Dim 3X Review: Could This Really Turn You Into An Alpha Male?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

I was in a very depressed state when I started consuming Dim 3X. You could say that after a few weeks of regular usage things started to change for me.

If you want to find out if they were positive or negative, you may read this Dim 3X review until the very end.

I have discussed a number of pointers when it comes to me consuming Dim 3X. Also, you will be able to find some of the essential pointers about this substance in this Dim 3X review.

PrimeGenix manufactures DIM 3X. They also manufacture a host of other supplements. Some of them are Testodren, whey protein powder, Pre-Workout, and a few others as well.

As per the manufacturers, Dim 3x is an all-natural ingredient-based testosterone substance manufactured by Prime Genix. It is said to offer increased levels of testosterone and naturally tackle rising estrogen levels in the body.

The maker claims, that by the usage of this product, you could experience lesser mood swings and better energy levels, and an overall improvement in health and well-being.

Dim3 X is designed to help men maintain and manage their hormones.

According to its makers, it does not eliminate estrogen, rather it converts bad estrogen to good estrogen.

The makers claim that the formula used in Dim 3X may help in preventing testosterone convert into estrogen by curbing the Aromatase enzyme, which as a result may increase testosterone levels.

As we age, chances are that our testosterone levels decrease and that could lead to lower confidence levels with decreased libido as well.

Their manufacturers claim that their potent formula contains Dim (Diindolylmethane) which is said to be a bioactive compound present in cauliflower and cabbage(cruciferous vegetables).

This supplement, as claimed by its manufacturers, is said to restore testosterone levels naturally and it could balance out estrogen levels as well.

Prime Genix, its makers, claim that Dim 3X is a natural testosterone substance, that is said to be made with naturally occurring ingredients.

They also say that it could offer better energy levels, higher sex drive, mental focus, and balanced estrogen levels.

How Does Dim 3X Work?

Dim 3X is said to work by achieving balance and not eliminating estrogen, as mentioned on their website.

As mentioned on their website, Dim 3X increases testosterone levels and evens out the estrogen levels. They also used Bioperine. The usage of Bioperine could enable your body to enhance its bioavailability.

As a result, the rate of absorption of nutrients improves. Hence, your body might be able to fulfill the deficiencies that it may have.

On the other hand, the Vitamin E may as well enable your body to improve the male hormone. The same has been talked about in this study.

As written briefly on their website, Dim 3X metabolizes bad estrogen (16-Alpha-Hydroxysterone) into good estrogen 2-Hydroxysterone) Metabolites.

It may boost your overall testosterone levels by curbing the Aromatase result of which testosterone does not convert into estrogen.

As the makers have mentioned on the official website, Dim 3X supports testosterone production and could help in maintaining its optimum levels with Vitamin E.

Ingredients Used In Dim 3X

  • Bio-Perine

    It is an extract of black pepper that is said to enhance bioavailability that may enhance nutrient absorption.

  • AstraGin

    AstraGin may help in improving gut health and improving body composition.

  • DIM (Diindolylmethane)

    This compound may have various estrogen-related effects on the body. It may promote weight loss and could enhance energy levels.

    This compound targets the harmful estrogen that is said to be responsible for weight gain.

  • Vitamin E

    Vitamin E plays a crucial role in the production of testosterone or steroid hormone and it may aid in boosting testosterone levels.

Why Did I Choose Dim 3X?

A few months ago, I was a man experiencing random mood swings and had lost any interest in having a social life and outing. I used to get annoyed at petty things.

All of this and more, lead me into depression. My wife was upset because of showing little to no interest in spending quality time with her.

I had been an active person throughout my life but slowly I lost interest even in going for my morning walks even.

My routine diagnosis report revealed the reason for all this. My hormone levels have been haywire for quite some time and my doctor told me this could be the reason I was feeling low on energy and that my testosterone levels have decreased.

I have a friend who is also my neighbor. He was an active and lively person.

Throughout the day I could watch him playing with his kids and sometimes he would also go surfing. He even built a small tree house for his kids in the backyard.

One morning, we went for coffee. I couldn’t resist asking him the reason behind all of this energy powerhouse that he had within him. As we were around the same age, yet so different.

I wanted to change how I lived my boring life.

During our hour-long conversation, he told me about Dim 3X and how it benefited him in many ways. 

He told me that the routine dosage of Dim 3X had helped him think clearly throughout the day, which helped him get rid of mental fog feeling.

He also told me that his energy levels were on a high because he had been using Dim 3x which has all-natural ingredients that could boost energy levels and focus.

After seeing what regular consumption of Dim 3X had done for my friend, I decided to give it a try.

I researched about Dim 3X on the internet and after my being fully convinced that is all-natural and reading all the positive feedback I ordered the Dim 3X supplement from their official Prime Genix website.

My Experience With Dim 3X

After a few weeks of its regular consumption, I could feel my energy levels increasing. I was able to go for my morning walks, not only, but I also tried jogging.

For me, this was a great improvement. I used to love my morning walks, but since the issue cropped up, I was not able to do so. This time it was not the case as I was able to improve the same.

My wife liked how I crack jokes now and have cute conversations with her. My mood swings took a back seat.

I was able to help my son solve his tricky maths problems with ease and better focus. My metabolism had finally got back on track. I am able to say so because my digestion level improved at the same time, I even started losing weight.

With consistent usage of Dim 3X and proper diet and nutrition, I was able to regain my lost energy, not only that I developed new energy levels like never before as it helped me restore my testosterone levels.

This helped me get my muscles the much-deserved longevity.

I have decided to continue my journey with Dim 3X in the future as well so that I can continue feeling my best and I could be able to accomplish more along with a proper diet schedule.

My Dosage With Dim 3X

My regular dosage of Dim 3X consisted of one capsule per day along with my nutrient-dense meals. As said by its makers, Dim 3X is a daily formula and one has to take it every day for desired results.

Also, I made sure that I am getting some sort of physical activity when it comes to improving my overall health. As I was able to see positive changes post following the proper dosage levels.

The Benefits Of Using Dim 3X

  • Better Focus

    With regular usage of Dim 3x and along with proper diet and exercise, I was able to focus better. My brain fogging was decreased and I was able to carry out activities on day to day basis in a better manner.

  • More Stamina And Strength

    I could experience my workout performance getting better. My exercise routine was visibly benefited with consistent usage of Dim 3X.

    Not only this, my stamina was increased too as I took lesser time to regain my breath after a nice sprint session on the treadmill.

  • Lose Unnecessary Fat

    After a few weeks of Dim 3X consumption, I lost all the stubborn belly fat that was troubling me for a long time because my slow metabolism was no more a problem.

  • More confident

    I was able to feel more confident in my life and my motivation levels were also increased.

Final Words On Dim 3X Review

I am thankful that my friend asked me to use Dim 3x and I am happy with the results that I got. At the same time, I feel that I should also credit myself for improving my routine.

Because of my switching to a balanced diet and an exercise routine, Dim 3X could have shown even better results. Having said that, I am confident that I am no more dependent on a single aspect.

Planning to bring even more changes has really worked and I will make sure in the future as well that I am able to improve my lifestyle as well.

I am no more a sad and depressed person and I am always in a good mood. I feel my testosterone levels are finally getting back to normal.

I plan to continue my journey with Dim 3X in the future so that I get the desired results in the future as well.

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