Dermefface FX7 Review: Could This Reduce Scars?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

In this Dermefface FX7 review, I have published the experience of one of my close friends who is such a sweetheart but met an unfortunate accident.

To get rid of her accident scars, she somehow started using Dermefface FX7. Therefore, I bring forward her personal story in front of you in the form of Dermefface FX7 review.

DERMEFFACE FX7Skinception manufactures Dermefface FX7. According to then, it is a scar reduction therapy cream.  It is said to normalize collagen production around the scarred areas.

The official site enlightens us about the product that Dermefface FX7 could help reduce scars. Also, they have mentioned that Dermefface FX7 tries to achieve the same by promoting the production of skin healing and skin-strengthening collagen.

As per the detailed information given on their official website, Dermefface FX7 has been formulated using clinically proven active ingredients, potent ingredients, and super moisturizers. These could help coordinate and diminish the appearance of scars.

As the makers say, these ingredients are effective in the concerned area, as they may help kickstart the skin healing by Skin Re-modelling Phase (IV) and by pushing scarred cells to the surface from where they can be shed away.

As a result of which, scars may be flattened and smooth. Not only this, there is one such piece of information written on the website that Dermefface Fx7 might help reduce redness and discoloration.

Dermefface FX7 officials also claim that this product may help reduce scars of different types and levels like acne, chickenpox, injury, or even burn.

Now that we know about the product let us now lay our hands on the working of Dermefface FX7 and gather a bit more insight on the same.

How Does Dermefface FX7 Work?

According to their makers, Dermefface FX7 may try to work by reducing scars. They believe that it could do so by promoting regrowth of healthy normal skin with increased production of Type I and Type III collagen.

As per their official website, Dermefface FX7 uses powerful moisturizers like Pentavitin, which they have used as an active ingredient in Dermefface FX7 with the intention that it might help in attracting moisture and keeping it locked in.

The makers have also used Allantoin in its formulation because they believe this active ingredient might be helpful in moisturization and might as well help soothe the skin.

The creators of Dermefface FX7 have also used another active ingredient called Bilberry fruit extract that they believe contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that could combat acne and breakout.

Dermefface works, as per the makers’ belief, by speeding up the scar healing process, and it does so by increasing the production of Type 1 and Type 3 collagen, which, as a result, and according to them, might enhance skin cell turnover.

You may be able to understand the working functionality of Dermefface Fx7  is a better way if I gather a little information about its product formulation.

The makers have boasted about using active ingredients with active moisturizers and antioxidants on their profile. Let’s take a closer look at Dermefface FX7’s ingredients.

Dermefface FX7 Ingredients: Dermefface FX7 Ingredient Composition

  • Symglucan(10%)

    Symglucan is said to be an oat extract that may provide immediate comfort and moisture which could prove the skin’s elasticity ad firmness. It might as well have been used as an ingredient in Dermefface FX7 as it may help stimulate fibroblast growth as well as collagen synthesis.

  • Pro-Coll-One (2%)

    Pro-Coll-One is another powerful active ingredient used in the formulation of Dermefface FX7, which could help in the efficacy of collagen I synthesis and might as well be helpful in wound healing.

  • Vitalayer (3%)

    This active ingredient present in Dermefface FX7 may help in reducing the appearance of scars as it is said to be packed with peptides and it may also help in retaining the skin moisture as well.

  • Di-Panthenol (5%)

    Panthenol in Dermefface FX7 comes from pantothenic acid which may naturally help in making the skin look better by providing the skin with hydration and may also help in wound healing and repairing of damaged skin cells.

  • Niacinamide (2%)

    This ingredient is said to have the potential to act as an antioxidant that may improve epidermal barrier function and may also help in decreasing hyper-pigmentation making it an ideal choice to be used as an ingredient in Dermefface FX7 formulation.

  • Allantoin (0.5%)

    Allantoin may help in providing moisture as it is said to treat or prevent dry and damaged skin and may also help in treating minor skin irritations like skin burns, etc.

  • Pentavitin (5%)

    Pentavitin is used in the formulation of Dermefface FX7 which is an effective moisturizer that may help in holding the skin’s natural moisture barrier while helping the skin get smoothen and plumped with time.

  • Hydrolite 5

    A colorless, clear liquid, considered an excellent moisturizer, Hydrolite 5 in Dermefface FX7 may help in enhancing the effectiveness of all the other ingredients present in it and may as well enhance their bio-availability.

Other Ingredients

  • Beta-Glucan
  • Hydrolyzed Soybean Fiber
  • Goji Extract
  • Maqui Berry Fruit Extract
  • Garcinia Mangostana Fruit Extract
  • Punica Granatum Fruit Extract
  • Morinda Citrifolia Fruit Extract
  • Verbena Officinalis Extract
  • Chokeberry Fruit Extract
  • Bilberry Fruit Extract
  • Acai Fruit Extract

My Dermefface FX7 Journey

My family, friends, and people who know me personally consider me a successful businesswoman and the mother of a beautiful son. My husband loves me dearly, and we spend almost most of the time together as we are business partners.

