All About Hair Loss: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, And More

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

If you roll a comb over your scalp and have 4-5 hair strands in your hand it is generally termed as a normal hair fall but if you notice more than 10 hair strands then you might consider it to be a hair loss.

This might arise the need to visit a hair professional or a dermatologist. 

As per studies, hair loss is generally termed Alopecia and it could be capable of affecting your scalp as well as the entire body where the hair is present. 

Hair loss could be on a permanent or a temporary basis too.  Generally, Alopecia refers to the hair loss caused due to heredity.  

For example, most of the female or male patterns of baldness.

This kind of hair loss is generally suffered by women. This happens when they give birth to a newborn baby. 

They notice sudden hair loss in the clumps after six months of the birth of the baby.

Causes Of Postpartum Hair Loss

On average a person loses about 100 hairs a day. It does not mean that this hair is lost all at once, and therefore it goes unnoticed. 

When a woman is pregnant then the hormones stop the hair from falling and thus make it thick and hard to brush during those times.

The hairs start falling back when the hormones drop back to normal and the woman then notices the change and gets worried the same.

Duration For Which This Hair Loss Last

Women get worried when they start to see the hair getting shed from their scalp and body. There is no need to worry since she is going back to the normal state of a healthy physique.

A breastfeeding mom could have some extra hair hanging upon their scalp until the full span of the weaning.

Within a year she would start to notice a lot of reduced hair loss.

How To Deal With Postpartum Hair Loss?

If you are a person who is suffering from hair loss since you have given the birth then these are the things mentioned below you could consider for your treatment

  • Right choice of nutrients: Using multivitamin supplements and omega acids in your diet can help you to prevent hair loss.
    These are proven to show healthy effects regarding the hair loss treatment and could show some beneficial effects on your hair loss.

  • Being Gentle with your hair: You should be very careful of what you use on your hair after pregnancy. Being gentle could help you prevent hair loss and might give some relief also.
    Being gentle here means to use shampoo only when it seems necessary and the same would go for other hair care cosmetics too.
    I would even recommend going for some natural resources too.

  • Choice of right accessories: Choosing the right accessories is a must when trying to prevent any sort of hair loss.
    You might go on choosing a wide-toothed brush or a comb and put barrettes instead of using any kind of bands that are made of elastic.

  • Keeping the heat aside: This means that hair dryers must be skipped to avoid the breakout or loss along with having the use of flat irons and hair curlings.

  • Talking to a hair expert: If this continues drastically then this might be a symptom of postpartum thyroiditis and must be treated by a dermatologist or a hair professional as soon as possible.

  • Avoiding treatments based on chemicals: You might need to put off all the straightening sessions and perms along with highlighting your hair until and unless this excessive shedding stops.

What Causes Hair Loss In Women?

In general, humans lose around 50-100 hairs daily. Since hair loss is a part of the natural balancing of the body.

Sometimes, the way you style your hair regularly creates a big impact on hair loss. This is generally observed when a woman arranges her hair in a way that it pulls n the roots of the hair.

This is called traction Alopecia. In this, the hair follicles are damaged and the hair loss could be permanent.

Some of the hairs fall and then the newer ones replace them. The problem starts to arise when there is an interruption in the balance.

Hair loss is observed. The hair fall is done but lesser hairs grow in. Some of the main causes of hair loss in women are-

  • Hair Styling.
  • Deficiency in vitamins could also lead to hair loss in women.
  • Dieting in a manner that causes rapid loss of weight might be one of the reasons.
  • Having a lot of restrictions in dieting could also be the case.
  • Over-processing of the scalp could also lead to hair loss.
  • Chemotherapy, medications, and radiation therapy could also lead to hair loss.
  • Could be abnormal thyroid.
  • Could be because of extremity in emotional stress.
  • Supplements or medicines could also be the case.
  • Hormonal imbalances and changes caused by giving birth to a newborn.
  • Menopause could be the reason due to the loss of estrogen.
  • Aging could also be a factor.
  • Genes might also play a role in hair loss.


