10 Healthy Sex Tips For Men: May Enhhance Sexual Health

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For a man, sexual health is particularly important at all stages of his life, not just when he wants to start a family.

Good sexual health guarantees that a man can have satisfying and risk-free sexual experiences, that they are free from any sexually transmitted diseases, and that they can reproduce.

A man’s quality of life and sense of self-worth are greatly impacted by his sexual health. To create offspring, both the health of the male and female reproductive systems are crucial components of the entire reproductive system.

Even if your sexual life is currently fulfilling, it’s common to want to improve it further. Perhaps you desire to engage in even more incredible sexual encounters.

Here are some healthy sex tips for men to follow if they want to enjoy sex and maintain good sexual health, regardless of whether they want to improve their erections, strengthen their orgasms, or stay in bed longer.

  1. Kegel Exercise

    Almost all men experience premature ejaculation at some point in their lives. Kegel exercises are a method of postponing ejaculation.

    Kegel exercises are designed to help you strengthen the muscles in your pelvic floor, which can enhance your sex life.

    Repeat ten times, or until your muscles become fatigued, by contracting your pelvic floor muscles for three to five seconds, holding it for the same amount of time, and then slowly relaxing.

  1. Right Choice Of Condom

    Condoms are essential for maintaining excellent sexual health. Choosing the right condom and wearing it properly can prevent numerous problems, including STIs.

    If you are not able to enjoy sex, you may not be using the proper condom. Wearing an unpleasant condom can jeopardize safety, which raises the risk of STIs while also being uncomfortable.

    A size that is too large can fall off, while a smaller size would simply break. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose the appropriate condom size.

    Look for condoms that are extremely thin or ribbed, and choose a condom that fits like a glove.

  1. Prostate Massage

    In men, the prostate is a very small gland that sits in front of his rectum and beneath his bladder. It is made up of both connective and glandular tissues.

    The prostate adds fluid to semen and its muscles aid in pushing semen through a man’s urethra. There are a lot of nerve endings in the anus and its surroundings.

    Numerous blood vessels in the prostate swell when you massage it because more blood is flowing through them. The additional blood makes the area more sensitive, which can increase sexual satisfaction.

  1. Engage In Forplay

    Foreplay-savvy couples typically have better sex lives than those who do not. All the mental and physical actions that advance a romantic relationship and get you “in the mood” for sex are collectively referred to as foreplay.

    Foreplay mentally and physically readies the body and mind for sex. Foreplay is an essential but frequently disregarded component of sexual health and wellness.

    Foreplay typically results in an erection in men because it increases blood flow to the penis. Anything you do to get your body ready for sex is foreplay.

    Holding hands, kissing, and embracing each other can suffice. A more exotic term like mutual masturbation or oral sex could also be used.

  1. Control Your Stress And Anxiety

    A man’s sex life can suffer from stress and anxiety. When you have sex, the ongoing worry and anxiety in your head prevent you from being present and concentrating on the act of having sex.

    This may affect both your and your partner’s enjoyment. Men frequently experience sexual problems brought on by stress, like erectile dysfunction, which can have an impact on their relationship with their partner.

    It might be a good idea to seek out professional assistance if you feel that your efforts to promote stress and anxiety reduction on your own haven’t been particularly successful.

  1. Include Exercise In Routine

    Your sex life could greatly benefit from exercise. Men who exercise more frequently experience fewer erectile dysfunction issues and can have a great sex life, therefore you should try different workouts for better sex.

    Exercise helps you maintain and strengthen the vital bodily functions that contribute to greater sexual enjoyment.

    Regardless of their current level of activity, men who are at risk for erectile dysfunction may benefit from more rigorous exercise. Also, exercise helps to keep an erection without medication.

    Exercise not only raises testosterone levels, which raises libido naturally, but it also enhances athletic performance, which translates to more stamina.

  1. Focus On Your Diet

    For males, having enough testosterone is crucial for maintaining good sexual health. Because testosterone levels can drop as you age, eating a diet rich in nutrients and having a good balance of foods becomes even more crucial.

    Sexual performance in a man depends on balanced hormone levels, smooth nerve transmission, and unhindered blood flow to the pelvic region.

    Make sure you eat a diet high in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, flavonoids, legumes, and other complex carbohydrates to keep your sex life in great working condition.

  1. Maintain A Healthy Weight

    The impact of a man’s physical weight on his sex drive can be significant. How you feel about yourself has a big impact on how well you perform in bed.

    A declining sex drive can result from being overweight. High levels of inflammation brought on by obesity may interfere with your endocrine system.

    The production of hormones, which is essential for sexual function and may cause erectile dysfunction problems, is directly regulated by this system.

    You can reduce obesity, maintain a healthy weight, and have great sex life by exercising frequently and eating a healthier diet.

  1. Listen To Your Partner

    The simple fact that we do not pay enough attention to our partners is one of the biggest barriers to having amazing sex.

    One of the best methods to transform your sex life from ordinary to extraordinary is communicating in your relationship.

    The first step in improving your ability to listen to your partner is to hear what they have to say without interrupting in between.

    You might want to work on being good at understanding your partner’s physical and emotional needs if you’re trying to improve your sex life. Keep in mind that in intimate relationships, better sexual communication is linked to greater sexual satisfaction.

  1. Body Massage

    A man can greatly increase closeness in a relationship by getting a body massage. Receiving back rubs and massages helps to create relaxation and closeness with your partner.

    Body massage, a type of physical therapy, is very useful in achieving sexual arousal. It aids in enhancing a man’s libido.

    The focus of the erotic or sensual massage is on the body’s various sensitive areas, which heightens sexual arousal between lovers. It opens the door for you to engage in foreplay and other sexual activities.


From mood to energy level, the quality of fantastic sex varies depending on a variety of variables.

If a man wants to fully satisfy his partner, increase his sexual stamina, feel more confident and energized during sex, and have more satisfying sex, he should use the strategies mentioned above.

A healthy sexual life has a long list of advantages for both men and women, including improved immune function and heart health.

These advantages are more numerous the better the sex. Keep in mind that knowledge is useless unless it is put to use. Pick one item from this list and resolve to complete it right away.

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