One day while we were on our way home, we met with a minor car accident. My husband got minor wounds on his neck and knees, but it was sheer bad luck that my face hit the steering wheel, and I got severely wounded.

Okay, I agree we were pretty lucky that we endured it. As it was a minor accident, there weren’t any catastrophic injuries because it was a minor accident, but what was upsetting to me were the scars that would form when my face wound healed.

My face was left with scars around my chin and right cheek when the incision healed entirely in a few weeks. I know it’s ok to have scars, and it’s also relatively common, but I wasn’t comfortable with them. In addition, I was beginning to lose confidence in myself.
I went crazy on the internet, looking for a treatment or anything that could help me get rid of the scars I’d acquired due to the car accident.
After doing a lot of research on the internet, I came across Skinception’s Dermefface FX7. While researching the ingredients in Dermefface FX7, I discovered that they are all naturally sourced and have no adverse effects on the skin.
As my business meeting with a potential new partner was coming up in a few months, I was desperate to find something that may at the very least reduce the appearance of my chin and cheek scars, if not hide it entirely.
With all of the positive feedback flooding the internet and the makers claiming and boasting about the efficacy of the Dermefface FX7 scar reduction cream, I decided to give it a shot.
Read on to find out what happened after a few months of using Dermefface FX7.

Experience I had With Dermefface FX7

For the first few weeks, frankly, I would say that I could sense no difference in the impression of my scar; instead, I could only feel my skin had gotten a bit softer and plumed.

I remained patient and continued using it for a few more months. After a few weeks, I was finally able to see a minor difference in the appearance of my scar.

I cannot say the same thing about the scar on my right cheek, but the one on the chin, which was a minor one, had visibly reduced.

One of the best experiences I had with using Dermefface FX7 was its effectiveness in providing my skin with adequate moisture and protecting it from getting dry.

Another plus point for me was that Dermefface FX7 was paraben-free, making it highly safe to use Product.

After a consistent usage of around three months, the redness of my scars was slowly starting to fade. Not only this, it’s regular application helped flatten and smoothen out the scar on my right cheek too.

My husband noticed that the scars on my face appeared lesser and lesser prominent. I was glad this product was indeed working for me.

I liked how I regained my lost confidence which I had lost because of such prominent scars on my face that people couldn’t help but always seem to notice it.

I am sharing my experience while still using the product, and I cannot be happier. My scars have almost disappeared from my cheek and skin, leaving my skin soft, glowy, and scar-free.

Now I am pretty sure that with such results, I will continue its application in the future as well, and guess what? I have already ordered the refill.

How To Use Dermefface FX7: Its Application

As it is well known to all of us that use a cream or a serum on our faces, we have to first and foremost cleanse our face correctly.

For the results that I got from the regular application of Dermefface FX7, I used it for about six months. The makers have also mentioned that the best results for surgery or injury-related scars are to use it for six months minimum.

I followed the details given by the makers on the cover of the cream-

  • I applied the cream to the scar or the affected area.
  • After that, I used gently massage the area for 5 to 10 seconds for better absorption.
  • For best results, I applied it twice a day during the morning and in the evening.
  • The makers have also recommended trying Dermefface FX7 for at least 60 days as fading scars require patience.

Benefits Of Using Dermefface FX7

  • It Could Help In Speeding Up The Healing Process

    I started using Dermefface FX7 so that the scars on my skin because of our car accident might reduce in appearance. After a few months of its regular use, my scars finally started to fade away.

  • It Could Help Promote The Regrowth Of Healthy Skin Cells

    One of the major benefits I would always appreciate about Dermefface FX7 is that it helped in building new and healthy skin cells and my chin injury scar started to appear lesser with time.

  • It May Prevent Dryness And Provide Skin With Moisture

    With Dermefface FX7, my skin was able to experience an abundance of hydration as a result of which it became much softer and full of moisture as well.

Does Dermefface FX7 Have Any Side-Effects?

Dermefface FX7 by Skinception, according to the makers, is made by using all naturally sourced ingredients and is also considered to be made paraben-free by them.

One of the major benefits of Dermefface Fx7 scar cream is that the creators of this product claim that it would provide no side effects as they believe that the formulation is made of extremely safe and organic ingredients.

Conclusive Takeaway From This Dermefface FX7 Review

To summarise my Dermefface FX7 review, I would like to state that after consistent use of Dermefface FX7, I am pretty pleased with the reduction in the appearance of my scars.
The reduction in the appearance of my scar allowed me to regain my confidence, which I had lost in the past when these scars bothered me when people looked at them strangely.
I noticed changes in my skin texture, and the product worked well for me in terms of providing enough moisture to my skin and keeping it locked in.
When I first started looking for a product that would work for me, I was doubtful that such a product existed, but Dermefface FX7 has changed my mind by being practical with its regular application.
Finally, as stated on the manufacturer’s website, Dermefface FX7 is not a “combination cream” but is specifically designed to reduce the appearance of scars.
It did help me with that, and I’m sure I’ll keep it in mind in the future and continue its use.

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