Kailo Reviews – Is Kailo Pain Patch A Scam?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

If you are here, then you might be definitely looking for an authentic Kailo review.

I have tried to share my real-life experience of using the Kailo Pain Patch. As I am a regular gym-goer, I train really hard.

As a result of which, from the last 3-4 months, I have been facing pain in different parts of the body. There is no specific part that is affected.

This is when my gym trainer saw my pain and suggested me this sci-fi sort of thing. As soon as looked up the website of this Pain patch, I instantly believed that it should definitely take my pain away.

Hence, began my journey. But before continuing with the same, let me start with the basic things on what exactly impressed me in Kailo Pain Patch.

Post that I would be sharing my real life 4 months usage experience.

kailo pain patchKailo patch is creating quite a buzz throughout the market. This patch could help eliminate tremendous pain in any part of your body.

A lot of pain causes extreme discomfort to the body, making you feel irritated. Kailo Patch is a non-invasive method of treating this enormous pain.

The makers of this device call it a perfect painkiller; however, the Kailo patch doesn’t work like medicine. The makers also claim that you don’t have to worry about excruciating pain or rely on the medication anymore.

Kailo could treat mild to chronic pain with great ease. This device includes nano capacitors that comprise bio antennas.

These antennas work together to kill pain within a few seconds of their application. This may help you keep your pain at bay.

The warm effect this patch has on your skin may help you treat different kinds of pain within a few moments of its application.

The Kailo patch has been designed to help eliminate significant aches in your body. According to the makers, sticking this patch in the area of pain could have a magical effect.

They also suggest that this device is an apt treatment for various pains such as backache, pain associated with the period (menstrual cramps), body aches during PMS, etc.

Besides the Kailo patch, Thrive patch is also one of the famous patches.

What Is Kailo Pain Patch Made Up Of?

The makers of the Kailo patch suggest that this device has been made using a unique and innovative technology that makes it a one-of-a-kind device.

They further state that this is a licensed product that works with the help of antenna technology and aids in relieving your pain quickly.
Three different layers are present in this device. The composition of the Kailo patch has been described as under:

  • Carrier Layer

    This layer is believed to be the best non-conductive layer that comes with a high-quality synthetic polymer. The carrier layer added to the device helps this patch stay away from sweat or water. This layer saves Kailo from creating friction as well. Eventually, the product remains sweatproof and waterproof.

  • Nanoparticles

    Another part of the composition of this device is the nanoparticles. These particles present in the device perform the role of an antenna that creates signals and send it to the brain to cut down the feeling of pain. The nanoparticles in this device rest in the central layer. The designers of this product call these nanoparticles the most important part of Kailo.

  • Substrate

    The nanoparticles present in this device comprise an outer layer known as substrate. This outer covering keeps the inner covering or nanoparticles safe from getting exposed to dust and water. This layer, thus, helps in keeping the nanoparticles in place and saving them from all kinds of exposure to water, dust, or even sweat. The makers call it the second important part of the device.

How Does Kailo Pain Patch Works?

This product has popularized itself as a pain-relieving agent that could work like wonders on people of all ages. This device includes a body patch that has been prepared using a waterproof polyester substrate as well as dielectric coating.

The coating or outer layer of this device protects it from sweat or water, even when you are using Kailo inside a pool. The mechanism that this device is similar to that of a tube light.

This product gives you instant relief in many areas of the body, hence relieving you from unwanted suffering from pain. If the claims are to be believed, this device performs via different electrical pulses.

These electric pulses are activated by the nano capacitor. These nanoparticles present in the device have been tested and demonstrated clinically to cut down pain in a more holistic way.

The product has been designed in such a manner that it could be worn anywhere on your body. Kailo patch may provide instant relief to the body by reducing the flashes of pain so experienced.

Because this product comes with innovative and non-transdermal technology, it could be applied directly to your skin. You could also use soft clothing to put under the device to invite relief to your body.

The use of technology in designing this product is usually used in other high-tech applications like bio-identification, antennas, signal transmission, as well as for the storage of energy.

The designers of this device confirm that such technology accelerates the communication between your body and brain that further enable a natural removal of pain.

My Experience Of Using Kailo Pain Patch

Once read all the above things about this pain path, I was in awe of this product.

