How Much Weight Can You Lose In A Month?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

As per CDC, (Centers for Disease Control) loss of 4 pounds to 8 pounds in a month could be a healthy goal. 

Although it is possible to lose a lot more in a month, it is still recommended to lose weight healthily so that there is no suffering of immunity loss. 

A workout along with a healthy diet is a must when it comes to losing weight in a month.

Weight loss is a very easy process if it is done under professional supervision and could be challenging too at the same time. According to research weight loss can be achieved efficiently by cutting the calorie intake.

This process may be enough to get a weight loss because if the calorie count is less as compared to the required amount of calories needed then the body could automatically start burning the fat stored.

The calorie count could be around 5000- 1000 fewer than the required amount for losing 1 pound of weight per week.

When you start to think of losing weight then strength training may prove to be better at providing the desired results since it could require more calories thus with a calorie deficient diet you can manage to target the stored fat present in your body and help yourself to lose weight healthily.

Strength training could involve high-intensity workouts by following a proper training process of lifting weights or using your whole body weight to train your muscles.

Aerobic exercises also play a vital role in losing the fat percentage in the body. All this must be done under a professional since it could prove much safer and more effective regarding the results and health associated together.

The only condition is that a healthy weight loss diet must be followed during workouts even though you have restricted yourself with regards to calories, all the vital nutrients must be consumed for a proper result and to maintain immunity.

What Is YO-YO Dieting?

YO-YO dieting is a weight cycling process that includes a frequency of losing weight and regaining it. It is a kind of process which includes the frequency of weight rising and falling.

This is a common type of dieting process which has given results in the past. YO-YO dieting has more negative effects than negative ones.

Some of the negative effects of the YO-YO dieting are as follows:

  • Causes Fatty Liver

    Fatty Liver is a state when the liver has stored some fat in the live cells. This situation particularly puts you at risk of having bad health. It could also lead to liver cirrhosis.

  • Could Lead To Muscle Loss

    During the process of losing weight, the body loses fat along with muscles. The loss in muscle further leads to a decrease in physical strength.

    This could be maintained by doing weight training and with a proper diet containing protein.
  • Increased Appetite Leading To Obesity

    As soon as the body starts to lose weight it starts craving more food in search of nutrients.

    If the cravings are not checked under proper discipline then it is observed that the people going through this plan gain more weight.
  • Increases The Risk Of Diabetes

    It is associated with the development of higher chances of diabetes and this happens because of the fat content stored in the belly.

    This starts the development of increased insulin levels and higher secretion of insulin is a prime sign of diabetes.
  • Increase In Blood Pressure

    It is linked with blood pressure due to continuous cycling of loss in weight and gain in weight. This causes the blood pressure to rise in the long term.
  • Could Cause Stress

    It is worst to see all your hard work going into vain when you see yourself gaining weight after losing a lot of weight.

    It is very difficult for the body to make adjustments in the whole process of going through such changes of losing muscles and gaining.
  • Increase In The Rate Of Heart Disease

    The rate of increase in heart diseases could increase due to obesity in belly fat.  It causes cholesterol levels to rise and then starts to deliver stress to the heart.

    This then increases the risk of heart diseases. To summarize it can be said that yo-yo dieting has more bad effects than having good effects.

    So, this could have a very bad effect on your body than giving the good effects in the long term.

How To Choose A Plan For Healthy Weight Loss?

Choosing the best plan for a healthy weight loss is a must when you think of doing it most safely and more conveniently.

The trick is to look for a safer and more effective diet plan causing the best results in terms of outcome.

These must be the options to keep in mind while choosing the best plan for losing our weight:

  • Balance
  • Activity
  • Likeability
  • Flexibility
  1. Balance

    It is a must when we think of engaging in any new process and sometimes in the present activities also in which you are involved.

    This includes structured diets and workouts engaged in a form of companionship. It also must have to be checked with your daily life routine so that you can manage to have a proper balance more conveniently.
  1. Activity

    In this section, you must have your physical set of activities included to have a proper balance and pack it up with a more nutritious diet containing minimum calories.

    Exercise could also help you to stay fit and will give you a more attractive shape in terms of the body.

  1. Likeability

    Your diet must always include the food you like and could not get bored of in a very short period.

    This is an important factor because if you don’t like the food you are consuming in your diet could lead to disinterest in all the aspects of your training and weight loss program.

  1. Flexibility

    This is a must since it does not forbid you from doing any activity that you like. You can have a flexible schedule of workouts as well as the diets that you are dependent upon.

    But make sure that you do not exceed the limited amount of calories to be consumed while following these nutrition facts.

    You must also have a self-introspection session while having a diet plan chosen for the loss of your weight.

    Your questions must include the involvements of the substantial matters or the activities along with the diet, the kind of risks that could come along with it, and ultimately the results that you have aimed for.

    Weight loss is a journey that needs your pure intent of determination and perseverance and if this is included, and you are ready to commit, you can have it done.

Is It Ok To Lose 20 Pounds In A Month?

This can certainly vary relying on various factors that may include age, height, weight, and the physical activities involved in a person’s daily life.

If you are planning to lose about 20 pounds of weight in a month then it could comprise some of the risks and could only be under professional guidance.

Since, cutting down such an amount of weight in a month could include some the risks like muscle loss, nutritional deficiencies, gallstones, low metabolism, and either an increase or decrease in hormone density.

It is therefore recommended to always have medical advice while performing or going under such an immense activity and getting a fitness test done before doing it.

Is It Realistic To Lose 10 Pounds In A Month?

Yes, it is a pretty realistic approach if pursued as a goal.  Dietitians even recommend that clients set a goal of losing 10 pounds a month because it is a very healthy pace of losing weight in this period.

As per American Obesity Association if a person can cut around 1000 calories a day then they could surely be able to lose around 2 pounds a week which means it is very realistic to have a goal of losing 10 pounds of weight within one month.

These steps could be included in the process:

  • Get a diet chart.
  • Have documentation of per day calorie intake concerning the workout done.
  • Stick to the diet chart.
  • Regular fruits intake.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Include strength training as well in the routine.
  • Include aerobic exercises also for stamina and endurance training.

It could be summarized by having a proper outcome and a very realistic approach if you stick to the daily routine of working out and doing all the activities mentioned in the workout plan as well as in diet plans.

It is not very tough hence it could be achieved by almost everyone who is physically fit with ease. So, just don’t give it a second thought and start working on your weight loss plan if you have it in mind. I hope you have a good journey now.


If you are here, then you may have got to know the processes that could be followed for losing weight in a month through the course of your weight loss journey.

This might also provide you with quick results as per your desire and the process you followed to maintain your healthy lifestyle.

Along with this, you may also experience changes throughout your diet consumption. These could also keep you fit and healthy throughout your daily life.