Hims Hair Loss Treatment Review: Does This Really Work?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

This Hims Hair Loss Treatment review is my own journey through which, I was able to improve my hair quality. From the days of my early 30s, I was constantly losing hair.

For this very reason, I turned towards Hims Hair Loss Treatment. I followed the process and all the procedures for a good deal of months.

Hence, this Hims Hair Loss Treatment review is the exact sequence of events as things happened.

At the same time, I have included some of the basic details and the components of Hims Hair Loss Treatment.

Having said that lets get started.

HimsHair loss or hair thinning has become one of the most common problems among men. A majority of men fall prey to the thinning of the hair.

It not only affects their appearance but also makes them feel less confident among others. Many reasons could add to the problem of hair thinning.

Hims has come up with the best solution of hair thinning for men. The amazing formulae used by this brand may help you deal with the problem of hair fall to a great extent.

Hims is a telemedicine company that particularly works towards maintaining men’s health and lifestyle. The brand has come up with the solution for all the common concerns in men related to skincare, mental health, hair care, sexual wellness, and others.

Hims Hair is gaining immense popularity throughout the world. The brand offers products like Finasteride and Minoxidil as its hair care treatment.

In addition, Hims hair care includes saw palmetto shampoo as well as biotin gummies. Here is everything to know about the hair care range introduced by this brand.

Hims Vs Roman Vs Keeps could give a clear overview of all three, along with a comparison of these three products.

How Does Hims Hair Loss Treatment Work?

The entire hair care range of Hims aims at solving various hair problems in men. The hair loss medication introduced by Hims helps to prevent the loss of hair even before the actual hair starts falling.

Hims medication may help you solve the problem of thinning of the hair, especially at the crown. Androgenic alopecia in men results in bald spots, particularly on the crown.

The treatment provided by Hims also solves common concerns such as receding hairline as well as all-over thinning of the hair in men.

Getting your treatment from Hims is a hassle-free process. As it happens to be a telemedicine company, you can connect with the doctors at Hims via your smartphones, laptop, and desktop.

The process is simple. You are expected to answer some questions. After this, you shall be given a consultation with a licensed provider at Hims.

The consultant/health practitioner shall write you a prescription. Lastly, all the medicines shall be delivered to your doorstep.

What All Is Offerred In Hims Hair Loss Treatment?

There are three different treatment options that any licensed provider at Hims may prescribe you after learning about your problem:

  • Hair Power Pack

    The Hair Power Pack provided by Hims is considered to be one of the most effective treatment options for the thinning of hair. This pack includes four different products. Once the doctor writes you a prescription, you can begin with its use.

    The Hair Power Pack at Hims has effectively helped about 85 percent of the users. This pack includes Finasteride, Biotin Gummy Vitamin, 5 percent Minoxidil, Thick Fix Shampoo, and Conditioner.
    Finasteride Pills under this pack have been approved by the FDA.

    These tablets may help you increase the volume as well as the health of your hair. The role of Finasteride is to prevent testosterone from breaking down in DHT. DHT is a hormone that damages hair follicles which further leads to the thinning of hair.

    Minoxidil Drops are a topical solution that you may want to apply once a day to promote hair growth. This product works by shedding old hair and then replacing them with newer and healthier ones.

    The role of Minoxidil is also to relax the blood vessels that further increases the blood flow to the scalp.
    The Thick Fix shampoo and conditioner are other topical products to apply on the scalp. They are formulated with saw palmetto and help to unblock follicles, cleanse the buildup on your scalp and stimulate hair strands.

    Lastly, this pack includes easy-to-chew Vitamin gummies that are loaded with Vitamin B7 or Biotin. The regular consumption of these gummies strengthens your nails and hair, and also promotes healthy skin.

  • Finasteride

    Finasteride is an effective medication for hair loss or hair thinning in men. It works by blocking dihydrotestosterone or DHT. This hormone is derived from testosterone and is responsible for damaging the hair follicles which contribute to hair loss.

    According to many reports, a regular dosage of this medicine can be effective in growing your hair up to 85 percent. This medication is needed to be taken continuously, without a gap, for at least 3-4 months. You may further have a word with your doctor about its dosage and the duration of consumption. The effects of this medication are positive among a majority of men.

  • Minoxidil

    When the consumption of Finasteride is paired up with a topical application of Minoxidil, it gives you quick and healthy results. Minoxidil is a topical solution that is to be applied once or twice a day on the scalp. This over-the-counter product has been approved by the FDA for its effectiveness in treating hair loss and regrowing hair.

    This product promotes the growth of hair by reactivating all the dead follicles. Minoxidil also helps to relax blood vessels, thereby regulating blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles. You can apply this product directly to the affected area and let it dry. It is strictly advised not to overdo the application of this product as it may lead to side-effects.

All the products introduced by Hims Hair work effectively in most cases. You are merely required to be consistent with using them. A consistency of 3-4 months shall give you the best results.

My Experience With Hims Hair Loss Treatment

Since the starting of my early twenties, I started observing little hair fall every day. This was with the shower, combing my hair, or be it sleeping on a pillow.

I was able to see strands of my hair at most of the places. This phenomenon became so regular that I started ignoring the same and told myself that it was something natural.

This became a cause of worry when I was in my early 30s. One day, I met my school friends after 12 years. They were shocked to see me. According to them, they were not able to recognize me.

Since I am not on social media, they did not get to see my regular face. It was only through phone calls through which I was communicating with them.

They were really shocked to see my hairline deciding. This is when one of my friends showed me my old school photograph. Seeing that one, I was really shocked.

This is when I told myself, that I need to do something about it.

As a result of which, I found Hims Hair Loss Treatment on the internet. I booked my consultation with them immediately.

The reason was that it was not really costly and secondly, I was pretty serious about me taking care of my hairline.


Results Of Hims Hair Loss Treatment

It has been around close to three months since the time I have started with the consultation. As I write this piece, I am really satisfied with the results.

I am able to notice the thickness of my hair. According to the expert, he wanted to preserve the hair that is present on my head.

As a result, the first aim was to improve the thickness and make the hair really strong. Post that, he will start concentrating on the regrowth process.

As of now, my hair has already become really thick and full of strength. I am not noticing any kind of hair fall for the last couple of months.

Also, was able to notice little hair in the frontal part of my head where there was no hair.

All in all, I am pretty satisfied with the results that I am able to notice. I am pretty sure that I would be able to see a great improvement in my hairline.

Hence, I again plan to trick my friends after a couple of months. This time, my aim is to show them my unbelievable growth so that they are able to see my old hairstyle.

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