Intensive Pre-Train Review: Is It The Most Effective Pre-Workout By Crazy Nutrition?

Medically reviewed by G. Liakeas, MD FACT CHECKED

In the world of pre-workouts, I talk of the time when I started the consumption of Intensive Pre-Train. Hence, you could say that this Intensive Pre-Train review is a consumption and experience story from my personal life.

Also, I have discussed the results as well that I was able to observe during the regular consumption period of Intensive Pre-Train.

Not to miss, you will also be able to find out most of the essential information regarding Intensive Pre-Train.

Intensive Pre-Train by Crazy Nutrition is a supplement through which one could get an extra boost of energy for their workouts.

As claimed by its makers, It is made up of all-natural ingredients and there are high chances that it won’t give any feeling of unsteadiness or jitters.

Also, they mention that it could be consumed before workouts.

As mentioned on their website, Pre-Train has a blend of 19 powerhouse ingredients that may help to increase energy focus, energy and may as well assist your body in boosting the performance without any stomach cramps or other digestive issues.

The researchers of Intensive Pre-Train also claim that this Pre-Workout supplement is said to enhance muscle pumps and fill them with power while increasing focus as well.

According to its makers, this pre-workout substance is claimed to boost confidence levels and mental state in the gym when a consumer sees a positive impact of Intensive Pre-Train.

How does Intensive Pre-Train Work?

Intensive Pre-Train, as mentioned on their website, contains Beta-Alanine.  It could be regarded as a naturally occurring element found in chicken, fish, tomatoes, and oatmeal that might help in boosting athletic performance. 

Also, the manufacturers claim on their official website that it contains ingredients like Iron, which again could be an essential component for muscle recovery and may as well, provide oxygen to muscles.

They say that Intensive Pre-Train tries to work by providing energy as it contains an ingredient called Niacin, which could help in preserving muscle glycogen and may help in enhancing energy levels.

It may give you that extra boost of energy that could help you perform better in the gym.

The official website also states that the substance has Vitamin C, which may help athletes recover from intense training sessions.

Ingredients Included By The manufacturers of Intensive Pre-Train

  • Iron

    It is a mineral that the body needs for growth and development.  Iron also contains Myoglobin, a type of protein that is said to provide oxygen to muscles.

  • Vitamin B6

    Vitamin B6 could be considered to be a pivotal player when it comes to bodybuilding as it could aid in repairing muscles by red blood cells production and that may help in maintaining healthy levels of nitric oxide.

  • Niacin

    According to a study, Niacin may help in providing energy and preserving muscle glycogen so that athletes perform to their full potential and smash their goals.

  • Vitamin C

    This Vitamin is considered to be an anti-oxidant.

    Anti-Oxidants may help in muscle repair after an intense exercise. It could also be considered to speed up the healing process after those tiny tissue tears.

  • Panthothenic acid

    Vitamin B5, also called Panthothenic acid, According to this research, is an important source of converting food into energy, it is said to convert protein, fats, and carbohydrates into energy which is used by the body,

  • Thiamine

    According to this information, Thiamine helps in the transition of carbs into glucose, which could be required by the body for daily active activities,  It may also help in optimum protein synthesis.

  • Folic Acid

    Folic acid is said to be related to muscle health and development. It might work with Vitamin B-12to make hemoglobin in the blood, after which it could then also help the body form new cells via amino acid building blocks.

    More on it here.

  • Biotin

    It may help in producing energy lacking which, one might feel fatigued during the workout session.

  • Citrulline Malate

    It may help in developing muscles after a workout and may also help in increasing blood flow. Citrulline Malate may also improve nitric Oxide levels whenever they are low in the body.

  • Beta-Alanine

    It is said to be a naturally occurring ingredient that is found in chicken, fish, tomatoes, and oatmeal. It may enhance athletic performance by boosting carnosine levels in muscles.

  • Betaine Anhydrous

    Intensive Pre-Train contains Betaine Anhydrous which may improve hydration and may also help in stimulating water-based pumps. It may also help in improving power and protein synthesis.

  • Glycerol Monostearate

    It may be a good option for those people who may want to increase blood flow. It has been shown to increase aerobic and anaerobic power and may also increase the endurance time of athletes.

  • L-Arginine

    Not only does it helps in the development of muscle mass in the body, but L-Arginine may also promote endurance and muscle conditioning.

  • L-Tyrosine

    According to this research, it helps in the prevention of overtraining, increases recuperation, and improves workout intensity.

  • Taurine

    Taurine may help in increasing muscle mass and may also have an insulin-like effect on the body. it may aid in accelerating recovery in between workouts and could also reduce muscle damage caused by exercise.

  • Glucuronolactone

    Though there isn’t any detailed evidence, it may aid in improving athletic performance.

  • L-Phenylalanine

    It may aid in fat oxidation in men. it may boost dopamine levels which could keep the mood light and uplifted.

  • Caffeine Anhydrous

    Caffeine Anhydrous may improve alertness and mental ability.

  • KSM-66

    For men who do resistance training, this ashwagandha extract may improve muscle strength and size and may also be beneficial in boosting brain health.

  • Bioperine

    It is an extract from black pepper popular among a lot of people for its amazing benefits. it may aid in weight loss and may also help in increasing energy.

Why Did I Choose Intensive Pre-Train?

I am a CrossFit athlete. For my workouts, I train for 2 hours every day. This requires a lot of stamina and energy. I take care of my meals that have proper carbohydrates fats and protein in them. Not only this, even my hydration is adequate.

