Jes-Extender Review: Does This Penis Extender Really Work As Promised?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

I am writing this Jes-Extender review, in order to help those who are looking to increase their penis size naturally.

This is so because when I started searching for methods to increase penis size, I could not get much authentic data.


Hence, I do not want you to face any such issues, for this very reason, I am bringing out my story so that it may help you in achieving some extra length on your penis.

From my teenage time, I was aware that I had a small penis. But the level of length was when compared to others was still unknown to me.

Also, I was not sure that if the length of the penis affects my sexual life or not, hence I wanted to validate the same and start looking for some progressive methods.

I got to know about the same when I shared this issue with one of my friends. She already had a boyfriend, hence in my opinion she could tell me the exact difference between my penis and her boyfriend’s penis.

She took a look at my penis, and she mentioned that my penis was really small and I might never be able to enjoy sex with that.

This was when I decided to take matters into my own hands and start looking for methods to increase the length of my penis naturally.

Hence, I found Jes-Extender which is one of the best penis extenders and I started using the same.

Before proceeding, let me clear some of the basics of Jes-Extender, then I will proceed with my Jes-Extender review.

Jes-Extender is one of the oldest and one of the first penis extender. The manufacturer introduced this penis extender in the year 1995.

Since then, it has been one of the top choices when it comes to naturally increasing the penis size in men.

Hence, you may also say that these manufacturers are one of the pioneer producers in this particular field. For this very reason, they are able to innovate and sustain for so long.

As per the manufacturer, Jes-Extender has been used by more than 500,000 men from all over the world. Also, there are a number of sexologists who recommend this penis extender over surgery as well.

This is so because Jes-Extender has one of the highest success rates. All you need to do is to use it regularly over a stipulated period of time.

As a result, if you are looking to increase your penis length, boost your self-confidence and improve your sex life then you should definitely give this penis extender a try.

How Jes-Extender Works?

Understanding the functionality behind this amazing penis extender does not require a medical degree. Hence, it is really simple to understand the process of the work of Jes-Extender.

When you start wearing this penis extender on your penis. You would need to provide a little stretch to your penis. This stretching is the most important aspect of using this penis extender.

As a result of this stretching, your penis will form some microscopic tear inside your penis muscle. This process would be followed up by recovering these tears which are created during the stretching.

Once the recovery is complete, your penis will have extra cells that will contribute to the extra length.

This whole process is repeated, again and again. For this very reason, you would need to be a regular user.

Hence, this mechanism is one of the tried and tested mechanisms that helps in extending the size of the penis naturally.

You might be thinking that this process will be full of pain but let me assure you that, all these processes happen at a microscopic level.

As a result of which, there is absolutely no need to worry as this will not cause you any level of discomfort.

My Experience Of Using Jes-Extender

In the initial stage, when I started using Jes-Extender, I felt a little uncomfortable. This was the first time I was trying some equipment like this.

Hence, for the first week or so, I was kind of more concerned about the device, if it is visible or anyone is able to make out that I am wearing something on my penis.

But this was never the case when I became used to it, I was kind of relieved. The equipment was so light that after a few days, I did not feel anything on me at all.

This was the time when I started getting used to it. At the end of the first month, I was a little disappointed because there was no increment in the length.

But I knew that I had to complete the whole journey then only I can expect some results and I have started just now. Hence, I continued with the usage.

After using it for two months, I tried to check for a change and to my surprise, I did see some changes that occurred for me. I was pretty happy that finally, I have something in front of me.

Hence, from this point, I increased the time limit of equipment usage. As a result of which, I got awesome results from the third month onwards.

I was able to increase the length of my penis hence, I can finally say that I am pretty satisfied with the results that I received in a 6 months time period.

Post the usage, I was able to confess my feeling to a girl that I liked. She became my girlfriend. We are in a relationship since then and sex is just awesome for me and for her as well.

Benefits Of Using Jes-Extender

The benefits that I am going to list are the changes that I observed in myself. Hence, there could be a possibility that you might not notice all these benefits when and if you use Jes-Extender.

As a result, I would like to put it out as a disclaimer that you should not take my words as the final one. In my opinion, you should try this amazing penis extender and experience the changes yourself.

  • Increase In The Size Of Penis
    This is one of the most obvious changes. Most of the users do add some length on their penis. As a result of which most users are satisfied when it comes to adding length.

    Also, a number of men have mentioned in their Jes-Extender review that they were able to increase girth as well. For this very reason, Jes-Extender is placed a notch above the rest of penis extenders.

  • Helped Me In Improving Erection Levels
    Another change that I noticed in me was the erection levels. When I was having sex with my current girlfriend, I noticed the same. As my erection quality improved.

    I was able to last longer as well. This was due to improved blood flow. Hence, I was able to satisfy her and the feeling was just amazing.

  • Improved Premature Ejaculation
    Another problem that I had was premature ejaculation. This was also rectified after the six months usage. I guess this was also due to the low blood flow in the penis area.

    Hence, when there was the addition of new and fresh cells, the circulation of the blood improved in the penis area. Hence, I was able to control the ejaculation timings in a much better way.

  • Corrects Penis Curvature
    If you are someone who has a curved penis, in that case, Jes-Extender will be a boon to you. Hence, you can use this penis extender to rectify your penis curve as well.

    For this particular reason, a number of sexologists recommend the usage of Jes-Extender to their patients.

How To Use Jes-Extender?

Using Jes-Extender is pretty simple.

All you need to do is to put your penis inside the Jes-Extender and adjust the stretch levels.

You need to make sure that you are providing a proper stress to your penis.

Too little stress will not help when it comes to tearing the penis cells.

Too much stress will hurt your penis cells and nerves.

Hence, you need to make appropriate adjustments according to yourself.

As you become experienced user, you will be able to adjust in really a precise manner.

Where To Buy Jes-Extender?

This where you need to be really careful.

As you should always make a purchase from the official website of Jes-Extender.

You might find a number of websites quoting very less price as compared to the official website.

But let me make you aware that you might end up placing a junk order and in return you might not receive anything at all.

And most probably, you might end up losing your hard earned money.

Hence, you should always buy from the official website.

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