12 High Fiber Foods That You Must Include In Your Daily Diet!

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Fiber, also known as roughage, is a plant-based food source that one can’t digest. It’s an ingestible roughage that one cannot break down for digestive purposes.

It has essential carbohydrates which are indigestible.  The fiber is categorized into two different forms known as soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber is generally found in barley, nuts, fruits, and berries. This fiber dissolves in water and could help in reducing constipation issues.

The intake of soluble fiber items may help reduce cholesterol levels and maintain the blood sugar level. Insoluble fiber may be found in whole wheat, grains, cereals, and vegetables.

This type of fiber doesn’t dissolve in water, where they pass through the gut without being broken. This may help the foods to move quickly and could solve digestive issues. In addition, the intake of insoluble fiber may help to get relief to diarrhea sufferers.

The presence of fiber may help keep the digestive system healthy and clean by flushing out the extra cholesterol and toxins from the body and allowing the ease of bowel movement.

For this very reason, adding all types of high-fiber fruits and foods could be essential in daily life.

The fiber present in the body plays an active role in supporting the digestive system and might as well improve heart health. It may help in improving heart health and in losing weight.

The intake of high fiber foods provides several benefits, especially to the digestive system. The fiber allows it to pass through the gut without being broken hence, it might lead to the improvement in the immune system and may as well help you in staying healthy. The benefits are as follows:

  • The intake of high fiber may allow the improvement in the digestive system such as providing relief in constipation and in reducing inflammation. It may also help in providing a smooth movement in the bowel and relief of the bowel.

  • It may allow flushing of cholesterol from the body which may reduce the risk of diabetes and in promoting weight loss. The improvement in bowel movement may allow the normal circulation of blood leading to burning fat and reducing appetite. It may help to remove the fat from the digestive system and could help increase the energy level.

  • The removal of toxins and unhealthy things out of the body with the help of this macronutrient may help in getting rid of blackheads and acne. It may provide glowing skin by flushing out residuals off and improving blood circulation.

More on it has been discussed here.

12 High Fiber Food Sources

The sources of fiber are as follows:

  1. Beans

    It’s a rich source of fiber and protein which may help in promoting weight loss and reducing the risk of heart disease. It contains antioxidants that may help in increasing metabolism levels to lower the cholesterol level of the body.

    Personally speaking, I eat a cup of beans and at the same time, take a single dosage of any of the metabolism booster pills as well.

    This provides a great kickstart to my day.

    It’s also recommended as a suitable alternative to non-veg food for vegetarians. It may help in decreasing blood sugar levels and may be effective in increasing the gut bacteria. The beans being a rich source of fiber may lower the calorie intake leading to the suppression in the appetite.

    Overall legume family has been discussed here.

  2. Popcorn

    Popcorn contains antioxidants and fiber including a very low intake of calories. It may promote effective blood circulation because the presence of polyphenol in the presence of fiber in popcorn enables to lower the risk of cancer and could be satiety in nature. It’s a kind of whole grain that may help to reduce diabetes risk and cases of hypertension. The presence of antioxidants may help to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays and make them healthy. However, it may be recommended to avoid microwave popcorn.

    This document from the US government also supports the fact that popcorn is a high-fiber food.

  3. Nuts

    Nuts are a very good source of fat which is rich in fiber, protein, and vitamins. It contains several benefits as it contains omega 3 fatty acid enriching its improvement in overall health. It could be consumed regularly which may help in weight loss and reduce the risk of diabetes.

    This food item may be consumed at any point in time with a suitable variety of snacks. This fiber-rich food may help to lower the cholesterol level and the blood sugar level ultimately leading to the improvement in heart health.

    Nut consumption may promote glowing and healthy skin. There are different nuts such as almonds, walnuts, cashews, pistachios, etc.

    The Health benefits of nuts are discussed here.

  4. Strawberries

    This fruit is one of the berries fruits which contain fiber and a low cholesterol amount. It may help reduce blood pressure and blood sugar level thus leading to the improvement In heart health. This fruit contains antioxidants and is fat-free containing a low amount of calories. Due to the less intake of calories, it may help to manage diabetes and in reducing the risk of cancer.

    Fruit fiber has been discussed here.

  5. Apples

    Apples are the most recommended fruit because of their antioxidant properties. It has a good amount of fiber, proteins, and vitamins different and could be consumed regularly. The apples may also help in improving the digestive system and in lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol level. Due to the antioxidant property, it may help in managing diabetes and in preventing cancer disease. Apples are of different types and it may be difficult to choose the right type. According to the research, the red layer apple can contain a higher amount of antioxidants and fiber properties than other varieties.