Throughout my workout session, after an hour-long into it, I start feeling drained out of energy. Because of this, my lifts suffered. It was taxing for me to see myself in this situation.

I told my coach about it and he suggested I try Intensive Pre train. He told about how it’s made up of all-natural ingredients, and how it has no side effects or it won’t cause any stomach issues.

At this point, when my competition was around the corner, I felt I should do something about my diminishing energy levels. When my coach told me about Intensive Pre-Train, I was just half-convinced so I went back home and researched online about it.

On their official website, they had written about the energy levels that could be maintained throughout the session and that my muscles could feel pumped too.

It was also mentioned that won’t cause any jittery feeling,  so I thought to myself why shouldn’t I give this product a try as it had no harsh effects on the body and was said to be meant for all types of athletes.

I ordered Intensive Pre-Train in Blue Raspberry flavor from their official website and it got delivered in a few working days.

My Experience Story With Intensive Pre-Train

I wanted to see results sooner than ever. But, for the first few days, I felt no change and I worked out as per my normal workout schedule.

After a few weeks of its regular consumption, I felt a small change in my energy levels. I didn’t feel fatigued like used to feel before during my workouts.

During my workout sessions, my energy levels didn’t diminish away like before because of which I was able to lift better.

I was able to focus better and with consistent usage of Intensive Pre-Train prior to my workouts.

With its regular consumption, I was able to do sprint intervals after my weight training sessions and my stamina also saw a decent improvement.

Running after a leg workout session was a big deal for me before but now that situation was never a problem for me.

Even my workout performance improved a notch with its regular usage.  I was able to feel that power and strength that I was looking for in my workouts.

I kept my diet plan in check and made sure I took proper nutritious meals full of complex carbs, fats, and ample amounts of protein.

I also made sure that my hydration was kept in check and for that, I used to take enough fluids. for my rest days,

I joined a swimming club so that I may not feel stressed and could feel light and stress-free.

For my performance to get better, my coach advised me to keep my sleep schedule in check and that I should keep my cravings up to a minimum.

I was an occasional drinker but my coach asked me to quit drinking before my competition as it could make me feel drowsy which could affect my performance and energy levels.

He recommended that I continue eating healthy meals and not worry too much about the competition as it could hinder my progress because of stress.

As I write this, I have already started noticing results and I have enrolled myself in the CrossFit competition.

Seeing the effects of Intensive Pre-Train working on my energy levels, I plan out continuing my journey with this pre-workout throughout my competition preparation phase.

My Dosage With Intensive Pre-Train

As mentioned on their website, I used to consume Intensive Pre-Train along with water half an hour before my workout sessions. I usually have my meals that have the proper amount of carbohydrates, fats, and protein in them.

For a few days, I consumed it with water, while on the other days, I used to consume it with shakes.

Benefits of Consuming Intensive Pre-Train

I have been using Intensive Pre-Train before my workouts for quite some time now. In the initial days, there weren’t any changes that I felt.

But slowly, after a few weeks, I got to experience a few benefits from the product. Some of which are as follows-

  • It Could Help With Increased Energy Levels

    I started using Intensive Pre-Train for my workouts so that I could feel that consistent energy level throughout my workout. After a few weeks of its consumption, I could feel a visible boost in my energy levels.

    Now, I am confident enough that if I would continue with its usage, it could get even better with time.

  • It Could Help Regain Lost Confidence In The Gym

    One of the benefits that I would always cherish is that I gained my confidence back in the gym as I was disheartened previously, to see my lifts and form suffering because of a lesser amount of focus and stamina.

    I made a few gym buddies there as well that encourage me too while I perform my exercises.

  • It Could Aid With Better Focus

    With Intensive Pre-Train, I was able to focus better in the gym during my sessions, and there was a lesser distraction. I had always had a hard time focusing on anything. For me, this was a big problem always. But, for my lifts, this had to be stopped.

    For better focus, I also tried meditation and tried spending time in nature which worked for me pretty well.

  • It Could Be Helpful In Developing Explosive Power For Muscles

    With Intensive Pre-Train, I was able to develop a quality pump that I needed for my workouts.

    In order to increase my explosive power and strength, along with Intensive Pre-Train,  I also incorporated a few powerful exercises like squat jump, box jump, Burpees, explosive pushups, pullups, and box dips that could also aid in developing explosive power and strength.

Final Takeaway From This Intensive Pre-Train Review

After consuming Intensive Pre-Train for a decent amount of time, I am happy with the results that I achieved in terms of increased energy.

Also, my increased energy levels helped me in gaining my lost confidence in the gym.

I made sure that I consumed enough fluids so that my body is properly hydrated.  Also, I tried my best as far as consistent consumption is concerned.

I was able to see changes in terms of focus and I included meditation to my stress levels as well.

Exercises like explosive pushups, weighted dips, box squats, and burpees may require explosive strength and power and I was finally able to develop along with proper nutrition and consumption of Intensive Pre-Train before my workouts.

I always wanted a supplement that could work for me so that I could get better at focusing on my lifts and that I give my best in the CrossFit competition.

With proper consumption of Intensive Pre-Train, a healthy diet plan, and a strict workout schedule, I was able to ace most of the lifts in the competition and I even got appreciation from my coach as well.

For now, I am going to stick to this schedule for the future as well so that my workout performance keeps on getting better in the future too.

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