Keto Slim RX Review: Find Out If Keto Slim Really Works

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

One of the biggest problems or dilemmas which people face in today’s world is to decide or follow a method which will help them in their aim of losing weight.

Markets these days are loaded with a wide range of products all of which claim themselves to be an effective weight loss supplement and your one-stop solution to all of your problems.

Keto Slim RX is a similar product which makes similar claims.


Keto Slim Rx is a very popular weight loss supplement product and it is available in nearly all major health supplement outlets and online medical stores.

Many times these weight loss supplements are nothing but sugar coated lies because they will promise the entire world to you and they have a lot of hype built around them.

They will claim a lot of things but once you start consuming these products, only then will you come to know how unsafe they are and the health hazards which often accompany them.

Before you make up your mind to start the consumption cycle of any supplement, you should ask yourself these basic questions, “Does this supplement actually work?” and “If consuming these supplements be safe for me?”

With that being said, let us now have a detailed look at what exactly is Keto Slim RX Supplements.

You must have got a slight idea when you first read the name of Keto Slim RX because Keto Slim RX is supposed to be a dietary and weight loss supplement which has been developed with the aim of enhancing your body’s ketogenic processes.

It is important because if our body’s ketogenic processes are enhanced, our body will be able to burn more amounts of fat and carbohydrates which will help us lose a lot of unwanted weight.

But the question of which you might be wondering by now is, “How exactly does Keto Slim RX enhance our body’s ketogenic processes?”

Before we start our review and start the actual review of Keto Slim RX, here are some quick facts about Keto Slim RX which you should know if you want to start the consumption of this product.

Keto Slim RX is manufactured and marketed by Nutra4Health which is a very well-known and trusted name in the supplement industry and is well known for its wide range and variety of health products and supplements.

One important point to note about the website of Keto Slim RX is that the website is an affiliate website and not an original website as one might expect it to be. It means that there is hardly any reliable and authentic information available from the manufacturers of Keto Slim RX.

This lack of authentic and reliable information is a very concerning point because one cannot believe anything that is being said about this product without the manufacturers saying anything about this product.

This is also the reason why many people have trust issues with Keto Slim RX, and they believe that a product cannot be trusted if its own manufacturer is doing nothing but hiding behind the proxies and hiding information.

However, it would be highly unfair of us if we judge Keto Slim RX only on the basis of information which was not provided by its manufacturer because there are several other things to look at before making a final conclusion.

Now because we have ruled that out of our ways in this article, let us now try to understand how Ketosis works and what exactly is Ketosis?

How Keto Slim RX Works?

Ketosis is a type of metabolic process in our body and if it is triggered, it forces our body to burn more fat when compared to the amount of carbohydrates our body burns naturally. This initiation happens especially when you are following a Ketogenic Diet or you are taking supplements which can trigger Ketogenic processes in our body such as Keto Slim RX.

A Ketogenic Supplement or Diet work nearly identical to each other because they create a gap or an imbalance between the amount of carbohydrates and fat intakes of our body. When we follow these Ketogenic Supplements or Diets, we are providing our body with external exogenous ketones. These Ketones create a shortage of glucose in the body of its users because of which our body has to rely on the deposits of fat in our body to produce energy to meet the demands of our body’s day-to-day activities. This process also forces our body to produce Ketones on its own and it also starts burning fat instead of carbohydrates which is beneficial for weight loss. All these ultimately lead to reduction of weight of those who consume Keto Slim RX.
Because there are no authentic information that is provided to us by the manufacturers, we will have to consider some of the claims which are made by the vendors who are selling this product. Some of the claims that they commonly make are:

  • Keto Slim RX is made in a medical facility which has been approved by the FDA.
  • Keto Slim RX is beneficial in suppressing the appetite of those who consume it.
  • Keto Slim RX is capable of improving your overall mental and physical health and well-being.
  • Keto Slim RX is known to improve the focus of those who consume it.
  • Keto Slim RX is known to naturally burn huge amounts of fat in our body.
  • Keto Slim RX is also known to sustain the Ketosis state of our body.

All the above claims are very bold claims, and we will have to look further in Keto Slim RX to find out about the legitimacy of these claims. However, let us first have a look at the ingredients which are used in the manufacturing process of Keto Slim RX.

