GenF20 Plus Review: My 72 Year Old Uncle’s Shocking Results

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

In this GenF20 review, I talk about how this human growth releaser impacted my uncle’s life after consuming it for around 6 months.

I have tried to give out each and every detail of his consumption cycle. Also, I have mentioned how was his lifestyle before consumption and what changes he underwent after he started the consumption of GenF20.

Hence, if you are looking for an authentic GenF20 consumption story, then you need to read this GenF20 review until the very end.

Having said that, let me start with some of the basics about GenF20.

genF20_PlusGenF20 Plus is a human growth hormone releaser. It has tablets and Oral spray as well. Hence, you may expect maximum potency when you use the combination of both.

The manufacturer of this human growth hormone releaser is Leading Edge Health. Over the years, they have manufactured a number of amazing health supplements.

They have used all the natural ingredients to manufacture this product. Hence, there are very few chances of any kind of side effects.

My uncle actually did not notice any side effects in his 6 months of consumption cycle.

According to the manufacturer, regular consumers tend to diminish their wrinkles, aging spots, increase in stamina, weight loss and lean muscle mass generation.

I have talked about all these things in detail in the later part of this GenF20 review.

You would be surprised to know that a number of Doctors recommend GenF20 for overall improvement in health.

How GenF20 Plus Works?

Working functionality of GenF20 Plus is pretty easy to understand. You need not have a medical degree in order to understand the working process of GenF20 Plus.

The researchers of GenF20 have created a propitiatory blend of amino acids, nutrients and peptides. This blend stimulates the pituitary gland so that it produces increased amount of growth hormone.

This process is repeated after every dosage of GenF20. Hence, your gland starts working normally and naturally boosts your HGH levels.

Once your body has appropriate levels of HGH, it starts performing a number of activities. It helps in breaking down the fat cells and converts them to increase energy levels.

Prevents your body from storing additional fat. Increase your body’s lean muscle mass. This is done by increasing the healing capacity of your body.

The most important thing, that is take care by higher levels of HGH is increasing the metabolic rate.

As a result, you may say that GenF20 could really help you in improving your day-to-day life. All this is done following a natural process.

Natural ingredients also play a really vital role. Let me discuss them as well.

Ingredients In GenF20 Plus

According to the manufacturers, they have included all the natural ingredients. Hence, you need not worry about consuming any artificial or synthetic substance.

Let me discuss them one by one.

  • Gamma Amino Butyric Acid
    It is pretty essential for relieving anxiety. This one also helps in improving the mood. Various studies claim that it also helps in lean muscle growth, reducing fat levels and stabilizing blood pressure as well.
  • Mucuna Pruriens Seed Extract
    This is a traditional Indian ingredient that has been used in Ayurveda since ages. Hence, you may say that it has great traditional importance. It also promotes anti-oxidant activities.

    You may refer to this article if you need more information on these seeds.

  • Moomiyo Extract
    It is one of the stress releaser ingredient.As a result, it also promotes a good night sleep and your body is able to rest.

    Moomiyo has got some amazing anti-inflammatory properties as well. It also boosts metabolism and improves your immunity as well.
  • Ornithine Alpha-Ketoglutarate
    This one is the salt that has been prepared from amino acid. It has been known to promote muscle growth, heal wounds.

  • L-Glutamine
    It boosts immunity. Prevents infection and inflammation. Also, it has been known for burning fat in order to produce energy. This one also helps in reducing intestinal spasms.

  • L-Arginine
    Works towards reducing blood pressure. This one is also used in treating the erectile dysfunction. Helps the body in easing out inflammation. Also, known for controlling diabetes and blood sugar.

  • L-Lysine
    It reduces the anxiety levels naturally. This is achieved by blocking the stress levels. Hence, your body feels at ease and performs daily tasks pretty easily.

  • L-Valine
    This one prevents muscles from breaking down. Hence, there is very minimal muscle loss due to old age.

GenF20 Plus Consumption Journey

My uncle is a 72-year-old man. He has been facing issues with old age. Most of the time, he is stressed because of his health issues.

There were no specific conditions like diabetes or hyper tension. Then also, he used to be pretty tensed about his well being and overall health.

I still remember, one day he suddenly became quiet and did not talk to any one for the complete 2 days. This is when I became a little worried and asked him the reason.

He mentioned that, he has been struggling in getting a good night sleep and is having a constant pain in his knees. I took him to a physician where he ran a couple of tests and thankfully, there was nothing to worry.

Hence, the physician mentioned that, there is no need of medication, and he only needs to improve his diet and take his multi vitamins.

This is when I decided to research on the internet and found GenF20 Plus. I read everything about it and ordered it instantly.

My uncle also did not hesitate in consuming it as per the recommended dosage. He became happy that at least I gave him some hope so that he is able to improve his health.

Personally speaking, I did not expect much from GenF20. Then also, I followed up with my uncle on different time intervals.

After 1 month of consumption, his looks improved quite a bit. He had a happy face now. He told me that his joint pain has suddenly disappeared.

My uncle suddenly became interested in night walk post dinner. His fatigue and stress has disappeared.

Again, when I took feedback from him after 4 months of consumption, to me he looked 10 years younger. He was smiling while talking to me.

He had that positive energy in the way he talked.

GenF20 Plus Benefits

Here are some of the benefits that I personally noticed in my uncle physically. He also mentioned some of them and told me what he felt after consumption of GenF20 Plus.

  • Disappearing Wrinkles
    This is one of the immediate benefits that I saw in him. His face looked much younger. Since, I have seen his younger face as well. I was surprised how quickly, things started to turn for him.
  • Skin Health
    There was a huge improvement in his skin texture. Just by looking at it, I could make out, his skin became smoother and a little shiny as well.
  • Stamina Improvement
    He mentioned that now he takes evening walks after dinner. Prior to this, it was not possible. As he had joints pain.
  • Decreased Fat Levels
    Prior to consuming GenF20, he barely moved from his bed. Hence, his fat levels were ever increasing. But this time, when I took his feedback after 2 months of consumption, I could see that he lost a great amount of weight.

    Also, he was now involved in some physical activities which contributed to his fat loss as well.
  • Stress Levels
    He mentioned that since his health has improved hence, he is stress free. He was always in a good mood. Laughing, enjoying his old age and talking to everyone.

    I could see a drastic change in this regard. Hence, I was just amazed how much improvement has GenF20 Plus brought in him.
  • Sleep Cycle Improvement
    Another thing that he mentioned was a huge improvement in the sleep cycle. According to him, he was able to sleep for about 7-8 hours.

    This was one of the great improvements. During his sleep, the body is able to recover and works on improving the damaged tissues.

GenF20 Plus Dosage

My uncle was teacher before he retired. Hence, he is pretty much disciplined when it comes to following rules.

As a result, he always took the recommended amount of dosage. At the same time, he did not miss even a single dosage.

He took 1 pill with breakfast and 1 after the main meal. Although he hated oral spray then also I made him take at least 1 time each day.

As per the manufacturers, the recommended dosage is of 2 capsules per day. When it comes to oral spray it is recommended that you take oral spray 2 times per day of 2ml.

GenF20 Plus For Sale

One of the most important steps is to choose the right vendor for purchase.

In the case of GenF20 Plus, you should always order it from the official website.

As there are no other vendors who sell GenF20 Plus. For my uncle as well, I ordered it from their official website and it was delivered to me pretty quickly.

I ordered a complete six months supply and saved $199 as well. Which was pretty awesome.

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