How To Lose Weight By Dancing?

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Weight loss is a topic enrapturing all age groups. Increasing lifestyle change has thrived obesity. Since it is such a big problem, there has to be a solution. Not surprisingly, there is not one but so many.

Diets, exercise, food, and whatnot. But everything has a common element. Through the entire process, you are convinced that weight loss is a path of struggle. It is boring and challenging.

Half of the people give up midway because of this disheartenment. But this concept itself is flawed. Weight loss can be so much fun and exciting. One way of doing so is dancing.

You may be surprised to know that dancing could be one of the ways to lose a pound a day if taken seriously.

Yes, tapping your feet and shaking your body can help you get in better shape and health. If you want to know how dancing your heart out like a kid will help you attain your weight loss goal, continue reading.

How To Lose Weight By Dance
  1. Hip Hop

    Hip-hop culture is a vast and interesting culture. This dance form has developed an aura of its own. Streets and nightclubs are hip-hop shows.

    It is an energetic dance that involves the entire body while dancing. Headspin, back flips, and so many interesting moves.

    Mainly it works on body strength and you might see abs after following this dance form.

    Your lower body works more in this dance style. You are likely to burn about 210 calories by 30 minutes of hip hop.

    You can learn it from a trainer or by yourself at home through tutorials online.

  2. Salsa

    Salsa is a classic dance form of Latin America. It is graceful and a show of flexibility.

    Some dynamic and sharp moves add glamour to the dance. You will need a partner by your side for salsa.

    You may hire a professional or join some group. Even though it is not as fast and energetic as hip hop, you would still burn a good amount of calories.

  3. Zumba

    Zumba is a mix of several dance forms. It takes some moves from hip hop, salsa, and rumba to make a beautiful combination. It is full of energy and simple to follow.

    It has huge popularity among people seeking to lose weight. You could also do it solo at home or join Zumba classes.

  4. Freestyle

    Freestyle is an out-of-the-box innovation. It is different from other dance styles which are specific and demand precision.

    Freestyle offers flexibility regarding dance steps and movements. So it is easy, to begin with.

    Make sure to choose a fast energetic beat to shake a leg upon. It will boost your energy and automatically increase your body movement.

    Hence, you are likely to burn more calories. Try half an hour sessions daily inside your room or with a group.

  5. Belly Dancing

    As the name suggests, the main focus of this dance form is your belly. But a lot more is going on than what is visible. Along with the belly, it works on your buttocks and thighs.

    It exerts less pressure on your feet but your lower body remains active. It is not aerobic exercise.

    Belly dancing involves controlled movements and restricted upper body movements.

    Although a few moves like chest circles always accompany the main movement. It is a great way of burning 150 calories in about 30 minutes. Moreover, it might help get rid of belly fat.

  6. Ballet

    Ballet falls more on the elegant side of dancing. Even though it looks simple and elegant, it is very hard to learn.

    It seems slow and involves steady movement. However, a lot of strength is required to maintain posture in ballet.

    It burns fewer calories in comparison to fast, energetic dances but tones the muscles well.

    It works on increasing flexibility and lower body strength. You can expect to burn 100 calories in a 30 minutes ballet session.

  7. Jazzercise

    It is an old dance form that is a blend of strength training and a dance style called jazz.

    It involves the use of dumbbells and barbells to engage your muscles. Such training helps improve muscle strength.

    Jazzercise also involves yoga movements for increased flexibility and movement. You might effectively burn up to 250 calories per half an hour of jazzercise dance.

    You might see toned muscles and experience weight loss due to burning calories. To avoid exhaustion, stick to 2-3 times a week of jazzercise.

  8. Indian Classical Dance

    The tradition of the Indian dance form is enriched with culture and fitness. Almost all Indian dance forms engage entire muscles. Even the facial muscles are at work to illustrate expressions beautifully.

    Dance styles like kathakali and Kuchipudi involve neck, hand, and leg movements. The fast classical instrumental beats enhance the efficiency of dance.

    Even a small 10-minute session can be equivalent to a gym session of an hour.

  9. Pole Dance

    Pole dance is a glamorous dance style that demands strength, flexibility, and balance. This dance mainly focuses on rotating on the pole. However, it is still an effective way of burning calories.

  10. African Dance

    African dance comes from the vibrant culture of Africa. It is an aerobic dance form with contemporary and traditional dance moves. It is accompanied by a catchy beat which makes it fun and energetic.

Why Choose Dancing Over Other Weight Loss Options?

Cardio is a well-known type of method for weight loss. Dancing falls under the same category. It is aerobic exercise and is much more fun. While dancing, blood circulation improves and you glow.

But the benefits just don’t stop here. While other weight loss options are strict and might cause exhaustion, dancing is a true gem. It saves you from starving and the monotony of bland food and workout routine.

There is a list of advantages dancing offers

  1. Toned Muscles

    Just like any other exercise, dancing could effectively tone your muscles while burning extra stores of fat.

    When you dance, your muscles actively engage in maintaining posture and going with the beat. This helps in giving you a better and toned look.

  2. Increased Stamina

    Dancing is both fun and tiring. It requires a lot of energy to dance. Longer sessions with dancing routines could help you to build stamina just like sports do for athletes.

  3. Better Blood Circulation

    Blood circulation matters a great deal for healthy living. When you dance, blood flows through your body giving you energy and radiance.

    It helps keep several health problems miles away.

  4. Better Sleep

    Just like a workout session helps in improving sleep quality, so does dancing. One of the simplest reasons is you are tired after a dance session.

    Moreover, it reduces stress and works on balancing hormones.

  5. Flexibility And Mind-Body Coordination

    Dancing offers full body training increasing flexibility and boosting memory. It helps to focus and strengthen coordination. The rhythm helps to improve it even better.

  6. A Fun Social Activity

    Dancing can be your way of bonding with people and enjoying group or duo performances.

    It helps develop healthy social relationships and a sense of cooperation. A dancing routine might sound much more fun than dieting and exercising.

  7. Reduces Depression And Anxiety

    Several studies suggest aerobic exercise paves a way to cure depression and anxiety.

    They could help you to improve your mood and reduce stress levels. Reduced depression may also help lose weight.

  8. Lowers Risk Of Chronic Diseases

    Dancing might help strengthen breath control and stamina. Moreover, it is a great way to take care of the heart. It might even reduce the risk of heart ailments and diabetes.

  9. Burns Calories And Strengthen Muscles

    There are two general concepts of losing weight. First is consuming fewer calories than required to maintain body weight. The second one is burning some calories.

    Dancing plays an essential role in weight loss by burning calories. Along with burning calories, you increase your muscle strength.

How Much Time For A Dance Routine Is Required For Weight Loss?

Now since it is clear how dancing helps in taking care of health along with weight loss. Let us understand how much time you need to dance to burn a noticeable amount of calories.

On a general note, 300 minutes of dance per week is required to lose some weight. Weight loss will largely depend on the type of dance you opt for and your body weight.

Heavier individuals burn more calories than those with less body weight. Moreover, energetic dances that demand fast body movement burn calories faster than slower ones.


Dancing is an effective way to lose weight. It is better than walking and several other weight loss methods. It is usually an aerobic exercise that is fun. It offers several options to choose from.

You can practice most of the dance forms at your home comfortably without any equipment. You can practice Zumba, salsa, hip hop, or any suitable dance form which serves the purpose.

It offers health benefits and is much easier to follow than rigid diet plans and workout sessions. So anytime you don’t feel like hitting the gym, play some music and dance your heart out.