Lectin Shield Review: Does This Really Work As Claimed By The Brand?

Medically reviewed by G. Liakeas, MD FACT CHECKED

Lectin Shield Review is the consumption experience of a mother who works at an NGO. She tried several things before using Lectin Shield for her digestion issues.

You could read ahead to learn more about her consumption experience with Lectin Shield, and in the later part of the review, you also get to know whether this substance worked for her digestion issues.

In this review, I have also mentioned the essentials of this substance, which might be insightful for you. 

Lectin Shield ReviewAccording to the official website, Lectin Shield is a health and wellness product that is designed by the makers for the purpose of eliminating the harmful lectin proteins from the body, which are commonly found in plant-based foods that you usually consume.

This product is marketed by the brand Gundry MD, and according to them, this potent substance could shields you from lectin side effects and also support the healthy functioning of the entire body.

The creators of Lectin Shield stated that the ingredients selected for its formation are unique and natural and may help you regulate your gut health.

As per their claim, lectin shield also has a significant impact on weight loss. They have mentioned its effectiveness in curbing cravings and boosting satiety.

Furthermore, the manufacturers claim that the blend of 9 ingredients could surge your energy by improving the metabolism of the body.

How Does It Work?

The makers intended to show that this substance is formulated with a new formula that blocks the lectin influence in the body. According to them, the different ingredients present in it may help in eliminating lectin from several food substances.

Manufacturers state that D- Mannose is a sugar compound that could efficiently prevent the body from harmful lectins which are present in legume-rich foods. In addition, they claim that this compound improves your liver function by decreasing protein loss from the body.

Apart from this, the maker also claims that other ingredients like okra fruit could help you with the enhancement of your energy level, as it might be useful for fighting against fatigue and exhaustion.

Moreover, as per the official website, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is used in its formulation along with N Acetyl D-Glucosamine, the combination of both these ingredients might help in alleviating joint discomfort.

Makers have mentioned that the ingredients also quite work well on your digestion, they have claimed the efficiency of Mucin in Lectin Shield for forming a protective barrier inside your digestive tract, and they have mentioned that this barrier would help in eliminating wheat lectins and other harmful lectins foods.

Ingredients Of Lectin Shield

Lectin Shield is made up of several natural substances that could help you take care of your entire health. These ingredients have various benefits, you could get a brief about them by reading the information mentioned down below.

  1. N Acetyl D-Glucosamine

    N-Acetyl D-Glucosamine is an amino acid that may help in protecting the body from harmful substances while also acting as an anti-inflammatory agent. According to the website, this component aids in the binding of wheat lectins, which may be responsible for a variety of joint problems, and thus promotes better joint health.

  2. Bladderwrack

    It is a seaweed that may have some practical benefits that could help you improve your health. It may be potent in supporting the body with some essential nutrients, as it could be rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Besides this, it is included in Lectin Shield as it may help in preventing the body from lectins.

  3. D-Mannose

    D- Mannose is a natural ingredient in the composition of lectin shield, according to a study this compound could effectively help you in reducing the infection of acute Urinary tract infections. Also, the website shows that it might help in binding lectins from legumes’ food sources.

  4. Okra (Fruit)

    The makers have included one such ingredient that may help in preventing side effects from multiple lectins. Okra is a plant-based substance that is often known as lady’s finger, it could be effective in reducing the risk of cancer and also heart diseases apart from shielding your body from harmful lectins.

  5. Mucin

    It has been shown that Mucin could prevent your body from bacterial infection and may help  in regulating your gut health, by assisting in forming the protective layer inside the digestive tract. As per the formulator, the purpose of the inclusion of Mucin in this product is that it may help in blocking lectin from foods like wheat, berries, soybeans, and others.

  6. Sodium Alginate

    Sodium Alginate is a linear polysaccharide that is a form of alginic acid and gum. This is also a natural source of ingredients that may help your body with reducing digestive disorders. The official website of Lectin shield mentioned that this ingredient may also show positive responses to your satiety levels.

  7. Vegetable Peptase

    The brand states that the vegetable Peptase that is included in Lectin Shield could assist you with alleviating the effects of lectins on your digestion by counter-attacking the inhibiting of peptidase for facilitating better food absorption.

  8. Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)

    Similar to N Acetyl D-Glucosamine this ingredient could also aid in reducing joint discomfort. The makers mentioned that this may also be vital for improving the digestion of the body.

  9. Larch Arabinogalactans

    This potent ingredient could also be useful in fighting against the harmful lectins that may affect your body, it could also promote gut health by protecting the gut lining from damage.

Why Lectin Shield Was Chosen?

A few months back I shifted back to my home, I used to work at new york in a private equity firm, however, I decided to make this move because of my mother’s health condition.

