How To Get A Bigger Dick Size Or Best Methods To Increase Penis Size Naturally

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I am pretty sure that at least once, you might have asked one or both of the questions mentioned below to yourself.

How to get a bigger dick?


How to increase penis size naturally?

Well, if you haven’t found anything yet that could answer your question. Then here is the good news.

If you read this article to the very end, I am pretty sure that you would be able to gather the answer to all your questions.

Having said that, lets get started.

This is one of the most basic questions that most men ask or try to get answers to.

Hence, I am going to mention three of the best methods that are well-known methods.

Also, I have tried all three methods and I can say that all three methods work wonderfully well.

Let me discuss them one by one.

As a result, you could choose any of the methods or a combination of two methods, or even all three methods. These are all-natural ways to increase your penis size.

Apart from this, you could also consume foods for penis enhancement along with choosing among the following.

Hence, it all depends on you, and what method you want to choose to get a bigger dick size.

Penis Extenders

Using any one of the best penis extenders is a sure shot and clinically proven methods. Hence, if you ask me, I will recommend this one as the first method.

Although it is a bit of time taking process in most of the cases there is a natural improvement in the length of the penis.

As a result, I really like the usage of penis extenders.

Over and above that, Doctors, Sexologists & researchers penis extenders to increase the penis length.

Also, according to government research, this is also considered as the first line of treatment. When it comes to increasing the length of the penis.

How do Penis Extenders work?

Penis extenders work on the principle of penile traction. Hence, you need to wear the device on your penis and make a little pull or a stretch.

Over a long period of time, this stretch will develop a microscopic tear. This will be healed by the natural immune system of your body.

Hence, you will have a little length added to your penis. Hence, this process needs to be repeated over a longer period of time.

With the usage of 6-8 months, you will add on a decent length to your penis.

How To Use Penis Extenders?

Most of the penis extenders are made up of light materials. Hence, using them does not require many efforts.

As a result, you just need to put your penis inside the device and set the device comfortably. The next step involves applying a little stretch.

This stretch is really important. You should not under do it. Also, there need not be extra stretching. As you might end up hurting yourself.

Once you start using penis extender, you will get used to it and slowly and steadily, you could increase the stretching pressure.

Penis Pumps

Now I will be talking about Penis Pumps. These are another great set of devices that could help you in improving your deck size length.

These devices are pretty simple to use and in most cases will offer you amazing results. Penis pumps are also known as vacuum pumps.

With regular usage you would be able to achieve awesome results. Personally speaking, I have used some of them and also listed some of the top best penis pumps.

If you are a new user, you might want to start with basic pumps like Hydro7.

How Penis Pumps Work?

You might be wondering, how exactly do these pumps work. Well, the working functionality is pretty simple to understand.

As the main aim of these pumps is to enhance the blood flow of your penis. Hence, the quality of erection is also improved.

They also improve the hardness and the most important which is “erection size” is also improved.

How To Use?

These pumps are pretty easy to use. All you need to do is to put your penis inside the cylinder shaped tube. And the next step is the adjustment of the vacuum pressure.

The pressure could be increased or decreased with the help of the pump that will be attached to the tube. Hence, you need to start by maintaining lower pressure levels.

As you become experienced user, you might want to increase the pressure levels and hence, the effectiveness of results will see an uptrend.

With regular usage of these pumps, you would be able to achieve improved length, girth and hardness as well.

Male Enhancement Pills

Using the Male Enhancement pill is personally my favorite. This does not require any additional hassles of using any device.

All you need to do is to consume the pills according to the recommendations and you will start seeing the results.

Hence, the manufacturers of the best male enhancement pills use natural ingredients. As a result, most of them do not show any side effects.

One of the most important steps is to choose the pill that you will be going to consume. This is because all male enhancement pills do not work.

As a result, you need to make sure that you are doing proper research. Also, make sure that you are choosing a pill that has all the natural ingredients.


How Do Male Enhancement Pill Works?

The working procedure of most of the pills is truly based on the natural functionality. With the help of natural ingredients, they try to enhance overall sexual health.

They also try to enhance your metabolism. You will also have higher levels of testosterone. Which is even more beneficial when it comes to improving your sexual health.

Most importantly, they enhance the flow of blood to your penis. Which ultimately increases the length of your penis. As a result, you will find overall improved sexual performance.


How To Consume Male Enhancement Pills?

For consumption related and dosage related details, you need to refer to the instruction present at the back of the packaging.


Jelqing is also a form of stretching your penis.

This technique used by the ancient people in the Middle East which later on became really famous allover the world.

Hence, from the old times, people have been using this natural way of massaging their penis and trying to increase the length.

Its effectiveness is debatable. But it is surely one of the most famous techniques.

Under this technique, you need to stretch your penis. You need to make a big “o” using your index finger and thumb.

Post that you need to stroke your penis using the bid O that you formed.

This exercise needs to be repeated for around 20 minutes to half an hour each day.

A regular exercise will cause microscopic tears which will be filled by your immune system. Ultimately you will find added length onto your penis.

If you are short on funds and do not want to spend any money, then you can definitely try this technique.

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