Hair loss prevention could not be done if it is due to any disease, aging, physical injuries, or heredity. 

Hair loss caused by caustic chemicals could be avoided and prevented by treatment and medical assistance and not following the hairstyles that hold any sort of hair-pulling.

A healthy diet could also be used to prevent hair loss. Smoking is a must to be avoided when it comes to stopping hair fall.

What Causes Hair Loss In Men?

Hair loss or baldness in men is a very common thing and out of 10, almost 7 men start showing the signs of hair loss in them.

Whereas out of 10 almost 8 men suffer hair loss when they start approaching the age of 70. 

Although these are some of the basic reasons for hair loss in men that are mentioned below.

  • Medical Issues: Temporary hair loss if spotted then it could be a sign of anemia or problems concerning the thyroid.

    Sometimes a low protein diet or low iron diet could also be a reason for this loss of hair.

    Temporary hair loss could also be due to pills taken for certain issues like cancer and depression.

  • The Genetic effects: This is an effect where it could be understood in a very easy language that the genes are carried out by the newborns from their parents or ancestors, as per a study.

  • Stress: Sudden loss in weight and emotional torment could also lead to loss of hair in men.

    Surgeries or common flies could also cause hair loss which might last for several months.

  • Infections: Tinea or ringworm could also be a reason for a temporary air loss in men.

    This is generally a fungal infection and could be treated with the proper assistance of a dermatologist.

  • Immunity: Alopecia areata is an issue that causes patchy hair loss in the scalp and other parts of your scalp.

    It begins at an early age or in childhood and it is more likely to be caused if an existing member of your family shares the same DNA or genes has the same issue.

    In such a case the immune system of your own body would attach to your hair causing those patchy areas by making the hair fall out.

    You might have a hair re-growth too but there could be chances of losing the hair back again.

  • Grooming habits: Wearing caps or hats all the time, using rubber or elastic hair bands, or having hot oil treatments or perms on the hair.

    This could lead to damage to the hair follicles and may cause hair loss.

  • Impulse Control Disorder: Some people share the habit of pulling out the hair from their scalp which leads to a chronic condition called Trichotillomania.

    It tends to affect 1-3% of adults and teenagers.

Does Creatine Cause Hair Loss?

Men could use creatine to enhance their gym performance. On the other hand, creatine does not cause any hair l. Still, it does accelerate hair loss by increasing the DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) levels by giving it an extension of DHT: T in an increased manner. 

DHT is a hormone that holds the responsibility for androgenic alopecia.

Which Vitamin Deficiency Causes Hair Loss

Iron deficiency is generally considered to be one of the main causes of hair loss and it could also be an indication of any underlying medical issue in the body.  

Apart from iron Vitamin D, zinc and selenium could also be the major causes of hair loss in people these days. 

Studies have proven that these deficiencies not only cause hair loss but also lead to the shedding of eyelashes and eyebrows.

How To Stop Hair Loss Naturally?

Here are the ways that could help you to stop hair loss naturally-

  • Keeping your scalp clean to maintain the blood supply and nutrients to the follicles of your hair.
  • Conditioning your hair regularly to reduce the friction between hair strands.
  • By reducing the heat cycling using the hairdryer, etc.
  • By choosing the right hair products.
  • By adding multivitamins to our diet.
  • By adding omega acids to your diet.
  • By using the messages of warm oil.
  • By using the combs made up of wood.
  • Regular exercises must be done.
  • By avoiding the tightened hairstyle.

How Much Hair Loss Is Normal?

It is very normal to shed around 50 to 125 hair strands per day. 

There are around 100,000 follicles in a person’s scalp and the loss of 100 to 125 hair strands in a day is considered to be normal. 

However, if the quantity of hair loss exceeds this limit then it might be a matter of concern. 

This could be noticed if a significant amount of hairs are being shed together. One must visit a dermatologist or a hair care professional if this is the case for any further advice.