Keto Slim RX Ingredients

The main ingredient which is used in the manufacturing process of Keto Slim RX is Beta- Hydroxybutyrate or BHB. Beta-Hydroxybutyrate or BHB comes in three different forms and all of them are present in Keto Slim RX supplement. They are namely:

  • Calcium Beta- Hydroxybutyrate
  • Magnesium Beta- Hydroxybutyrate
  • Sodium Beta- Hydroxybutyrate

BHB is also an exogenous Ketone compound. If you don’t know what an Exogenous Ketone Compound is, it is not produced by our body naturally but by an external source.

Ketones which are produced within and by our body are termed as Endogenous Ketones.

The main purpose of Exogenous Ketones is to help your body achieve the Ketosis state and it also helps your body stay in that state for a prolonged period of time.

Several scientific research also indicate that BHB might be capable of keeping your body in the state of Ketosis for a prolonged period of time.

BHB has also been proved scientifically to reduce inflammation in our body because it has got some anti-inflammatory properties which might be effecting in reducing cortisol in our body and boost our mood at the same time.

If you don’t know, Cortisol is a hormone which is responsible for causing stress in humans.

Other scientific studies also indicate that BHB also has some major appetite suppressing properties and it is also known to cause more effective weight loss in women when compared to men.

Now, these claims certainly boost our confidence that Keto Slim RX might actually be effective and with that being said, let us know have a look at the side effects you can expect during the time you consume it.

Possible Side Effects of using Keto Slim RX

It is not very common to hear about any individual who has reported of some side effects after they consumed Keto Slim RX and the vendors who sell Keto Slim RX also claim that it is one of those supplements which is really very safe to consume until the point where you do not have any underlying disease or health condition.
However, if you suffer from any of the following mentioned health conditions, you should immediately consult your doctor whether you should start the consumption of Keto Slim RX:

  • Diabetes.Kidney
  • Disease.
  • Heart Diseases.

However, with that being said, there is no weight loss supplement and product on this planet which is completely safe and free from all side effects and Keto Slim RX is no different because BHB used in this product to trigger the process of Ketosis in our body can have some minor side effects on the body of those who consume it. Following are some of the most common side effects reported by its users:

  • Hunger.
  • Headache.
  • Fatigue.
  • Nausea.
  • Cravings for Carbohydrates.
  • Bad Breath.
  • Smelly Urine.

If you are constantly suffering from any of these side effects, or they are severe, you should immediately have a chat with your consultant or your doctor regarding the use of Keto Slim RX and you should opt for medical attention as soon as possible.

If you are a pregnant woman, you should still stay away from Keto Slim RX and you should maintain your distance from these pills if you are a nursing or a lactating woman. These pills should definitely not be sold to any underage individual and neither should they be used for the purpose of treatment of any medical ailment or condition.

We found no proof which can prove the claim of Keto Slim RX being an FDA Approved Product.

How To Use Keto Slim RX?

From the information which was provided to us on the website of Nutra 4 Health and Keto Slim RX, one bottle of Keto Slim RX contains about 60 tablets and people are advised to consume 2 tablets of Keto Slim RX everyday.
You should consume these tablets nearly half an hour after you have consumed your meals. This supplement is meant to last for a period of mere 10 days after you have broken its security seal.

However, you should pay special attention to the dosage limit and in order to achieve quick results, you should never exceed this limit because it can cause some serious side effects.

Some more directions regarding the use of Keto Slim RX are mentioned below:
These supplements should be kept in a place where they cannot be accessed by the children.
You should never interfere with the recommended dosage amounts in order to achieve quick benefits and results.
One should keep this supplement away from direct rays of sun and in a place which is both dry and cool.

Pros of Keto Slim RX

  • It helps our body to burn fat quickly.
  • It is effective in suppressing our body’s appetite.
  • Slim RX helps us by speeding up the metabolism of our body.
  • It helps us by improving the mental and physical alertness of an individual.
  • It has got a nice taste to it.


  • One might have a higher chance of catching symptoms related to common flu during their consumption cycle of Keto Slim RX.

Where to buy Keto Slim RX from and how much will it cost?

Because the original website of Keto Slim RX is an affiliate website, we are not sure about its authenticity.

Hence, If you were to take my opinion, you should look to buy PhenQ as it is much more authentic and I have personally consumed it several times.

It has benefited me hugely in terms of weight loss and I have taken its advantage a number of times whenever I wanted to lose the weight.

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