GutConnect 365 Review: Does It Work For A Leaky Gut?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

In this GutConnect 365 Review, I’ve included a first-person experience of a brother who was experiencing numerous gut problems and how his routine and friends contributed to it.

This exclusive review also mentions various changes and benefits that he obtained while being on GutConnect 365.

So, you might read this GutConnect 365 Review to discover further about the substance’s approach for treating a leaky gut and various other health problems. 

Gut Connect 365 reviewAccording to the information available on the website, GutConnect 365 is a powder-form substance manufactured under the brand name United Naturals.

As per the makers, this product could use for multiple health issues. They further asserted that GutConnect 365 has been effective in reducing fatigue and uplifting positive mood.

According to the manufacturers, this product has a unique blend of ingredients that could be supportive of digestive health. As the makers asserted that the product could improve digestion health along with reducing digestion problems.

In addition, they claimed that the product also promotes gut health by preventing leaky gut. According to the official website, the product has been efficient in enhancing the quality of sleep with supporting overall wellness.

As per the manufacturers, many of the ingredients present in this substance significantly help the users in managing a healthy weight.

How Does GutConnect 365 Work?

As per the makers, GutConnect 365 works by improving gut health. Gut health which may be important for general well-being also supports the immune system and prevent the body from infection and other diseases.

According to the manufacturers, it contains nine superfoods that are organic and entirely improve health. The official website mentioned aloe vera extract which could be potent in reducing digestive disorders.

As per the makers, the unique ingredients composition of this product also facilitates proper nutrient absorption in the body, which might also be effective in the weight management process.

The manufacturers stated that the product is free from soy as well as it is a vegan-friendly product, therefore it might efficaciously boost energy and significantly work on fatigue reduction.

Ingredients Of GutConnect 365

  • Zinc Orotate

    This compound is included in GutConnect 365. Zinc deficiency could be associated with major digestive and gastrointestinal problems. It could be effective in treating zinc deficiency in the body. Apart from this, it might also support better immunity function.

    Its antioxidant properties may be beneficial for controlling sugar levels. Besides this, it works well in reducing inflammation with its anti-inflammatory properties.

  • L-Glutamine

    L- Glutamine is an amino acid that could be vital for the body. It could be useful for the body’s vitality functions. It might facilitate energy production in the body.

    This ingredient could be effective in increasing gut function. According to a study, it may also improve the metabolism of the body by enhancing the immune system working. In addition, it may support proteins making the body which could also be essential for the proper functioning of the body.

  • Slippery Elm Bark

    Slippery Elm Bark is included in this powdered form substance. As you might be knowing slippery elm is a tree native to North America. The extracted bark of this tree could be helpful in treating various health conditions.

    It may support wound healing, skin conditions, and other conditions. It could efficiently reduce the problems associated with stomach and digestion such as constipation, diarrhea, and others.

  • Organic Marshmallow Root

    This organic ingredient is part of the GutConnect 365 composition. It is a herbal substance that might aid in reducing inflammation with its effective anti-inflammatory properties.

    It could also be beneficial in reducing skin irritation and other general health condition. As per the website, it could work as a diuretic, it facilitates the body’s cleansing by flushing excessive fluid from the body.

    Therefore it might prevent the body from developing kidney stones. Being an antioxidant, it could give pain relief.

  • N-Acetyl Glucosamine

    N- Acetyl Glucosamine is a chemical compound derived from glucosamine. It may efficiently improve skin health and is quite useful for reducing inflammation. It supports the body by relieving gut inflammation.

    This potent ingredient is included in this substance, and it may have the potential to reduce joint pain.

  • Aloe Vera Extract

    You might be knowing that aloe vera has been a source of various benefits. From skin to digestion, aloe vera could be a potent substance for a cure. This unique ingredient is part of GutConnect 365. It may completely support skin health, hence it could aid skin rejuvenation.

    According to the study, Aloe Vera could effective in maintaining skin health along with oral health.

  • Licorice Root Extract(Deglycyrrhizinated)

    Licorice is a herb and its root extract may be beneficial in ensuring health and wellness. It might be effective in decreasing problems of inflammation. Apart from this, it could also improve digestive health along with gut health.

  • Maitake Mushroom Extract

    Being an organic substance, it may have vital functions. It could improve gut functioning by preventing leaky guts. It might effectively control excessive sugar levels, along with facilitating good digestive health.

    It is rich in essential vitamins and minerals, therefore it could provide better nutrients to the body and prevent nutrient deficiency.

Discovering About GutConnect 365

My cousin is fond of trying new cuisine and beverages and even loves to cook different meals, on weekends, he used to spend most of his time either cooking food or going out for trying some.

Last year he shifted to a rented apartment, and he decided to live with his few new friends who are sharing the expenses with him.

