Exipure Review: Is This Really A Dependable Choice?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

This Exipure Review revolves around my cousin’s consumption experience. I have discussed in detail what made her choose this product and shared her exact consumption results in the latter part of the review.

This review might be worth considering, as I have presented information regarding the product and its functionality for weight loss.

Therefore, by the end of this exclusive Expiure review, you will know if it worked for my cousin or was just another bad experience for her.

ExipureThe official website states that Exipure is manufactured to ease your weight loss struggles. According to them, it contains eight natural ingredients that work on reducing your significant body weight.

As per the manufacturers, Exipure is designed to target and increase low Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT) levels which could be the main reason for weight gain. They assert that its regular consumption may help gradually increase Brown Adipose Tissue Levels. As a result of this, you may experience increased fat-burning and boosted energy levels.

They declare that this substance is produced in FDA registered facility using GMP practices. Thus, this makes them claim it to be free from potential side effects and aid in promoting better results.
Hence by this, the creators of Exipure state the importance of its natural formula for weight loss and for providing other health benefits.

How Does It Work?

Dieting and exercise could sometimes not be sufficient for weight loss so you might need extra support. The makers claim that Exipure’s formulation could provide efficient support for weight loss, it is also likely to enhance the effects of dieting and exercise on weight loss with the help of its plant-sourced ingredients.

The company explains the working of this substance by giving the details of its natural formula. The makers state the inclusion of Holy Basil, which could play a vital role in boosting the levels of brown fat, which might support calorie burning. Besides this, holy basil encourages metabolic function that eventually aids in nutrient absorption for weight loss.

The antioxidants are associated with reducing the effects of diseases and are also helpful in regulating several health functions. Therefore, the manufacturers included Proplis in Exipure, which contains 300+ antioxidants. 

These antioxidants could reduce the chemical activities of free radicals, which are harmful to the body, and thus promote healthy functions.

Ingredients of Exipure

As per Exipure’s official website, this product is a blend of 8 exotic nutrients that could provide natural support to your weight loss and other body functions. The following is the list of ingredients that are used in the formation of Exipure


The brand claims that the ingredients used in this product are all-natural. One such ingredient in Exipure is Perilla, an herb that could be used for treating diseases like asthma. It contains inflammatory properties that reduce the growth of asthma-causing chemicals. Besides this, it could also help in boosting the levels of brown adipose tissue, which could help maintain healthy body weight. The official website states that this ingredient also helps improve brain function because it has antioxidants that reduce the effect of oxidative stress on brain cells.


Kudzu roots are used in the composition of this substance, this plant is also known as Japenese arrowroot, and it could be used for improving various body functions. It may support your weight loss by regulating your craving. These roots aid in limiting the absorption of carbohydrates in the body, which could help boost satiety and reduce craving for weight loss.

Holy Basil

This ingredient belongs to Southeast Asia and is known for its medicinal properties. Holy basil contains several nutrients such as vitamins, calcium, zinc, mineral, and others that could help improve overall function. The makers of Exipure have mentioned the importance of brown fat levels in controlling your weight gain. Therefore they state holy basil in it helps in increasing the brown fat levels which eventually facilitates weight loss. Besides this, holy basil which is also known as tulsi could also work on reducing your physiological stress with its anxiolytic and anti-depressant properties. 

White Korean Ginseng

You might know about ginseng, whose roots are used for treating several ailments and improving immune responses, however, there are different types of ginseng, one such type is Panax ginseng also known as white Korean ginseng which is included in Exipure. It facilitates better immune health that could fight off stress and other health problems. In addition, ginseng could also be used for regulating weight loss, it may control the hormones like leptin that are responsible for increasing appetite, hence supporting healthy weight loss.

Amur Cork Bark

The official website mentions that the brand included this natural ingredient because it is effective in reducing bloating and other digestion issues. Phellonderon is the other name for Amur Cork, its bark contains berberine that could help to reduce gastrointestinal inflammation, therefore this ingredient entirely supports your digestive health. Most of the ingredients of Exipure could boost the levels of BAT(brown adipose tissue), and amur cork bark is also among these ingredients, it supports the levels of brown fat for weight loss.


Among the 8 exotic nutrients of Exipure, propolis is also significant for your overall health. It is formed by the mixture of beeswax and the pollen that is collected by bees from plants or other trees. As per the brand, it has 300+ antioxidants that could help with controlling blood sugar levels and also improves other body function with the help of it.


It is a plant pigment that also contains the antioxidant compound that could be useful in preventing free radical chemical reactions in cells thus it supports the rejuvenation of aging cells. Apart from this, Quercetin could reduce body fat by aiding fat absorption in the body.


Oleuropein is present in olive leaf, this ingredient could show positive effects in lowering high blood pressure levels because of its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory characteristics. With the help of these properties, it regulates the blood flow of the body and therefore controls your blood pressure levels.

Why Exipure Was Chosen?

I was at my grandparent’s place when I came to know about my cousin’s pregnancy.

At that time she was in the second last week of her third trimester, and her pregnancy was quite smooth therefore a week later she delivered a healthy baby.