My mother is now fifty-plus but she still likes to teach at an NGO, when I was there in New York she used to tell me about her doings, and she often discusses her health and well-being with me.

I still remember that day when my mother talked about her slight digestion issues, she also mentioned it wasn’t severe, but it was troubling her work.

She told me that for the past few weeks, she had not gone to the NGO, but at that time, she informed me that she would take care of that with a few changes.

Later on, she began eating healthy foods during her meal time but still, she was facing difficulty with her bowel movement.

The constipated stomach was quite discomforting for her, when my mother shared her health problems with one of her NGO’s friends, she had the same healthy eating suggestions for her, however, she also introduced Colon Broom to her.

My mother’s friend talked about her sister’s similar digestive issues, she told that this product entirely helped her sister in improving her digestion issues.

When my mother first heard about Colom broom, she decided to learn more about it, so she went to its official website and checked out its ingredients. After knowing well about the product’s effectiveness on digestion issues, she decided to go on with the Lectin Shield product.

By that time, digestion was not the only problem for her, as she was also experiencing joint discomfort, but at the time she didn’t pay much attention to it and tried to maintain her focus on the consumption of this product.

While she was consuming this substance she was enjoying its positive responses, her digestion was not completely improved but it was still improved from earlier.

But after a while of using Colon Broom regularly, she began to feel nauseous; her problem became so severe that she eventually stopped using this substance.

At that time, she was feeling quite weak, and her joint pain was also continuously troubling her and her digestion issues.

I started feeling really stressed when I came to know about my mother’s problems. I wasn’t able to concentrate on my work. Therefore I decided to move back to my hometown and work from there.

I was worried for my mother, so I started researching more about her health issues on the internet.

While doing that, I came across an article that talked about the lectins in foods and their impact on our health. On scrolling more, I got one product suggestion, and it was Lectin Shield, along with some basic information harmful lectins impact our bodies.

I thoroughly checked this product, and when I read more about it, I was quite impressed with its working. However, it was for my mother’s health, so I did a little more research about it.

Finally, after thorough research, I decided to purchase it for my mother. Even I had to persuade her to try this substance because she was initially hesitant to try it, however, after insisting, she was convinced to try this product.

Consumption Experience With Lectin Shield

I placed the order for it, and on the other hand, I also suggested some dietary changes to my mother, which I read in the article.

It was written that if you are facing digestion and other health issues, you should avoid consuming raw foods like raw grains, legumes, and others. I explained this to my mother and asked her to follow the same.

Accordingly, she started making changes, she used to prepare meals with proper baking and cooking and also tries to avoid raw foods consumption.

After a few days we received the Lectin Shield, and my mother started its consumption from the very first day.

Honestly, when she started with it, she was still slightly hesitant about it, however, she was consuming it because she was relying on my choice.

The initial few days were usual for her health, she barely noticed any effects on her digestion. But after a few days, she felt a light less pain in her joints.

With the help of that, she began doing yoga at home, and gradually after a few weeks of consumption, she started feeling better.

Her difficulty with bowel movement was reduced, and her digestion was improved as she was not feeling constipated. Nausea which was increased due to constipation was also reduced after a time being.

My mother used to give me daily updates about her health, I was quite relieved when she told me that her health had improved a lot from earlier with the support of this substance.

After some time when she started feeling better, and she decided to continue her NGO classes. Although she was still maintaining her healthy and clean eating along with continuous usage of Lectin Shield.

After a few months of regular usage her digestion issues were eliminated, and so was her joint pain. She is happy and enjoying her well-being with the support of this product.

Benefits Of Lectin Shield

Following are some of the benefits of Lectin Shield that my mother experienced, along with a few dietary changes.

  1. Improved Digestion

    My mother used to feel constipated, and her digestion issues were so severe that they were affecting her whole health, but when she started the usage of Lectin Shield, her digestion issues were reduced after some time along with that her general health was also improved.

  2. Reduced Nausea

    She began feeling nauseous while she was using Colon Broom, the constant constipated stomach also contributed to elevating her problem of nausea. However, when she became consistent with healthy eating and Lectin Shiel, the nausea was ultimately gone away.

  3. Reduced Joint Pain

    Along with digestion, my mother used to face joint inflammation, but this substance also helped her in reducing her joint inflammation. She was quite realized and happy with the reduced joint pain.

Dosage Of Lectin Shield

The official website recommends taking Lectin Shield capsules twice a day. According to the makers, one pack of Lectin Shield has 60 servings, and they have mentioned that it would be ideal if you take these capsules with your largest meals for optimal results.

Final Thought

The day I heard about my mother’s poor health condition, I was extremely concerned for her, I made my decision and flew back to my city for taking care of her well-being. I am glad that Lectin Shield which I chose for her entirely helped her in improving her health. Even my mother is so impressed with it that she is telling me to order another pack for future use.

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