For this very reason, I made my mind and made a purchase of this product. The purchase came with a video as well. For this video, I had to pay some extra bucks which I didn’t mind at all.

I told myself, that instead of scrolling on the webpages, I will watch a video and learn how to use the same.

With all hopes and anticipation, I started using the Kailo Pain Relief patch right after hitting gym. This is because, for me, this was the time, when I suffered from the maximum pain.

I still remember the very first usage, I received the warm feeling within a few minutes of usage. There was a relief of about 10-12 minutes. Post that, the pain returned.

The same thing continued for about three to four weeks. I was under the impression that the Kailo Pain Relief patch was slowly working and reducing my pain.

But suddenly from the fourth week and the initial part of the fifth week, everything just came back to normal. My pain was as it is and there was no relief at all with the usage.

Even after using it for hours, there was no change in the intensity of my pain. I was just using it for the sake of using it. But it did not do anything in terms of reducing the pain.

Over and above that, the adhesive that needs to be replaced was really smelly. Hence, made me smell bad as well. Hence, in totality, I was really disappointed with the results that Kailo Pain Relief provided me with.

Kailo Pain Patch Review: What I feel After Using It

Ever since the creation of this product, the makers have glorified it and suggested that the Kailo patch helps you treat excruciating pain immediately.

They further state that this product doesn’t lead to any side effects and is a holistic approach using which you can address all sorts of pain experiencing by your body. But not all the claims of the brand are true.

Listed below are the cons of using this product:

  • It has been claimed that the Kailo patch works for all kinds of pain and the people of all age groups can use this product. Factually, the device doesn’t work for everyone. Each body experiences different kinds of pain.

    The effect of pain in somebody is light while for others the pain is too severe to bear. A single product cannot guarantee to relieve you from all kinds of pain, especially when you fall on the extreme side of experiencing it.

    Thus, no matter what the makers brag about the Kailo patch, it doesn’t work for everyone. And it certainly did not work for me.

  • Kailo patch could reduce the pain in your body to some extent but this device wouldn’t help you cure the same. This product has not been designed to coin out the underlying cause of the problem of pain in your body.

    Hence, Kailo is not a total cure of the body, but only a medium using which you could reduce pain to some extent.

    As far as my personal experience is concerned, it just provided me a warm feeling for an initial few weeks. Post that, it was just plain simple Velcro sort of thing attached to my skin.

6 thoughts on “Kailo Reviews – Is Kailo Pain Patch A Scam?

  1. Thank you very much I was about to lay out 90 some dollars for something but I wasn’t going to do it until I thoroughly checked because I thought this was too good to be true. And you are one of many that have put the kale on this product so thank you again

    1. Hi Roderick,

      Thanks for your comment. It is satisfying to know that our efforts in reviewing are not going to waste.


      1. I also appreciate your review, Mason. I’ve an enormous amount of metal in my back. Three complex spine surgeries that leave me fused from T10 – S4, and fused SI on both sides. And yes, desperate people try desperate measures. In my case, it seems like it would be asking ALOT of a little (but expensive), patch with questionable scientific origins. Reviews that say,” I don’t know how/why this works, but it DOES”, doesn’t do much to boost my confidence 😎. Thx for your review

  2. I’m extremely skeptical of this product but it is helping me. I’ve had the first day of this product on my lower back and one one my shoulder. I have 4 discs that are bulging and my shoulder rotator cuff is injured. I’ve been living with pain for 15 years. I usually have pain of a 4-5 throughout the day. When I put this on I was doubtful but I put my children’s furniture together for 5 hours and my pain is at a 2 of 10. I can’t believe it. My bodies reaction once this lowered my pain was laughter. It was joyous to finally feel some relief. Again only day one but after I did all that work my pain would usually be 6-7 and I’d have to lay down for hours. Instead I went shopping with my wife for hours. I’m so sorry to hear it didn’t work for you. As a fellow pain sufferer, I hope you find something that will help you.

  3. A friend gifted me with a Kailo patch and I recently had pains from knee osteoarthritis. I used the patch and it did nothing for me. No warm tingling feeling and pain intensity remained the same. So yes, it may work for others, but it sure didn’t work for me 🙁

  4. I just got mine today and have no change at all in my condition. I have put it on my back for back pain and nothing. Then moved it, nothing.

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