9 High-Intensity Exercise For Quick Weight Loss

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High-intensity interval training, also known as HIIT is a great way to shed weight quickly. High-intensity interval training includes different cardiovascular exercises that are performed for a short duration at a high intensity.

You could perform these strenuous workout exercises before a small break to assist in weight loss and muscle building.

Since high-intensity interval workouts may be one of the most efficacious ways to burn fat, you could modify the training style according to your stage of the workout.

This means the high-intensity workouts may be altered based on whether you are a newbie in the field or a seasoned gym-goer.

Moreover, high-intensity workouts are not just to burn fat, but also to ameliorate your strength because these workouts may augment your heart rate for long-lasting results in just 25 minutes.

So now let’s have a look at the different high-intensity exercises that could aid your weight loss process.

High-Intensity Exercise For Quick Weight Loss
  • Burpees

    Burpees are a whisk of two different exercises, one including a push-up and the other including a leap in the air.

    Under this type of exercise, all the muscles in your body are targeted. Hence, it could help to build the chest, glutes, calves, shoulders, lats, biceps, and triceps.

    Moreover, burpees may be easily performed because they do not require any weights or additional equipment.

    All you have to do is to get in a partial squat position and bend down. While you do this, make sure to touch the ground with your chest and keep your spine straight.

    After you have performed the push-up, bring your legs together with a frog jump and raise your hands in the air while you jump up.

    You could perform 10 repetitions with 30 seconds gap after each and then rest for the next 30 seconds.

    Moreover, the overall duration of performing burpees could be about 5 minutes. This is an effective workout because it may target multiple muscle groups and hence ameliorate your weight loss process.

  • Jump Rope

    Jump rope is another effective exercise that could help to burn approximately 1300 calories in a single hour.

    The reason behind this might be that the intensity of this workout could augment your heart rate and improve your cognitive and coordination functions.

    When you start jumping rope, you may warm up with 8 to 10 jumps. Then you may aim at jumping continuously with your jumping rope for about 1 ½ minutes.

    Once it is done, you may rest for about 15 to 30 seconds and repeat. You could do at least three sets each day.

    Moreover, you could even switch up your routine by jumping on a single leg for one set and then with both legs in the other set.

  • Summer Abs

    You may complete six total rounds of this workout while taking 30 seconds rest after each one. The summer abs workout includes a 30-second hollow hold, 30 V-Ups, and 30  butterfly sit-ups.

    Under the 30-second hollow hold, all you have to do is to lay with your legs straight out in front of you on the floor and extend your arms overhead.

    Now you could raise the upper part of your body off the floor while keeping your arms straight and the toes pointed away from you.

    Now slightly round your lower back and hollow your belly while you engage your abs and lift the legs off the floor.

    Under the 30 V-Ups, while you lie on the floor in a hollow body position and take your upper body off the floor, you could raise both your legs up with the toes pointed and feet together.

    Now make sure to keep your legs completely straight while you lift the upper part of your body from the ground and touch the hands to the toes.

    The next exercise included in this abs workout is 30 butterfly situps. Under this workout, all you have to do is to lie face up on the floor, bend your knees and make sure that the soles of your feet touch together.

    Now you may slowly reach your fingers to your toes while you sit up and return to the position. Thus, this aggregate workout could help you target different types of fat in your body, such as finger fat, thigh fat, and others, and thereby support your overall weight loss journey.

  • Side Plank Position

    Another high-intensity workout that could facilitate quick weight loss is the side plank position, which is an isometric exercise.

    Under the plank position, multiple muscle groups of your body are engaged, like your core, shoulders, and even quads.

    Moreover, this side plank position could also truncate the risk of any back injury. While maintaining the side plank position for the first time, you could try it on a mat and slowly raise your hips on one side.

    Now you could switch over to the other sides after 20 or 40 seconds and repeat each round.

  • Single Leg Dead Lift

    One of the major advantages of this exercise is to ameliorate your cardiovascular endurance and pump your heart.

    Moreover, incorporating this exercise into your workout schedule will help to bolster your stability and tone and strengthen the glutes.

    Before starting the single-leg dead lifts, stand tall with your back straight and start running on your spot.

    Now bring your knees to the waist level for up to 10 repetitions and start pumping your arms for propulsion.

    Once done, plant a leg firmly on the ground, and relieve forward while hingeing at the hips. Now make sure that your raised leg is straight while you come back and then reach down to the ground.

    You could switch legs by coming back to a standing position and you may even spread the toes of your standing legs and push them to the ground for better balance.

  • Step Ups

    Step-ups are another great exercise option to include in your high-intensity exercise schedule.

    Moreover, this exercise may even help to stabilize your core, lower your back muscles and strengthen your legs.

    All you have to do is to initiate the step up with a small step height, which could be approximately 6 to 12 inches.

    Then you could progress onto a higher height like 24 to 30 inches. You may aim at completing five sets that include five to 10 repetitions per side.

    Once you are comfortable with this workout, you may move on to the next level by adding weight, like holding a dumbbell or kettlebell next to your chest.

    Adding weight while performing step-ups might not just accelerate your heart rate, but will also help you to lose weight quickly.

  • Kettlebell Swings

    Kettlebell swings aim at targeting your entire body and hence this demanding workout might augment your heart rate at the same time.

    It could even help you to develop a strong core and magnify your leg and arm strength.

    All you have to do is to complete a two-handed kettlebell swing for approximately 20 seconds. Then you could rest for 8 to 10 seconds and repeat eight sets of this exercise all over again.

    For a more cardio-intense workout and to augment your heart rate, even more, you could focus on lifting faster because it may even help you to lose weight quickly.

  • High Knees

    If you are looking out for a high-intensity exercise that could be performed even without any equipment, then high knees should be on your list.

    This is another great workout that you could perform at your home to facilitate quick weight loss. High knees may help to ameliorate the strength of all the muscles in your legs.

    Apart from this, it might even heighten your heartbeat and improve the flexibility and coordination of the muscles in your body.

    All you need to do to perform this exercise is to open your feet to a hip-width length. Then slowly left your left knee towards your chest and do the same with the right knee at a running speed.

    Moreover, while you raise your knees in a running position, make sure to keep your arms straight so that the knees touch your palms when you perform this exercise.

  • Mountain Climbers

    As the name suggests, the logic behind this exercise is to climb a mountain, imagining that the mountains become plain ground.

    Moreover, this exercise will also not need any equipment, so you could perform it easily at your home.

    With a plethora of benefits like building cardio, agility, and endurance, mountain climbers will train your entire body and make you feel as if you are climbing a mountain on the ground.

    To perform this exercise, all you have to do is to get in a straight arm plank position. Now place your hands on the ground a little wider as compared to the width of your shoulder.

    The next step is to bring your right knee towards the chest. However, make sure not to lift your hips while doing so.

    Then you could move the knee back and continue doing the same with the other knee. You may repeat this step to continue following this exercise and take a rest between the different sets.


Thus, these are the different high-intensity workouts to facilitate quick weight loss. When done with the correct weights and techniques, the HIIT cardio workouts may help to augment your muscle mass and increase your body’s metabolic rate.

At the same time, these exercises might even truncate the blood sugar levels in diabetic individuals and ameliorate an individual’s capacity for oxygen consumption.

So these workouts are some of the best ideas using which you could lose weight without spending much on expensive equipment.

However, to evade any injuries you may make sure to wear the right shoes and other guarding elements.

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