I went to meet my cousin after a few months, she was well, however, post-delivery she had gained some weight. On talking to her I came to know about my cousin’s weight concerns.

She told me that after her pregnancy her weight was gradually increasing, she said that because of new responsibilities, she didn’t get much time for her physical conditioning.

My cousin mentioned that she used to go for walks before and even during her pregnancy, but after delivery, it became quite difficult for her to maintain her healthy regime.

My cousin was feeling overwhelmed with the uncomfortable bulging belly, therefore she started looking for a quick fix.

She heard about the weight loss products from her friends, so consequently, she made up her mind about it and started looking for weight loss products on the internet.

While she was searching for it, she came across Leanbean, it was the first time my cousin was going to use the product for weight loss.

She was nervous, however, she did thorough research and then finally decided to buy this product because of the presence of natural ingredients in it.

My cousin started the consumption of  Leanbean from day one and at that time she was hoping for better results.

Initially, when she began with it there were no significant changes, however, after a few days my cousin started noticing the changes in her energy levels, as she was feeling active.

Not only my cousin was managing her house chores but also started taking care of her healthy routine, at that she was quite happy with her progress.

But after a week of regular consumption of this product, my cousin began experiencing fluctuations in her blood pressure levels because of that she no more feels energized, and even became fatigued more often.

My cousin tried to ignore the initial health issues, however, later on, she left the usage of Leanbean as it was insignificant for weight loss too.

She was completely dissatisfied with the product, and while my cousin was sharing, she was regretting her decision, that time I was too concerned for her health.

As she was not only struggling with weight gain issues but also with high blood pressure and severe fatigue issue. My cousin was unable to decide how to manage her health, therefore I thought I should help her out to reduce these health concerns.

I tried to discuss my problems with my colleague, who had faced similar health problems a while ago.

I went to my colleague for some sort of suggestions and luckily I got one. My colleague told me that she used natural sources for weight loss, further she informed me about her regular yoga sessions, and she told me that the yoga sessions completely support her weight loss journey

Besides that, my colleague disclosed her consumption experience of Exipure, according to her this product provided her immense support, even though she added that she still uses the same substance for her weight loss.

I was intrigued by the product’s effectiveness, therefore I decided to learn more about it, I visited the official website and did my thorough research.

I came across the product reviews which were available on the website,  I was quite impressed to see the positive impact of Exipure, therefore I thought to suggest it to my cousin.

Initially, my cousin wasn’t convinced with this product because of her previous product experience, however afterward listening to my colleagues’ real-life experience and learning about the product’s functionality, she decided to try out this substance.

Consumption Experience With Exipure

My cousin also learned about natural changes, so she started making gradual changes in her lifestyle. 

She was still facing blood pressure fluctuations, so for that, my cousin initiated the home remedies for high blood pressure, she used to consume coconut water on alternative days along with limiting salt intake.

Meanwhile, after receiving Exipure, she began with its consumption. My cousin was adhering to the proper dosage of this substance, also I told her about the yoga sessions that my colleague used to do for her weight loss, so she also began with that lately.

In the initial few days, she didn’t experience many changes but still experienced little changes in her energy levels. My cousin’s fatigue was reduced with the help of her sustainable energy levels.

Besides that, for improving protein intake and weight loss, she started consuming healthy meats for weight loss, by that time my cousin was also becoming regular with her yoga sessions.

Gradually, she started reducing significant weight, and not only my cousin was feeling lighter but at the same time she was feeling calm and focused because of the regulated blood pressure levels.

She was continuous with the proper consumption of Exipure along with maintaining her healthy routine.

The natural changes, when combined with this product gave my cousin the desired and significant results, while she was sharing her whole experience, she was immensely satisfied and happy with her progress.

Benefits of Exipure

Exipure consumption was significant for my cousin, therefore, she was able to receive the desired results, you could read more about the benefits and the changes she experienced from the information mentioned below.

Weight Loss

After pregnancy, my cousin’s weight was gradually increasing, and she was worried for her health so, at that time she decided to use Exipure after the regular consumption of this substance, and she was able to reduce the significant amount of weight.

Improved Energy

My cousin was initially hesitant to try this product, but when she experience the changes in her energy levels, she became confident about it, after a few weeks her fatigue issues were completely reduced with sustainable energy

Improved Focus

Blood pressure was a major concern for my cousin, she used to have fluctuations in her blood pressure levels, however, after starting the consumption of Exipure with natural remedies, her blood pressure was regulated.

Dosage Of Exipure

This dietary supplement consists of 30 capsules, the official website recommends one capsule per day, and they mention taking the capsules with one big glass of water. My cousin followed the same dosage, she used to take at night along with properly following her natural remedies.

Final Thought

My cousin’s increasing weight after her pregnancy brings on several changes to her health, initially, she was worried about her weight loss but with Leanbean consumption, she got more health concerns, however, my cousin managed to improve her health with the support of Exipure not only weight loss but my cousin got several significant benefits from it. Therefore she has decided to continue its dosage along with her healthy regime.

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