Everlywell Reviews: Is It Really A Dependable Home Test Service?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

In this Everlywell review, I talk about how do I use their services and take all the necessary tests from the comfort of our homes.

At the same time, I have mentioned some of the essential details about at-home health testing.

As a result, if you are someone who is looking for something similar, then this Everlywell review could be the one that could help you decide.

Also, I have added all the details about the tests that are supported by Everlywell.

everlywellVisiting clinics for several body tests and examination is a pain in the neck for some. EverlyWell has come up with a solution for all those individuals who struggle to visit clinics and labs for such medical examinations.

This company was founded in 2015, and today it is counted among the best known at-home health testing companies in the world. 

EverlyWell provides you with several testing kits designed for both men and women, covering for a majority of clinical examination.

These testing kits could be used by anyone and everyone. You can order them and learn more about your health within the comfort of your home.

Why Did I Choose Everlywell?

The company was started aiming to collect samples and ship them for testing by the leading physicians after which results would be sent to the individuals at their doorstep.

Such information would be then used to either start medication or to follow preventive measures. Today, EverlyWell has become a popular name throughout the world. 

The purpose of this testing kit is to reduce congestion in the labs and make your testing more convenient and comfortable.

This is what made it really convenient for me. From the comforts of my home, the samples were collected each and every time and the results were sent to me over an email.

I was at relief that I do not have to visit the clinic every time I had to get the tests done.

Why Do I Find Everlywell Really Convenient?

The process of testing with these testing-kits is very easy-going. Once you have placed an order, the company ships the testing-kit to your doorstep. 

The testing kits at EverlyWell include a finger prick tool known as lancet, some alcohol wipes, as well as a small card to collect the blood sample.

All you are required to do is to prick your finger, hold it over the card, and bot the blood in circles without touching the paper. The finger prick is similar to the one done in testing blood sugar levels. 

The sample is then collected, and the results are provided within five days of the collection of the sample. The tests are done at CLIA-certified labs under the highest standards, thereby avoiding false information or misleading results. 

The company has confirmed that all the labs of EverlyWell are certified by the federal government and the state.

These labs are also inspected regularly by the concerned authorities. Such provisions guarantee the authenticity of the reports by the physicians.

If the results of the concerned tests are positive, this platform also offers a video consultation along with a prescription after which you may start your treatment of the concerned health-issue. 

Everlywell Testing Kits

Food-Sensitivity Tests

Food sensitivity is a real thing. Upon the consumption of the food that you are sensitive to, you may develop an allergy or reaction.

The Food Sensitivity Tests by EverlyWell measures the immunoglobulin G response of your body to 96 types of food. Such a test may help you design a better diet for yourself.

It is necessary to mention that this test doesn’t tell you about food allergy nor does it diagnose any celiac disease.

The role of this food-sensitivity test is to identify all the elements in your diet that may be triggering an immune response and leading to discomforts such as stomach aches, skin issues, bloating, diarrhea, etc.

General Wellness Tests

A variety of General Wellness Tests could be performed by using EverlyWell testing kits:

  • Sleep and Stress Test

    This test may measure your cortisone, cortisol, creatinine, and melatonin levels at four points in the day. Its result will give you an explanation of the problem that you have been suffering from.

  • Cholesterol and Lipid Test

    This test is a must-have for you if you are trying to manage the levels of cholesterol in the body and access your overall heart health. Submit a blood sample after which the physician would examine the sample and give you the reports. The results may as well include some lifestyle changes that you may follow to manage your cholesterol levels.

  • HbA1c

    This wellness test helps you measure the amount of hemoglobin A1C in the blood. This test may as well constitute the part of an overall heart-health bundle.

  • Heart Health

    Apart from the above-listed two tests, this bundle also includes an examination of HDL or high-density lipoprotein to examine your heart health and to further suggest medication and lifestyle changes.

Heavy Metal Tests

The Heavy Metal Test by EverlyWell measures the presence and the levels of environmental toxins in your body. This test may help to assess the presence of the substances such as bromine, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, iodine, and other heavy metals.

This test must be performed on everyone at home, especially on the kids who may be exposed to the consumption of such harmful metals.

Allergy Test

For all those suffering from the symptoms such as congestion, headache, runny nose, watery eyes, cough, sneezing, itchy eyes, and others – this test may help you figure out the reason/allergy behind the same.

Women’s Health Tests

All kinds of Women’s Health Testing Kits are available with EverlyWell like HPV Tests, Ovarian Reserve, Perimenopause Tests, Postmenopause Tests, Women’s Infertility tests, Woman’s Health Tests, etc.

Men’s Health Tests

EverlyWell extends all the necessary health testing kits for men like Testosterone Tests, Male Infertility tests, and other Man’s Health Tests.

Sexual Health Tests

A variety of Sexual Health Tests may be performed by the way of testing kits sold by EverlyWell. The sooner you perform these tests, the better it is for your health. You may use the testing kits to check for the problems and illnesses such as Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), Hepatitis C, HIV tests, Syphilis, Trichomoniasis, and others.

Energy and Weight Tests

You may perform various tests relating to your weight and energy levels and monitor your overall wellness. Some of the most popular Energy and Weight Tests by EverlyWell include Thyroid Test, Metabolism Test, Vitamin D Test, and Vitamin D & Inflammation Test.

Coronavirus Test

EverlyWell has introduced the most recent testing-kit into its arsenal – Coronavirus Test. Now you don’t have to visit any clinic or facility to get yourself tested for Coronavirus. You may make the most of the at-home COVID-19 Test that this company is selling like hotcakes.

My Experience With Everlywell

Personally speaking, I have been using Everlywell’s service for quite a few years now. Whenever I or my family needs any kind of testing, my go-to choice is always Everlywell.

Whenever the test is recommended, the medication need not be stopped. The questionnaire needs to be filled about the supplement history and medication history.

On the other hand, not every test requires medication history. Also, safety and security are maintained. The point to be noted with Everlywell is that they do not test for minors.

According to them, they cannot verify the age of the person being tested.

Another point that makes me feel comfortable with them is the speed at which they test and provide the results.

AT my location it generally takes around 3-5 days for the results to reach my email. This feels amazing and a hassle-free process.

For this very reason, I and my wife both use the services of Everlywell.

Everlywell For Sale

Nobody would have thought that testing for various illnesses or health conditions would become so easy. Everlywell is open about all the testing processes that the company uses.

It ensures that the results obtained out of the tests are most accurate. The company packs all its kits appropriately to avoid contamination, whatsoever.

The samples of such tests are also analyzed by the trained professionals. Hence, every time I need a test done or even a regular health checkup, I always prefer Everlywell.

All I need to do is to visit the official website and book an appointment for myself and the rest of it taken care of by Everlywell people.

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