My cousin is an occasional drinker. But with his new acquaintances, he started drinking more often. Being an epicure, he never tried to say no to them.

He continued drinking with them for a while. A few months back he came with me for a brunch. It was a weekend and we decided to meet.

He is closest to me, and he shares everything about himself since childhood with me. But this time what he shared stunned me. He revealed his poor health condition.

He said that after shifting with his friends, he started drinking more often, he added that it seemed like he was becoming a dipsomaniac. He told me that he wanted to change things but it was no more in his control.

He further stated that he also started having digestion issues. He mentioned that random trips to the washroom had started irritating him. In addition, he told me that frequent bowel movements were affecting his physical well-being even.

He was stressed out about his health. On asking more, he told me that now he had no control over his cravings, and with irrational food cravings, he started gaining weight.

He mentioned that it was hampering his studies, with low energy it was difficult for him to focus on his studies. Late-night parties with his friends also disrupted his sleep cycles. He used to sleep in the morning as he faced difficulty in getting quality sleep at night.

It took me some time to process all these things but after that, I told him that, I would help him with it, and he need not worry about it. He was distressed and unable to decide what shall he could do.

As he decided to shift to a new place after a few months, I suggested, he should stay with me till then. He agreed to it, I wanted to help him so he could get through this.

A day later I was working at my office, but back in my head, my cousin’s health condition was troubling me. I decided to look for a solution that might be helpful for him.

While looking for it I came across GutConnect 365, it was a new product for me, I had tried many products earlier for myself. But this was something new. I visited the official website of the product.

I thoroughly checked its ingredients and reviews, and for surety purposes, I did the research twice, and after that, I was pretty much convinced to suggest it to my cousin.

He has faith in me, but he still learned about it after knowing the product he told me to order this product for him.

Consumption Experience With GutConnect 365

We timely received the order, but before he could start with consumption, I requested him to make a few changes in his lifestyle, as it was important for him to improve his health holistically.

I told him to increase water consumption besides this, I asked him to eat foods that are rich in protein and other nutrients because it would help in suppressing his appetite.

He assured me that he will surely follow it. After that, he began with his GutConnect 365 consumption. As he told me, in the initial few days he didn’t see any improvement in his health condition.

His poor digestion was still bothering him as well as the constant fatigue. But he didn’t give up, he decided to continue with it. On the other hand, he was trying to make slight changes in his lifestyle.

He started eating green vegetables in his lunch also he initiated reducing processed foods from his diet, he switched to eating nuts and seeds along with trying some homemade smoothies for the evening snacks.

After a few weeks, he started noticing remarkable changes in his health. He was able to reduce his drinking habit along with controlling his cravings.

He told me about it, he mentioned that he was feeling lighter and more active as he had shed some weight also. Slowly and gradually, he started getting such outcomes, which he never hoped for.

As I remembered, he said that his frequent bowel movements were reduced and he started getting regular bowel movements after continuing the product usage.

Apart from this, there were changes in his moods, he was more relaxed and happier. He was able to concentrate on his studies even for longer hours. However, he also improved his healthy lifestyle.

He was consuming only homemade foods and beverages, and he used to make healthy meals by himself. At that time after seeing my cousin, I was relieved that my decision for him supported him throughout.

A few days ago, he called me and told me, it had been a few months and he is religiously following this product along with his healthy diet. He has decided to go further with this product’s usage, as it was helpful for him completely.

Benefits Of GutConnect 365

  • Digestion

    He was affected by frequent bowel movements, increased drinking and irrational eating habit could have inflated his digestion issues. But with being constant with the product usage, he was able to get regular bowel movements.

  • Weight Loss

    As he mentioned earlier that with food cravings he started eating more often, he had no control over his craving but by inculcating healthy eating habits and this product consumption, he was not just able to control his craving but also able to reduce some weight.

  • Mood

    With poor physical well-being, he started getting irritated over small things, but with better health, his positive mood started uplifting, As I mentioned he was happier and relaxed after being consistent with this product consumption.

  • Fatigue

    As he mentioned, low-level energy was hampering his studies and he used to find it challenging to do work for longer hours, but continuous usage of this product helped him in reducing fatigue.

Dosage Of GutConnect 365

This substance is available in powder form, it weighs around 282 grams and according to the official website per container, there are 30 servings.  It is recommended by the makers to consume one scoop daily.

My cousin followed the same dosage, he is still following the same dosage. He used to take one scoop of GutConnect 365 in the morning usually but sometimes, he used it in the evening.

Final Verdict

My cousin was extremely worried for his health when he told me about his condition, Now he is grateful for choosing GutConnect 365. He later thanked me for introducing this product to him.

On concluding my cousin’s journey with this product, I must say that it had immensely supported him in improving his physical as well as mental well-being.

He has decided to continue this product usage in long run also without compromising his healthy regime. He is consistent with his healthy diet and this product usage.

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