Libido Max Reviews: Is This Pill Really Worth It For Men?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

Are you tired of searching for an authentic Libido Max review?

Well! As you have landed here, now there is absolutely no need to worry. I am going to share my personal consumption story of Libido Max which is a male enhancement pill.

Hence, if you are not able to decide, if you really need to purchase Libido Max or not then you need to read this Libido Max review, till the very end.

Let me start with some of the basic about Libido Max, then I will reveal my consumption story.

Libido Max is one of the male enhancement pills that has been produced to enhance man’s sexual vitality.

libido_maxHence, you need to consume it orally in order to use it. As per the manufacturer, it could also be used as a treatment of erectile dysfunction issue.

They also claim that, it could enhance sexual desire, maximize libido. Ultimately you may say that it works towards the improvement of overall sexual health.

Also, manufacturers claim that they only use natural and organic ingredients. As a result, there might be very few chances of any side effects.

The packaging also states that, Libido Max has three part formulae which delivers the desired result. Hence, it increases the libido levels and enhances the sexual capabilities.

All you need to do is to consume it regularly and notice the desired results.

How Libido Max Works?

The working functionality of Libido Max is pretty straight forward to understand. Hence, you need not require a medical degree to understand the same.

The whole functionality of Libido Max revolves around increasing the libido in men and increasing their sexual capabilities. As a result, ingredients used play a major role.

These natural ingredients make sure that there is an enhanced production of Nitric Oxide within your body. Also, these ingredients make sure that the blood flow is improved.

As a result, there will also be an increased supply of blood to your penis area. This will enhance the erection capabilities as well.

Ultimately, this improvement could also be the solution to the erectile dysfunction issue.

On the other hand, there are few substances that help in improving the testosterone levels as well. Hence, you might feel overall improvement in your body’s functionality.

The ultimate step involves the boosting of your pleasure. With the increase in erection and long lasting sex, this point of take care by Libido Max.

Ingredients In Libido Max

As per the manufacturers, they have used all the natural ingredients.

So that Libido Max works just like a natural supplement.

libido max ingredients

Proprietary Blend

  • L-arginine
    This is pretty useful in reducing blood pressure. Treating erectile dysfunction. Easing out inflammation and a number of other health benefits.
  • Ashwagandha
    This one is an ancient Indian substance. It has been used for ages in order to treat sexual issues and testosterone-related problems. It is also known for increasing the sperm count and fertility rate in men.
  • Horny Goat Weed
    This is again a sexual issue related to the herb. This has been used in treating the erectile dysfunction related stuff. It is also used in the treatment of libido levels.
  • Dimethyl Glycine
    This one is used for releasing stress levels. It also boosts the overall immune system of your body. Its other functionality also includes bringing the blood pressure and blood sugar in range.
  • Yohimbe extract
    It is an effective loss supplement and works really well in erectile dysfunction issues.
  • L-tyrosine
    This is one of the ingredients that work in the improvement of mood. It also improves focus and attention and other brain-related functionalities.
  • Asian Ginseng
    It helps in the reduction of inflammation. Works towards the improvement of the immune system. Improves testosterone levels and also boosts brain function. 

Bioperine Complex

It is known to be improving the overall absorption in the body. Bioperine also boosts immunity and increases the metabolic rate.

This complex has piperine and black pepper extract. They are basically the same thing with a very minute difference.

My Libido Max Usage Experience

Around six months ago, I changed my job. The current job paid me a higher compensation. But it came with additional responsibilities.

As a result, I was really occupied by my work and did not have much time left for exercise or any physical activity.

I was always exhausted and there was literally no power in me. Hence, my sex life suffered as well. This was impacting my life and my relationship with my wife as well.

This was when I decided to do something about it and decided to take Libido Max.

I purchased it from the pharmacy kind of outlet. The first week of consumption was pretty normal. There were no changes at all.

From the second week, I observed that my urine became yellow. This was a sudden change.

But anyhow I continued the consumption. From the second week onwards, I felt that my stomach was pretty loose all the time.

I started using the toilet at least 3 times a day. This pretty unusual for me.

In the fourth week, my condition became really pathetic. I was going to toilet every two hours. I had to take a couple of days off from my office.

This is when I immediately stopped my consumption. I was so scared, that I did not visit the hospital as I did not want any one to know that I am consuming something to enhance my sexual power.

I rested for the next 3 days. In totality, I had to take 5 days leave from my office. This is when I was pretty disappointed and cursed Libido Max.

I read over the internet about this male enhancement pill. I came across an FDA article that stated that these types of pills could contain some of the unwritten ingredients.

These could harm any one.

Side Effects Of Libido Max

Personally speaking, I was literally admitted to the hospital for consuming this male enhancement pill.

But somehow I recovered as soon as I stopped the consumption.

  1. Lose Stomach
    This was a constant issue from the second week. I literally had to use the loo for three times a day. This was too much for me.

    I did not increase my diet or anything like that. Also, I was not eating something else other than normal food that I used to eat.

  2. Pain During Urination
    I was also facing a little pain when I was urinating. This was something new. I did not feel this way. This was somewhere in the third week. This made me really scared.

    But then I thought, that it might be due to over drinking that I did the other night. But from the third week, this became constant.
  3. Diarrhea
    This was the worst form me. In the fourth week of consumption, I faced the worst of this male enhancement pill.

    I was not able to digest anything. Whatever I was eating, I was either vomiting out or I had to go to the bathroom for pooping. Also, there was no crap, it was only liquid coming out of me at that point in time.

  4. Stress
    When I saw all these things, I was literally so much stressed that I cannot imagine. I was not able to sleep properly. I forcefully had to take off from my workplace.

  5. Loss Of Appetite
    This was another major issue that I faced. Somehow my thrust for water increased. At the same time, I did not feel like eating anything.

    Never knew something like this could happen to me as well.

Dosage With Libido Max

From the day 1, I followed recommended dosage limits.

One of the main issue that I found was that there are no clear dosage recommendations provided by the manufacturer.

They have mentioned to all the consumers that they can take these pills anywhere from 1 to 4 pills per day.

This is kind of huge variation in itself. As a result, I only took 2 capsules per day. Then also I had to face so many issues.

In the fourth week, I reduced my dosage to 1 capsule. But nothing improved. I was still facing all the issues with my stomach and everything.

Libido Max Alternatives

Frankly speaking, I was really disappointed in Libido Max. This was such a forgetful experience that I cannot even imagine.

I had to take leaves from my office. Was bed ridden for so many days and on top of that, I was so scared mentally and physically as well.

Once I started my regular life again. This is when I decided to consult a sexologist.

I carefully listened to each and everything and suggested me that, I try Male Extra for a few weeks and then report back to him.

Believe me guys, this was just opposite of Libido Max. From the first week itself, my body started giving positive signals.

Suddenly everything changed from me. From the 4th week, I could see good changes in my sexual performance.

As I am writing this article, I am currently in my 13th month of consumption and my sex life is better than ever.

I enjoy every moment of intimacy with my wife and have also managed to improve my relationship with her.


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