10 High-Protein, Low-Calorie Foods You Should Eat For Fat Loss

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

The body should not be a mere symbol of an idealistic hourglass figure for girls or an inverted pyramid for boys. It is not the curves or hunting physique that makes you perfect.

But, it is the will of some to cut some fat to get in better shape because it is their body goal. Sometimes, the fat turns out so unhealthy that regular work becomes difficult.

In cases such as these, where the reason for fat loss is positive and is a matter of choice and not worldly compulsions, it is a good indicator to start your fat loss journey.

Not only will this keep you healthy but positivity and happiness will drive you through.


Since a lot is known about the importance of a workout routine in this journey and even followed, let us focus on another important aspect.

The food you eat matters a great deal and should be monitored throughout. When aiming at losing fat, always look for healthy protein-rich food with minimum fat content.

In this article, we will look at a list of 10 such foods. 

  1. Oatmeal

    You must be tired of how it just pops up anytime any healthy diet is being talked about.

    There doesn’t seem an end to it being mentioned in almost all lean mass building and cutting diets. But it is too good to not be mentioned in the list.

    The benefits it provides are too many. It is high in protein which acts as the major source of gaining lean muscle mass without adding any extra calories and unnecessary fat.

    It is indeed the perfect one to start with. Just add little banana pieces, to make it mouth-watering and delicious.

    But if you are looking to subsequently improve the protein factor just make it with some milk rather than water. Finish by adding some flax or chia seeds on the top.

    Not only proteins, but it is also a superfood. This is because it can help manage your blood sugar level, provide antioxidants, keep your skin healthy and avoid any indigestion issues.

    It is not a problem to be included in the diet every day. It is gut-friendly.

  2. Salmon

    Salmon won’t be too early to call it “starfish”. No, this has nothing to do with starfish.

    It is indeed a fish and has no ties with the star-shaped “fish”. It is the “star” among the fish.

    The amount of health-related benefits it has along with the supreme nutritious value make it a beautiful bliss.

    This is good news for the fish lovers that it is the high-protein fish feast you were looking for.
    Along with this, it provides omega-3 fatty acids which are the cherry on top.

    It is an essential fatty acid you need to include in the diet. When combined with proteins and other nutritious factors, there is no more appealing fish to add to the diet.

    It also puts an end to the myth of eating bland and tasteless food or a tasteless diet as punishment for visible changes.

    The taste factor improves its image a little more as a healthy food. It has no fishy smell and is full of flavors. 
    Now you can enjoy the savory dishes enhanced in taste by the flavourful fish.

  3. Tofu

    The recent shift in the trend has made it even more reputable and dominating food on the list.

    If you are looking for a plant-based diet only, you don’t have to worry as there’s always “tofu”. It is a delicious bodybuilding food to give a lean look.

    Hence, it finds a major place in the diet charts. Not just bodybuilding, anyone looking for fat loss can have tofu as a replacement for cottage cheese.

    Not just weight loss in a healthy manner, it comes with a long list of other benefits.

    They are radiant skin, cancer prevention, better oral health, digestive health, heart health, energy booster, constipation, soothes body joints and so much more.

  4. Seeds

    Now, this doesn’t mean go on and start munching on any seed you find. But, there are a few beneficial seeds you must give a try. The first one is chia seeds.

    It is a power-packed seed with the most amount of protein present in any seed. As per sources, it contains 17g of protein for every 100 g.

    The plus point is they can reduce hunger to a great extent. This is because you feel full after eating them.

    The fats present in it are majorly in the form of omega 3 fatty acids, so they are likely to aid in fat loss and not weight gain.

    By consuming them, you get additional benefits like healthy hair, skin, improved metabolism, antioxidants, better heart health, calcium, potassium, and so many more nutrients.

    It has an upper hand because it is safe for the mommas to be. Yes, you can safely consume them in pregnancy too. They are safe for any age group.

    The second one with somewhat identical benefits is flax seeds.  Again, a great plant-based protein source with very few calories, it is suitable for the weight loss journey.

    It is full of fiber which is not only great for the gut but also an appetite reducer that curbs hunger.

    As stated earlier, the other benefits are similar like controlled blood sugar levels, lowers cholesterol levels, and ample nutrients.

    Try to avoid them in pregnancy as they may not be safe. You can consume them in multiple ways. In powder form or oil, add it to your drinks or oatmeal.

    You can even make a delicious protein shake out of it or a pancake maybe. Anything that suits you and serves the purpose should be fine.

    The third one to conclude with is watermelon seeds. It is not so popular as a good protein source but it is. It is an edible seed with no toxic effects.

    It has a good amount of protein available. Along with this, it has almost the same benefits as stated above. Even if you consumed them raw, it should cause no trouble.

    To increase the bliss, you can always try to roast them. It gives a nice snack feeling and is relatively healthy.

  5. Chicken Breast

    In case you are wondering what this one is doing here as chicken has fat. That is true. But, do not worry as most of the fat lies in the skin.

    Chicken breast is a healthy portion that has a lot of protein and almost no fat. It is great news for meat fanatics of all ages, says the research.

    It is great to have it even if you are aiming for a lean body look. The amount of recipes is endless. Just hunt the healthy, suitable one for you.

  6. Fruits

    Fruits are not just extra supplements but are fully nutritious. Though not all fruits have proteins, there are quite some of them which contain a good amount of protein.

    The first one is berries. No, not all the berries. Raspberries and blueberries are great sources of what you’re looking for.

    The next one to consider is guava which is more budget-friendly and can provide more protein than almonds.

    The third one is the banana which is a great source of both protein and potassium. Just get a bowl full of the fruit mix and enjoy!

  7. Mushrooms

    How can you miss this “fun-gi”? It has been largely famous already for providing vitamin D. But, little is known about the protein factor.

    They do not provide protein equal to non-vegetarian options but considering that they have very low calories, including them in the diet along with other protein-rich meals can be beneficial.

  8. Eggs

    Several studies have proven that the most prominent source of proteins known for ages is eggs.

    It has low calories and is a great breakfast for the day. If included in a protein-rich low calorie diet, it can be very effective for weight loss.

    You can have boiled eggs or even poached. Break, whisk, cook, boil or do whatever you want. Just make sure to not use butter while cooking them.

    Use a healthier alternative like olive oil or avocado oil.

  9. Paneer/Cottage Cheese

    It is not possible to conclude without dairy products. It contains as much as 20 grams of protein per 100 grams.

    It is a perfect blend of nutrients like phosphorus, calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

    If you look for no heat cooking recipes, it is perfect for you to be eaten with salt with some other seasonings.

    It is perfect for salad or stir-fried recipes to get the maximum protein out of it without gaining unwanted fat.

  10. Milk

    Winding it up, have a glass of milk. If you are trying to figure out which is the best one for protein, go for cow milk.

    Maybe not as much as poultry sources but still it has a significant amount. You can add it to your protein shakes, oatmeal, or even simply drink a glass in the morning.

    That is a great way to complete your diet by giving it the finishing touch.


 A weight-loss journey is not just about the workout and exercises. It largely depends upon what you eat too.

Make sure to include in your diet whatever option healthily suits you. Aiming at an ideal body according to you is not wrong. It can be rather positive and motivating.

But, starving yourself is never the right option. Love your body enough to nurture it with the right nutrition. The above-stated list offers variety and flexibility.

These are not any protein supplements, but foods that can be a part of some really good meal ideas too. Always remember to keep going but do it the right way.