treating high cholesterol. Niacin presence in this product would protect the skin from sun damage, besides this, it could also aid in protecting the skin from skin cancer.

    Vitamin B6

    Being a part of the Vitamin B complex, Vitamin B6 may help in improving skin health efficiently. A study reveals that Vitamin B6 is potent in improving the immune system, brain health, and others.


    Folate could improve collagen metabolism and it might ensure skin cell generation with supporting in production of red blood cells. Folate is present in this product and it could improve skin texture also.


    Biotin as Vitamin B 7 facilitates youthful skin, it might reduce skin aging problems, by improving skin hydration and appearance. It may also help in maintaining skin moisturizer and also aid in skin nourishment.

    Pantothenic Acid

    It is present in this Derma Repair Complex, it could be effective in elevating skin healthiness. It might have anti-inflammatory properties, which would support in reducing acne and other skin problems.

    A study shows that Vitamin B5 has wound-healing abilities, so it could also be effective in healing dry skin and skin damage.

  • Hydrolyzed Collagen

    As you might be knowing that collagen can improve skin health. Hydrolyzed collagen included in this product promotes skin hydration along with reducing skin wrinkles and acne on the skin.

    According to a study, Hydrolyzed Collagen could lift your skin by improving skin elasticity and reducing wrinkles.

  • Saw Palmetto Fruit Powder

    A natural ingredient included in this product is Saw Palmetto Fruit Powder, it could be potent in reducing skin problems along with improving hair health.

  • MSM(Methylsulfonylmethane)

    An active ingredient of Dermal Repair Complex, it could reduce pain in the body with its anti-inflammatory properties. It could also support the protective cells from free radicals.

    It might facilitate skin regeneration along with supporting better nails and hair.

  • Wild Yam Root Extract

    Wild Yam Root Extract may be effective in curing muscle disorders, it might reduce skin aging with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Hyaluronic Acid

    Hyaluronic Acid could be effective for stretchy skin and wounds, it may reduce skin stiffness and heal wounds faster, and it could provide your skin hydration and glow.

  • Silica

    Silica supports the production of collagen, as we know collagen holistically supports skin health, with silica skin could be efficiently enhanced.

Knowing Dermal Repair Complex

I have an older sister, who has a huge passion for acting, from school time only she could engage the audience with her acting skills. From school to college, she was an active member of cultural clubs.

She had participated in various genre theatre plays and had a keen interest in acting. She embraced her passion by making it her future career. But with time and life commitments, she had to stop acting as a career but she still used to show her acting skills through social media.

A few weeks ago I visited her house, and we were discussing, then she told me about the recent acting opportunity she got from a renowned brand.

I was extremely happy for her, I asked more about it, and she said she got this opportunity from her social media, she added that the brand liked her videos and wanted to shoot an ad film with her.

While talking I noticed that she was looking distressed, I asked her and she told me that she was not confident enough to face the camera now.

Further, she added that it was not because she had lost passion for it but it was because of her skin aging problems. She used to feel underconfident because of her wrinkles and fine lines which increased with aging.

It was a dicey situation for her, she wanted to grab this opportunity but at the same time, she was doubtful about her looks. She was unable to decide whether she should do it or not.

She asked me to help her in this situation, I told her to accept the offer, as she had to go for a shoot a few months later, so she had enough time to regain that lost confidence and rejuvenate her glowing skin.

After accepting the offer, we started looking for products that could holistically support her skin health. But it was not easy, as there were so many options for anti-aging, so it was hard to choose one.

Still, we were trying our best. A day later while looking for a product, I came across Dermal Repair Complex. On first instinct only, I found this product a better option for my sister.

But as the product claimed to be good for her skin health, I wanted to be double sure about it, so I started with my thorough research. Most of the reviews were positive and some of them were neutral, after knowing its active ingredients and Vitamin blends, I showed the product to my sister.

She has also done research from her end, she found this product useful for skin health. As she wanted to revive her youthful skin, so she decided to give this product a try.

Consumption Experience With Dermal Repair Complex

I ordered Dermal Repair  Complex for her, and after receiving the order I handed the parcel to her. She was excited to try this product but at the same time, she was a little nervous as it was the first time that she was consuming something for skin health.

But she trusted her decision, and she decided to start with a proper dosage of this product. The next day she started with the regular consumption of Dermal Repair Complex along with making slight changes in her lifestyle.

From the very first day, she was expecting the desired outcome, but she didn’t see any improvement right away. I motivated her to stay regular with her dosage and healthy regime, she followed the same.

Additionally, she increased her water intake so that she could be able to stay hydrated throughout the day. Moreover, she was a big fan of green tea and used to consume it twice or three times a day.

After a few weeks, she started feeling her skin smoother and softer, she mentioned that her skin was looking hydrated and slightly glowy. She was surprised by the pleasing outcome.

She maintained the proper consumption of this product for a few weeks, and slowly and gradually she started getting more significant results. Her wrinkles and under-eye bags started reducing.

With glowy skin and enhanced radiance, she started looking younger than her age. She mentioned that her skin firmness was revived and she had no more loose skin. Also, her skin was lifted which was giving a brighter appearance of her.

She regained her on-camera confidence with her youthful glow, she was all ready for her shoot. Now it’s been a few months, but she is still using Dermal Repair Complex. 

She feels more confident about her looks much more than before, so she has decided to take care of her skin health with the support of this product in the future also.

Benefits Of Dermal Repair Complex

  • Glowy Skin

    As I mentioned, with the product’s constant usage, she was able to rejuvenate the skin glow. Earlier she used to have dull skin but after a few weeks, she got pleasing outcomes.

  • Skin Hydration

    She used to drink water and other beverages at regular intervals along with this product consumption, and within a few weeks, her skin started looking hydrated and moisturized.

  • Skin Firmness

    She mentioned that her skin was lifted, she had no more loose skin, and being regular with product consumption, supported her in toning her skin. Besides this, her skin was softer and smoother than earlier.

  • Reduced Wrinkles And Under Eye Bags

    The first thing she noticed was her reduced wrinkles with regular usage of this product her wrinkles and under-eye bags were despaired.

Dosage Of Dermal Repair Complex

According to the official website of the product, this product contains 60 capsules, and serving per packed bottle is 30. As per the makers, it is recommended to take 2 capsules a day.

My sister also used to take 2 capsules a day, she was regular with her dosage. She used to consume one capsule in the morning after breakfast and one after dinner.

She is following the same dosage pattern and with the support of it, she is able to regain her lost glowy and hydrated skin.

Final Thoughts

On concluding her experience with Dermal Repair Complex, I must say that it significantly supported her in improving her skin.

She is more confident than before, and her wrinkles, fine lines, and dullness have gradually disappeared.

Even though she is an active user of this product, she is maintaining her healthy regime. With such a positive outcome, she is happy to continue its usage.

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