    Apple has been added as the fiber food as per this write-up from the US government.

  6. Bananas

    This fruit contains a rich amount of potassium, fiber, and antioxidants and helps to reduce heart health risk. It may help improve the immune system and boost energy levels. It could help in improving digestive health and in maintaining blood sugar and blood pressure level. This fruit may be used to aid weight loss property.

    More on bananas here.

  7. Oatmeal

    The oats are a part of grains but are efficient and effective for their dietary work. It may support and help in losing weight and suppressing the appetite by managing the cravings for foods. The oat is a nutritious and rich fiber item that contains fewer calories and low fat intake.

  8. Vegetables

    They are rich in fiber, nutrients, and protein which could help cure the deficiency. The green leafy vegetables are always nutritious and could be consumed according to the particular diet or none eating plan. Some of the vegetables are broccoli, carrots, beets, and beans are the ones rich in fiber. They may help in maintaining and improving heart health by lowering cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels. They may also promote a strong immune system leading to the improvement in digestion and preventing diabetes and obesity issues.

  9. Whole Grains

    This is one of the members of the grains family which contains a rich amount of fiber and nutrients making one feel full and healthy for the whole day. It could help reduce obesity issues and in lowering the heart health disease risk. The consumption of whole grains may help reduce inflammation and cancer-causing disease. It may support digestion and could lower the 2 types of diabetes.

  10. Avocados

    Avocados contain enough fiber and vitamins and are one of the nutritious food items. It may promote fat-free lower triglycerides levels and the cholesterol level thus an improvement in making the heart healthy and in avoiding diabetes and cancer-causing diseases. It could be consumed regularly and help to stay healthy. According to research, it may aid in weight loss because it might help in managing the craving.

    More on it here.

  11. Pears

    the pears are one of the varieties of fruit that may be effective for dietary purposes. It is a fat-free fruit that is rich in fiber and nutrients and in essential plant compounds that may help to lower the cholesterol level and blood sugar level leading to a reduction in weight and in promoting gut health. It may contain anti-inflammatory properties which may improve heart health.

  12. Seeds

    Seeds are also one of the best fiber sources. This could be because they actually contain all the vitamins and minerals that are required when and if the seeds have to grow themselves into a plant.

    For this very reason, you could say that it is one of the techniques to nourish your body with all the important fibers, and at the same time, your body could also take all the nutrients and minerals from these seeds.

    Having said all that, you might want to note that there is a number of chia seeds benefits as well that could help your body naturally.

    You may also add flax seeds as well to the list of seeds.

High Fiber Foods Deficiency

The low intake of fiber may lead to various hazardous effects to the health. This may happen because of consuming inappropriate food items or not following a proper diet chart according to the body requirements.

There may be various issues and health effects such as it could lead to irregular bowel movement as if there will be less fiber there would not be a proper movement seen in the bowel leading to its irregularity.

As the soluble fiber and insoluble fiber may solve the issues of constipation and digestion the less of such fiber intake may cause these issues to arise along with that causing the fluctuation in satiety and raise in cholesterol level.

The rise in cholesterol level and intake of more calories and fatty food items with less fiber in them may lead to weight gain and an increase in blood sugar level.

This may also increase the risk for heart health and improper digestion. Thus because of irregular health issues, there may be a disturbance in the mood and mental health.

 There are many symptoms by which one may recognize the deficiency of fiber in the body and could take sources rich in fiber to cure those health issues.

The symptoms are as follows: There may be fatigue and dizziness being felt the whole day. Could lead to frequent constipation and bloating.

May feel hungry even after having meals. There may be high cholesterol levels and blood pressure level fluctuation. Inflammation issues could be seen.

How Much High Fiber Food Should One Intake?

As it’s quite known that fiber contains low amounts of calories, therefore, it’s necessary to make sure the amount of calorie intake and fiber intake follow a proper diet.

The high fiber foods may lead to more calories if it contains fat and a low fiber intake may cause some deficiency.

The ideal diet chart could be followed to intake proper fiber amounts. According to research, a male from age 19-30 should consume 38 gm of fiber regularly whereas a female from age 19-30 should have 28 gm of fiber regularly. The 28 g of fiber may include 1000 calories in it.

Final Words On High Fiber Foods

Fibre food may help to have a proper digestive system and to fight and reduce various health risks such as constipation, diarrheas’, obesity and diabetes. They could help to manage the blood pressure and sugar level.

Thus the fiber foods are vegan foods having other amounts of protein and nutrients that enrich the weight loss properties.

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