Garcinia Cambogia: Benefits, Side Effects, Dosage, And More

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

Weight loss is one such versatile topic that never runs out of fashion. It is always a primary focus with new information flooding the internet every day. 

Diets, workouts, and supplements are all effective in their way varying from person to person. One way people consider losing weight is through medications. Garcinia cambogia is one such well-known medicine.

There is a buzz about it regarding its use, side effects, and efficiency. If you are looking for the same, you landed at the right place. Follow up to find out all about garcinia Cambogia.

all about garcinia cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit that resembles a pumpkin in appearance. It is a small version of pumpkin and is known by several other names like gummi-gutta, gambooge, and Malabar tamarind.

This fruit is native to Indonesia. It is also found in India and the neighboring South Asian region. It tastes sour and fits exceptionally well in cuisines. Other than that, the fruit is known for its medical benefits.

It works as an excellent replacement for tamarind and lemon because of its sour sharp taste. The seeds of the fruit are high in fats. Hence, they are a replacement for ghee and clarified butter in traditional cooking.

When it comes to medical uses, there is a long list of benefits. It is prominently known as a weight loss supplement.

The possible explanation for its working is that Garcinia might cut down fat build up which may help reduce appetite. Alongside, it might improve athletic performance, and balance blood sugar levels and cholesterol.

Health Benefits Of Garcinia Cambogia

  1. It May Aid In Weight Loss

    Gummigatta or Garcinia Cambogia has created a buzz as a weight loss supplement. For ages, it has been a part of traditional ayurvedic treatment for weight loss.

    It contains hydroxy citric acid which prevents fat storage. It also helps curb appetite and keeps you full for a long time.

    That is the reason it is highly marketed by companies to induce weight loss. However, the findings of the studies are still conflicting.

  2. Boots Serotonin Levels

    Serotonin is a hormone related to hunger. It is a hunger suppressor. Garcinia is known for increasing serotonin levels.

    This might be the possible reason backing the claims of its hunger-suppressing properties.

  3. Reduces Belly Fat

    Garcinia gummi-gutta could effectively improve fat metabolism. If you have big chunks of fat stored in your belly or buttocks, try the Garcinia Cambogia supplement.

    It may help you to lose stubborn belly fat and also increase fat metabolites by up to 100%. It also inhibits the production of ATP citrate lyase. This enzyme produces new fats.

    Thus, garcinia could prevent new fat production. Alongside, its supplementation reduces oxidative stress and pot belly.

  4. It May Prevent Free Radical Damage

    Free radicals are responsible for numerous health problems. Ageing, DNA damage, and oxidative stress are repercussions of free radicals.

    Garcinia Cambogia syrup dissolved in hot/cold water is significant to fight free radicals.

  5. Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

    High blood sugar levels are an alarming threat. For the same reason, a huge population across the globe is suffering from type-2 diabetes. Garcinia gummi-gutta acts as a savior in such cases.

    It reduces insulin sensitivity and brings down blood glucose levels. Thus, it controls high blood sugar levels.

    Hydroxy citric acid also relieves oxidative stress that affects the pancreas. It may also reduce high blood plasma levels.

    Therefore, it could be a natural cure for type-2 diabetes in the future if further studies are conducted.

  6. Healthy for the heart

    The heart is the pumping organ of the body subjected to continuous pressure.

    This central hub of the body is negatively affected by triglycerides and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol.

    It makes you prone to stroke and cardiovascular disease. Such wear and tear could be dealt with by the use of Garcinia Cambogia.

    The fruit rind could prevent fat accumulation in several organs. Moreover, it lowers bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

  7. Work As A Diuretic

    Several health problems like swollen tissues, heart failure, and kidney disease give you hard times passing out extra fluid and sodium for the body.

    As a cleaning agent, diuretics are prescribed to such patients. Diuretics increase urine output and filter extra sodium and fluids out of the body. 

    Garcinia is one such natural diuretic. Regular consumption for a few weeks might eliminate extra electrolytes from the body.

  8. It May Relieve Acidity

    Acid reflux is a common problem. It could be occasional or develop into a chronic condition called GERD.

    The extra acid produced by the body may cause gastric ulcers and a burning sensation. When the fruit is mixed with fresh curd and consumed, it may provide instant relief. 

