Figure 8 Fitness Review : Is It Really Worth Your Time?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

Figure 8 fitness has been gaining quite a popularity. My social group was buzzing with the name of this fitness program.

Hence, I had to give it a shot as I also wanted a complete natural method to lose some extra pounds and surface up my abs which are hidden beneath the layer of fat.

Figure 8 fitness makers also mention that this workout method fast and effective. According to the research of the customer reviews on this particular workout, regular users could have a good impact on their overall body weight.

Post trying the particular fitness program, I have tried reviewing this on some of the scientific proven theories.

Therefore, I have tried my best to shorten all the things and provide you a review summary on Figure 8 Fitness and all the details that you might want to know.

Figure 8 Fitness is a popular dance workout regime. It is full of fun and energy.

This particular dance workout has been popular since 2016. The workout is fit for women of all ages.

The figure 8 fitness workout can be termed as a dynamic workout regime. The workout has three different phases that include learning burning and sculpting.

fitness 8 workout image

It can be said that the workout is quite similar to other workouts. It is a beautiful workout program for ladies and has become very popular among different social media platforms.

This particular workout can help lose fat very quickly as it targets only your body’s core muscles. You do not have to focus on your core muscles separately. Now let’s talk about everything that you will get with the figure 8 fitness workout.

You will be provided with the nutritional blueprint.
It comes with a fitness guide. You’ll also be provided with a belly fat report along with the success tracker. Video coaching will be provided for workout sessions.

Who Started The Figure 8 Fitness Workout?

Janna Kuntiz is a famous Latin ballroom dancer. She was the one to start the figure 8 fitness regime.

She is not only a renowned answer but also a great choreographer who is known for creating home exercises and fitness routines. Here she specifically focuses on creating workout rejoins for those who are willing to lose weight and stay fit while being at home.

Her workout routine is full of fun and energy. You won’t believe how a tedious exercise routine is converted into a fun and amazing one.

The working Procedure of Figure 8 Fitness Routine

The figure 8 fitness package consists of DVDs that will help you learn the different cardio exercises. Apart from that, it includes other 3D exercises.

Each of the exercises lasts for about half an hour. In each exercise, the core muscles and the internal and external oblique abdominal parts and back muscles are targeted.

According to scientific research, aerobic dance is a wonderful exercise mode to help reduce body weight among middle-aged women.

The study proves that the usefulness of aerobics is quite similar to that of cycling and jogging. It helps improve your body power and stamina.

What Does Figure 8 Fitness Routine Include?

As you purchase the figure 8 training system, you agree to the company’s terms of services.

It includes 14 different video coaching services and workout sessions. The training system will help you strengthen your movement and muscles as per the daily routine exercises.

The workout is a lot of fun and will prevent you from getting bored. Though the work out might seem to be painful, it won’t be boring at all.

The fitness routine includes a journal, a complete fitness Guide, a nutritional blueprint, and a proper tracker.

Is Figure 8 Fitness Available in Youtube for Free?

Figure 8 fitness has an official YouTube channel with thirty-one thousand plus subscribers. And yes, it is entirely free.

Whether you are a dietitian or a customer is looking for a free exercise routine you can get it all on the YouTube channel.

Is There Any Side Effect of the Figure 8 Fitness Routine?

The figure 8 fitness workout is designed for women of all ages and different fitness levels. There is no drawback or side effect of this particular workout.

Customers who have availed their service or product have given wonderful feedback.

I personally tried this workout for a good amount of time. This was when I was able to tone my body.

However, it is not very useful for women dealing with back problems as the workout is quite intense, so there are chances of injuries for those who have back problems.

Benefits of Figure 8 Fitness Regime

This particular workout program has several benefits.

  • You can lose fat very easily, full.
  • It will help you to grow strong core muscles.
  • With regular practice, you will improve your flexibility.
  • Improve metabolism, and cardiovascular health.
  • Body pain will be reduced considerably.

What is the Outcome of Figure 8 Fitness Program?

Personally speaking, I enjoyed this time when I was trying to tone my body. Generally speaking, It has been seen that after eight weeks of continuous practice, the average weight loss is around 12 pounds.

Let me clear that on the personal front, my aim was not to lose weight but to tone my body. Results can be seen in the first week of the workout program itself. The figure 8 fitness program is worth trying.

As per the instructors, the results will vary but based on the individual’s effort and diet, it will be possible to get results quickly. Therefore, the fitness program’s overall outcome depends on how much effort you will be putting in.

When I started this program, I was already on a diet and was consuming PhenQ. At the same time, I was also working towards lowering my cholesterol levels.

Snacking on chickpeas for weight loss was one of my favorite things during my free time, and it also filled my stomach.

Hence, I was able to tone my body and lose a little weight. But that was not intended if you would ask me the same.

Can Men Be Benefitted from This Program?

There is no doubt that this particular fitness program can be helpful to men as well. When it comes to exercise, then there is no distinction between men and women.

As far as the figure 8 fitness program is concerned it is highly beneficial to all. A lot of men have lost weight over the weeks after practicing the figure 8 fitness program. Sincerely.

How Much Does the Figure 8 Fitness Program Cost?

The figure 8 fitness program is very affordable for anyone. The price starts at $47 only. It is also supportable in several other platforms at no extra cost. Some of these platforms include the following.

    • Apple TV
    • Android
    • I-Pad
    • DVD
    • PC
    • iPhone
    • Chromecast
    • Roku

There is no requirement of any significant workout equipment except the band. You can also take the DVDs, which costs an extra 9.95 dollars.

There is an official app called Body Fx, where you will get all the workout. The app is beneficial and it also provides free sessions to the customers. The entire fitness system has a triple guarantee that is valid for 60 days.

It also has a cash back guarantee. You can even mail the founder of the fitness routine anytime.
On purchasing the figure 8 fitness program, you will get full access to a quick Express program that will give you 10 minutes of exercise per day.

How is User Experience?

While many users found the fitness program very useful, some did not find it what that.

Overall what matters is how it encourages us to stay fit and healthy while practicing regular fun exercise. It helps to build muscles and burn fat faster than ever.

However, among all the benefits, there are some disadvantages as per customer reviews.
Some users found the exercises quite tricky.

It is not suitable for people with back injuries.
It has no involvement in supplements in its entire fitness program.


If you are really seeking a healthier life and  understand the importance of staying healthy.  Then you should definitely try Figure 8 Fitness. Specially if your daily routine does not allow you complex exercise.

Figure 8 fitness is a clinically proven rich program that can be very beneficial to you.

If you do not want to visit a gym or a clinic, you don’t have to, as you can avail of this service right from your home’s comfort.

Personally speaking, I became a fan of Figure 8 Fitness.

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