Hims Vs Roman Vs Keeps – Do They Really Reduce Hair Fall ?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

I am pretty sure that the question about Hims Vs Roman Vs Keeps would have definitely crossed your mind. For this very reason, I bring forward one of the most comprehensive comparisons between the three.

Personally speaking, I have used all three services and hence, wanted to share what do I exactly feel post using these. At the same time, I would try to answer the main question “Do they really reduce hair fall ? “.

Hence, if you are looking for something similar in the lines of Hims Vs Roman Vs Keeps, you should definitely be with me until the very end.

Not to miss, I have also discussed some of the basic pointers regarding all three services.

Hims_Vs_Roman_Vs_Keeps_review_latest_updateThe idea behind comparing these three products was a pretty basic one. The only reason behind doing a Hims Vs Roman Vs Keeps comparison was to bring out fair points from all three services.

I have personally used them as a result of which wanted to share my thoughts about these.

The pointers mentioned below are a reflection of what I feel about all the three brands and their services.

As a result, you may take this comparison of Hims Vs Roman Vs Keeps not as a general perception but only as a piece of my opinion.


Hims is a telemedicine company intending to work towards men’s health and lifestyle. The Him Hair loss treatment is touted as one of the best creations by the company that is helping many men with baldness and thin hair. Hims hair loss treatment includes remarkable products to address the problem of hair loss. 

The makers suggest that the products under the Hair Treatment Plan provided by Hims begin to work even before the actual hair thinning of your scalp starts.

For all those who are suffering from thinning of hair on their crown, Hims offer excellent treatment options. Furthermore, it puts its focus on other hair thinning concerns such as receding hairline and overall thinning of hair.

This telemedicine company saves you from the effort of visiting a doctor as everything relies upon an online consultation. The team of licensed practitioners at Hims addresses your issues, thereby giving you the best solution to the same.  

The hair treatment option by Hims provides four products. The Hair Power Pack includes Finasteride, 5 percent Minoxidil, Biotin Gummy, and a Thick Fix Shampoo.

Finasteride pills under this treatment option have been approved by the FDA and work by breaking down the DHT levels in the body. Minoxidil is a topical treatment that could promote hair growth, hence, working on your receding hairline. Lastly, the thick fix shampoo and conditioner together cleanse dirt build-up thoroughly and may stimulate your hair strands. 

The easy-to-chew gummies in this hair treatment plan are full of Vitamin B7 or biotin. These gummies not only promote healthy hair but could also bless you with healthy nails and skin as well. 

Hims Pros

  • Hims Hair Treatment is all about seeking consultation at your own convenience. The video consultation makes it easy for all to get in touch with the best experts in the business.
  • All the Hims doctors are licensed to practice medicine.
  • The treatment option under this brand has been approved by the FDA for safe and effective use.
  • Hims provide a low-cost treatment option for your hair problems while maintaining your privacy.

Hims Cons

  • Insurance coverage extended by the brand depends upon your plan and prescription.
  • The Hair Treatment option by Hims may not suit everyone.


Roman is another leading telehealth company that has popularized itself ever since its introduction in 2017. The hair loss treatment by Roman serves as an ultimate solution to all the men suffering from the thinning of hair. Upon signing up with this platform, you will be required to answer a few questions concerning your health.

The team of licensed practitioners at Roman will then inquire about all the hair fall symptoms and determine the best treatment option for you.

The online consultation provided by this platform saves you time and effort. Moreover, the brand lets you make the most of its free follow-up ongoing care wherein you can adjust to the treatment according to the effectiveness of the treatment and your response to the same.

The hair treatment methods by Roman include Finasteride, Minoxidil, and a combination of both. Finasteride works by blocking 5-alpha reductase, an enzyme responsible for the thinning of hair.

It blocks DHT in your body that further cuts down the chances of thinning of hair to the minimum. You may start noticing the results after the consistency of 3-4 months of using this product.

Another product in the arsenal of hair treatment by Roman is Minoxidil. This topical solution encourages the flow of blood to the hair follicles that leads to hair strengthening.

Eventually, you may not lose your hair and grow your hair follicles even stronger. The company suggests that this topical treatment suits a majority of men. In some instances, the doctors may as well prescribe a combined treatment of Finasteride and Minoxidil.

Roman Pros

  • Roman doctors are highly qualified professionals that prescribe the best treatment option for the thinning of hair.
  • You may as well enjoy a free follow-up messaging with the doctors after your consultation. This follow-up lets you discuss the queries regarding your course of treatment if any.
  • Roman pharmacy network ensures free 2-day shipping.
  • The treatment plan has received rave reviews from past users.

Roman Cons

  • The initial consultation at Roman is priced high, nor is the treatment covered by insurance.
  • This treatment option doesn’t provide a replacement for primary hair care.


Keeps is a US-based company that provides subscription-based treatment to all those suffering from excessive hair loss. Eventually, you can regrow your mane and gain back your confidence.

This subscription form requires you to fill out a questionnaire and upload your photos. After this, the team of experts scrutinizes the photos and prepares a dedicated treatment plan for you. All the medicines are sent to your address.

This subscription-based treatment lets you renew the process if you want to continue taking the medicines in the long run. Keeps work on two different formulas – Finasteride and Minoxidil.

Finasteride is available in the form of an oral tablet. This treatment option works by blocking the production of DHT in the body. Finasteride has been duly approved by the FDA. Hence, it is safe for consumption.

Keeps has launched Minoxidil in two forms – solution and foam. You may apply the topical solution to the affected area of your scalp.

Continuous use of this product will accelerate hair regrowth. The doctors at Keeps may recommend you to pair up Minoxidil solution with Minoxidil foam. The foam comprises 5 percent Minoxidil that works on all types of scalps.

Finally, there is a Ketoconazole Shampoo that addresses other hair concerns such as dandruff, flakiness, itching in your scalp, etc.

You may witness the best results of this shampoo after 3-4 weeks of regular use. All the products offered under the Keeps hair loss treatment program work effectively for the overall thinning of the hair, receding hairlines, and thinning at the crown.

Keeps Pros

  • The treatment program offered by Keeps is tried and tested. All the medications under the subscription plans are approved by the authorities such as FDA.
  • The cost of medication by Keeps is half of the cost of any traditional pharmacy.
  • Keeps let you consult with the leading doctors and physicians licensed to practice.
  • Keeps extend prompt response to your consultation. The door-step delivery of medicines is another plus point.

Keeps Cons

  • This company doesn’t extend live video call consultations.
  • The medication is available only in selected areas. Hence, not everyone can make the most of the services offered by Keeps.
  • The treatment plans are effective only for male pattern baldness.

Hims Vs. Romans. Vs. Keeps – Which one is better? 

Long answer short, I found all three services to be equally good and bad. There are phases for each and every individual person’s hair and its requirement.

As a result of which it is you who will ultimately need to decide which is the one that exactly works for you. There is no one single brush for all the painters.

Just like this, you need to try all three and decide for yourself. You might want to take cycles and appointments of all three and see how it goes.

I personally felt all three are pretty affordable. Hence, I was able to try all three and was able to decide for myself.

On the other hand, the major point of difference that I feel between the three was the types of Minoxidil. While Hims and Roman offer liquid Minoxidil, Keeps also offers a foaming solution along with a Minoxidil solution.

Thus, if you prefer a foaming solution, you may resort to the treatment options provided by Keeps. All three companies have received positive reviews from past clients and customers. Choosing the best one from the three depends upon your preference.

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