    This has been a traditional home remedy for acidity reflux. You could also reap digestive benefits by consuming this fruit.

  9. Relief From Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Inflammation and joint pain are hard to deal with. Rheumatoid Arthritis makes the pain chronic and severe.

    Applying a paste made from the rind of garcinia gummi-gutta may reduce pain and swelling and lower inflammation.

  10. It May Treat Insomnia

    This fruit is rich in vitamins like calcium, and iron. Calcium helps convert tryptophan into melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone effective in inducing sleep.

    On the other hand, iron improves blood circulation and calms the mind. Both of these might help treat insomnia by providing quality sleep.

  11. Beneficial For The Skin

    Free radical damage might speed up aging, increase wrinkles and result in other skin problems.

    The antioxidants and pigments present in Garcinia Cambogia prevent UV damage, burns, rashes, and scars.

    When applied to the skin, it works as a natural sunscreen. It may also reduce fine lines and hydrate the skin. Overall, it is a great natural treatment to get back youthful glowing skin.

  12. It May Support Hair Growth

    Just like skin and other body parts, hair health is also important. Several factors like diet, illness, and chemicals might mess up your scalp.

    Thus, it is important to take these symptoms seriously.

    From ancient times, the use of a paste of Garcinia leaves, fruit, or seeds has been applied to the scalp for naturally healthy hair.

    It helps cure dandruff, and breakage and strengthens your hair roots.

    Moreover, it might also boost your hair growth and improve blood circulation. Thus, gummi-gutta may give you those dreamy shiny silky hair.

  13. Great For Female Health

    Menstrual cycles pose a great challenge in the life of females. Some also experience numerous symptoms if suffering from PCOS.

    It could cause pain, inflammation, and hormonal imbalance. Garcinia fruits are a boon as they are rich in garcinol and xanthones.

    These compounds lower inflammation and balance hormonal levels.

    When combined with diet by adding in chutneys, deals, and more, it may relieve pain and uneasiness. Gummi gutta is also prevalent in Ayurveda for the same.

  14. Better Athletic Performance

    Stamina and strength are inseparable parts of athleticism. Garcinia Cambogia supplementation improves endurance and athletic performance.

    This effect has been backed by a few studies conducted on both animals and humans.

    This potential benefit might be a result of HCA present in it. It also improves energy levels keeping you fired up throughout the day.

    Thus, it could be a better option for weight loss and gym companions. When combined with a calorie-restrictive diet, it helps burn calories faster.

What Are The Side Effects Of Garcinia Cambogia?

Even though Garcinia Cambogia is natural, it is not necessarily safe. Some of the side effects of its supplementation are

  • When taken orally it may cause a headache, nausea, diarrhea, skin rashes, and pain.
  • It also interacts with medications like antidepressants, serotonergic drugs, hepatotoxic drugs, anti-diabetic drugs, antiplatelets, and anticoagulant drugs.
  • It may also abnormally increase serotonin levels. This may impact brain cells and cause seizures, vomiting, and heart attack.
  • Garcinia supplementation is also related to liver damage. Females consuming 2800 mg for some time reported liver damage which recovered after stopping supplementation.
  • It may also worsen bipolar disorder. Avoid its use in case of mania and bipolar disorder.
  • It is also not safe for pregnant and lactating females. It causes hormonal fluctuations and may worsen your health.
  • It is also not advisable to use it post-surgery. It affects blood sugar levels, and blood circulation and interacts with medications. Not just post-surgery, it is better to stop its use two weeks before the surgery.

Dosage Of Garcinia Cambogia

The dosage of the supplement depends on the purpose you are using it for. It also takes into account other factors like age and medical history. It is best to have a word with your doctor and ask for a safe dosage.


Garcinia Cambogia is a tomato-sized pumpkin-shaped fruit. Its leaves, seeds, and fruit are used in both traditional and modern supplementation.

It is also a part of traditional foods like dals, soups, and curries adding a spicy tangy touch to them.

Its medicinal benefits are many. It regulates blood sugar, triglycerides, and glucose levels. It is also excellent for skin, hair, and female health.

But like all other things, gummi-gutta also has some downsides. It interacts with medications and is considered highly unsafe for the liver. For safety reasons, avoid using it without consulting a medical expert.